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Haircut Party: They’ve Been Jaded!


After Tameeka (aka Jaded Tresses) did a demo at the Hairscapades Meet-Up in May and cut my hair in June (as seen here), several local readers started contacting me and her about getting their hair cut as well. I knew Tameeka made “house calls” and did hair parties, giving a great discount off of her NYC salon prices too! I mean, she comes to you … saving tunnel, train, parking and what-have-you fees to NY and you get a discount off her amazing services to boot?!?! How can you beat that?!

So, the week before I left for vacation, I set about organizing a Hair Party. Tiffany asked her parents to allow us to use their house on 7/15 and they very graciously obliged! It started with a small group of 5-6 ladies and we ended up with about 18 people in the house, with 9 of those getting their hair cut or trimmed and styled!! Yesterday, we took over the kitchen and dining area with our hair shenanigans!! LOL!! Oh, and Wei somehow ended up on babysitting duty, but I think he enjoyed every moment of that ;).

We started at 11 am and didn’t wrap things up until 8 pm (Tameeka didn’t take one break!! She’s a BEAST! *lol*). Every head of curls had a different shape, length and texture. It was awesome to see her cut and style each lady’s hair without seeming to take off any significant length!! The hair on the floor and her flip-flops was proof that hair was falling though!! Tameeka really worked her curl magic. A great time was had by all, everyone learned a lot and, I think it’s safe to say, every lady walked out a satisfied customer!!

So, without further ado, here are “before and after” pics of everyone! All “afters” immediately below are of wet hair except Tiffany, who was the last client of the day. So she was the lucky model for Tameeka’s diffuser demo. Here we go …

Tiffany (Tiffany’s sister-in-law)









And here’s a slide show of some of the stuff that happened in between, as well as some “final results” dry hair pictures. Everyone looks amazing!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, what do you think? Don’t they look awesome?!


Be Weird. Be Random. Be Who You Are.


I love this. I believe in being oneself … no holds barred … unapologetically. The whole idea of putting on a facade so others will like you or find you “acceptable” or “normal” is bizarre to me. I mean, they are going to know who you are eventually, right? So you better get them to like you for who that is … the authentic you … from the get-go. I mean, why would I even want someone as a friend or partner who didn’t appreciate my uniqueness, my quirks, my idiosyncrasies? Someone who would judge me harshly for those things or find me lacking in some way because of them? That would mean that they don’t value the true me and would either be disappointed, disgusted or dismayed when they discovered her … that, or I would have to live a lie the rest of my life.

That’s why I’ve never had the slightest compunction about revealing my love and excitement for all things cartoons and comics (see here, here, here and/or here) … and it’s why I proudly claim that I’m a nerd … it’s why I don’t hesitate or feel the slightest embarrassment about sharing childhood pics of me looking a mess (check out this post if you missed my Wave Nouveau tragedy ;)) … or feel any compulsion to expend lots of effort to always be/look perfect (for evidence of that, see here). And, it’s probably why I didn’t think twice about chopping off all of my hair 12 years ago to wear my hair in its natural state, regardless of what anyone else might say or think. ‘Cuz, you know, other than wanting to lose a few pounds every now and again, I’ve always been pretty comfortable in my own skin.

This is me. It’s always been me. Love me or leave me alone.

Embrace your weirdness. Revel in your random. Go out there and be EXACTLY who you are. Because not one person, but many, will love you for exactly who that is.

That is all.


Who is the weird and random you?

A WnG Trick for Multi-Textured Curls


As many of you know, the section of hair on my right side naturally has a lot looser texture than my left side and crown, especially the area next to my part. This can make for interesting WnGs as this section is barely wavy and tends to fall flat, especially after the style is a couple of days old.

So, this is a quick and easy fix for my multiple textures. It’s so simple that some may wonder why I’m even sharing it. But, I figured, you never know, it may help someone who didn’t think of it yet!

Once my WnG is fully dry, if my right side is looking as it does above and I’m not pulling my front back, I set it for about 15 minutes or overnight with a few small perm rods! I either lightly dampen my hair with water or product before setting it on the rollers or I spritz it with water after rolling (the latter is when I only want to set it for a few minutes).

10-15 minutes later

Then, I simply separate any thicker curls into smaller sections and twirl them around with my finger to reform. The curls are loopier and larger than the texture on the left side of my hair, but blend well enough, as you can see in this “after” picture that I posted yesterday!


Are you a multi-textured, WnG curly? What do you do, if anything, to blend and/or balance your multiple textures?

The BEST Bobby Pins


This is just a quick post to tell you about the best bobby pins I’ve found. The MetaGrip Premium bobby and roller pins.


  • Patented, Japanese technology goes into making the best pin for the professional hair stylist
  • Enhanced long-lasting spring
  • Firm secure grip
  • Rust resistant
  • Durable tips

You can see and feel the difference between this bobby pin and the standard $0.99 Goody bobby pin that I’ve used for years.

MetaGrip (back); Goody (front).

I’ve been using the roller pins for a couple of years, but just picked up the bobby pins after seeing Naptural85 post about them on Facebook. She said that the tips never peel, so no snagged hair! And, she has them for a good year before she needs to get more. I’ve had them for a few months now and they are still perfect, no peels, chips and they haven’t stretched out of shape. Now, the MetaGrip cost a little more at $6.99 for 300 (bobby pins) or 70 (roller pins). But, they are totally worth it in my opinion!
And, with summer officially making its debut this week, I’ll be using these often to get this hot hair off of my face and neck!!



by Lia of Embracing Natural Hair

Transitioning from relaxed to natural is a big decision you have to make if you are considering going natural. First, you want to ask yourself the reasons for going natural. Is it for a change, is it because you are tired of the upkeep of relaxers, experience breakage or damage to your scalp, want to set an example for your daughter, or simply want to embrace your natural hair? Whatever your reason, you must remember it during your transition, especially if it gets challenging along the way. Your initial reason for going natural may be your number one motivation to stick to your transition, no matter what. Transitioning actually starts with a mindset. Once you make the decision to go natural, you have to be mentally prepared for what is to come.

There may be people around you that may not understand your reason for going natural. They may think natural hair looks “nappy” or “unkempt.” However, just know that whatever your texture whether 2c, or 4c, all hair is beautiful! For many years, unfortunately, our society has portrayed natural hair as unattractive and many black women see natural hair as a bad thing. Many black women feel they “have” to have a relaxer or straight hair to look presentable. This is not the case, and once you view natural hair as beautiful and unique, you’ll be more accepting of it.

You must be willing to embrace your natural hair and put aside what anyone else thinks! Don’t get discouraged if others aren’t supportive or if your natural texture isn’t what you hoped for. Learn to work with what you have and enjoy the ride.

When I truly made the decision to go natural, I knew I would have a long road ahead of me, but I was prepared. I did a lot of protective styling for length retention and also to avoid having to fight with the two textures. In the beginning, it was pretty easy, but as months went by, the detangling sessions got more difficult as I battled with the two textures. I wanted to do a 2 or 3 year transition, but at 18 months post relaxer I knew it was time to do the BC!

If you’re on the fence about transitioning, here are some great reasons to go natural:

  • No costly upkeep of a relaxer.
  • No more scalp burns.
  • Thick, full healthy hair (with the right regimen).
  • Beautiful God-given coils/kinks/curls.
  • Versatility in styling natural hair!
  • Easy to style and looks better as the days go by.
  • Can still achieve the look of a sleek relaxer without the permanent commitment of a relaxer.
  • The ease of Wash N Go’s…especially in the summer.
  • Don’t have to avoid your hair getting wet…Natural hair loves water!!
  • Don’t have to worry about “sweating out your perm” when working out.

Just think of transitioning as a journey or race you must take to get you that finish line … you may get tired, you may want to quit, but stick it through and you WILL accomplish your goal!

You can do it!!

Find Embracing Natural Hair on Facebook too!

Can I Over-Condition?


Back in the day … like 2 years ago ;), you couldn’t tell me that there was such a thing as over-conditioning. As a 12 year natural, the first thing that I would tell anyone transitioning, newly natural or interested in natural was, “Condition, condition and condition again! There is no such thing as over-conditioning!” Well, to tell you the truth, I still pretty much stand by that statement. Buuuuutttttt, here’s the thing. That’s because I think the term “over-conditioned” is a bit of a misnomer. I think most of us, when we are seeking an answer to that question, want to know whether we can over-moisturize our hair. And the answer to that is yes … a fact that I learned the hard way.

via The Science of Black Hair

Out in the “real world” overconditioning, or “tipping too far” on the moisture side of the protein/moisture balance, is virtually rare …

The problem of overconditioning seems to arise once the individual has been indoctrinated into all things hair. By now, she has figured out which products are protein-based and which are more moisture leaning-and here, the tendency to over moisturize tends to develop. She develops an aversion to protein and throws all of her resources into achieving a perpetual “moisture high.” The proliferation of true “protein overload” stories may have gotten her to this point! She knows that there is a gentle, often tricky balance to maintain but she puts all of her eggs in her moisturizing basket just to be safe. She may even realize that different proteins have different properties, and some actually improve the hair’s elasticity rather than toughen the strands-but she’s not taking any chances with protein period. This aversion causes her to moisturize and overcondition her hair until the cows come home.

In 2010, I discovered the term, “protein sensitivity” and thought that I’d finally diagnosed the problem that I had with many products formulated for black/”ethnic” hair. These products, especially the conditioners, most often made my hair hard when wet and brittle and hay-like once dry. So, when I discovered that this was because they contained protein, I started to avoid anything with protein like the plague. Instead, I began using henna as my strengthening treatment. However, an over-zealous henna routine (i.e. multiple full-length treatments in a short period of time) resulted in significant curl-loosening.

Therefore, in 2011, I started doing roots only treatments of henna, for color and strength without the resultant curl-loosening. But, I didn’t incorporate anything else to strengthen the length of my strands. By October 2011, my hair felt incredibly soft, but it was also flyaway, snagged at the slightest touch and was shedding (and probably breaking) like crazy. Every time I touched my hair, strands were littering my hands. At this point, I realized that I had omitted an important part of my regimen: strength. I began researching protein and revisited it after learning how to use it the right way (see this post for deets).

Revisiting Protein – ApHogee
After my first ApHogee 2 Minute Keratin Reconstructor, I saw an IMMEDIATE difference in the feel of my hair … it was harder, but hard-strong, not dry or brittle … and my shedding/breakage drastically decreased. So, I was a convert and began to incorporate protein into my regimen more regularly, typically every 3-4 weeks.

Then, in February, I tried my first (and thus far, only) heavy-duty ApHogee Two Step Protein Treatment. It went well and I would have done more, except that I didn’t have the proper bonnet dryer to safely and efficiently dry the first step.

Enter Aubrey Organics GPB
Back in May, I decided to try Aubrey GPB (Glycogen Protein Balancing) Conditioner for the first time. Something happened that I haven’t seen in a long, long, looooooong time … my shed hair was curly!!! That’s right. I’m a natural with curly/wavy hair who is telling you that I couldn’t remember the last time that I’d seen curly shed hair … maybe a year or two? My strands just seemed wavy and some were essentailly straight. But, after my first GPB treatment, I looked at my shower stall and, to my surprise, saw curly strands for the first time in ages! And, I got excited!! Every wash session with Aubrey GPB, the amount of curly strands seem to increase! This past Saturday, after my haircut, I had a shed hair that was a complete, collapsed coil and I ran into the living room to show Wei! I told him, “I know that this seems silly, but I’m so excited because my curls are back!! It’s a coil!!”

Towards the middle/bottom left, you see those straightish
strands that I was used to seeing.

Now, this isn’t an entirely fair comparison, but I had to show you a pic of my “curls” (i.e. waves) in February and my curls (i.e. CURLS! *lol*) now. The reason the comparison isn’t really fair is because I got a haircut last week to get rid of my henna-loosened ends and my hair is freshly washed after being straight for 2 weeks in the pic on the left whereas, in the pic on the right, it is 7 days old and shrunken.

So, what’s my point in all of this? First, I wanted to clarify the term over-conditioned, because I think that most of us call both moisturizing and protein-based post-wash treatments “conditioners.” Therefore, when I say that “over-conditioned” is somewhat of a misnomer, it is because I think that most of us are really referring to over-moisturizing the hair and not using too much protein. We tend to refer to the latter as “protein overload.” Second, we can dip too far to either side and the key is to give our hair what it needs when it needs it. Sometimes it’s moisture, sometimes it’s strength/protein. So, how do you know what your hair needs? It’s all about elasticity.

  • Take a few strands of shed hair and hold one set of ends in the fingertips of one hand. Then lightly tug and release the other ends with your other fingers.
  • Does your hair stretch and stay there (i.e. it doesn’t shrink back like a spring)? Then you probably need protein.
  • Does your normally curly hair appear limp and curl-less? Then you probably need protein.
  • Does your hair snap/break immediately or quickly? Then you probably need moisture.
  • Does your hair stretch, then spring back? Sounds like you have the perfect balance of protein and moisture!

The above is nothing new and you’ve probably read it before. So, what I hope to add to the conversation is what I think that I’ve learned.

  • One, the fact that my shed hair no longer had any curl was an indicator that something was off. Though a variety of factors can contribute to this, over-moisturizing should have been one of the “Usual Suspects.”
  • Second, Aubrey GPB restored the curl that I thought had somehow been lost. That says to me that not all proteins are created equal for all people. Though my shedding/breakage decreased drastically with the ApHogee 2 Minute Reconstructor and the 2 Step Treatment, my shed hair still had little to no curl. However, with the introduction of Aubrey GPB, my curls are springing back to life and elasticity is returning in leaps and bounds.

So, all this to say, if you have avoided protein and your strands have become limp and lifeless and your curls have seemed to all but disappear, you may want to try experimenting with different types of protein. However, remember, just as “over-moisturizing/conditioning” is a real thing, so is protein-overload. And, it’s easier to correct over-moisturized hair than hair with too much protein. So, do your research, proceed with caution and always listen to your hair!


How do you know when you need moisture or protein? Have you experimented with protein treatments/conditioners/reconstructors? Which one(s) have you found work(s) the best for you?



I just had to share this pic that I saw on Facebook yesterday and posted on my page. This picture just makes my heart swell with joy for two reasons. First, I always love seeing a little girl who adores her daddy and a daddy who adores his little girl.

But second … and this is what inspired the title of this post … look at Sasha’s hair. Which one of us doesn’t have a similar pic of us playing at some time, some place, hair everywhere … and having the time of our lives? To see this captured moment … the daughter of the President of the United States of America, not perfectly coiffed, but looking just like “every little black girl USA,” shoot, “every little black girl” period … no facades … no pretense … no dolled up, whitewashed version of a black family that is “safe” for public viewing … feels like a really existential moment in time. I feel it in my bones. I feel it in my soul. There’s about to be a paradigm shift mannnnn!!! We are here, we are black, we are women and we are worthy just the way we are!!

That is all ;)!

Another Dream Deferred


I’m a little bummed. You see, I thought that I was finally going to get a real haircut this weekend and I planned to surprise you all with the results today. But, to my disappointment, my appointment had to be cancelled unexpectedly.

So, instead, I’m here telling you about why I was soooo looking forward to this cut. First, it was with Tameeka of Jaded Tresses, who cut my hair like this in the summer of 2010:

See how loose my “curls” are here? This is the henna loosening
that has all but grown out, except for the last 6″ or so of my hair.

Back then, I told her that I liked big hair, that I wanted to keep as much of my length as possible and that I wanted a slight layer in the back and some long layers around my face. That’s exactly what I got. So, I trust that she will, 1. Listen to my concerns and honor my requests, 2. Give me as close to what I want as possible.

Second, this cut is long overdue. I had a small trim (about an inch on the longest areas and less that on the shorter lengths) a little while ago, but that really didn’t do enough. In fact, I think the way that it was cut may have caused even more unevenness than I already had. My last significant haircut was in February 2011. Since then, I’ve just been doing S&Ds to get rid of SSK and split ends. Between that, varying growth rates, different curl patterns and breakage in my crown, my perimeter has become an irregular mess! It’s usually not too noticeable, because I wear my hair in updos most days of the weeks or TnCs when it’s down. However, I really want to revisit WnGs as my weekend style this summer. I also want some layers to break up the curtain of hair around my face and to add some volume. I mean, have you seen what layers did for Curly Nikki and Antoinette of Around the Way Curls?

Alas … it was not meant to be … at least, not this weekend. Instead, I had to look at my scraggly ends and dream of the day when they would be a memory of the past. Since I can’t tell you about my wonderful new cut, let me give you a brief recap of wash day and share pics, so that you’ll understand my pain.

If you recall, I applied a pre-poo of Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner (AO HSR) and Vatika oil the Sunday before last and placed my hair in 4 twists. Yeah … I didn’t take them out or wash my hair until the following Saturday … morning … ish. I decided to try the Aubrey Green Tea Shampoo, which is lathering, but sulfate free, to clarify my hair in prep for the big day. I diluted it with water in a dye applicator bottle and applied it to my scalp where it created a very rich lather. I squished it down my twists and rinsed. Then, I whipped out the Aubrey Green Tea Cream Rinse and diluted that in water, as well, before applying. Unfortunately, I ran out and ended up grabbing a couple of other conditioners to finish the job of detangling (side note: My detangling session was a little rough as my roots were pretty matted … I wonder if they would have been as difficult to get through if I had used the diluted DevaCare No Poo?).

Once I finished detangling each section, I re-twisted and then rinsed with cold water under the tub faucet. Next, I hopped out of the shower and used a Curl Cloth to blot dry and then wrapped around my hair to sop up the drippies. When my hair was barely damp (15 minutes later), I applied AO HSR as my leave-in and placed my hair in twists that I sealed with my JBCO/EVOO mix. (My plan was to stretch my hair so that it would be easily detangled when it was wet again for my cut on Sunday.) Later that evening, I oiled my scalp with Wild Growth Hair Oil (WGHO) and applied a little WGHO Light to the length of my twists.

Again, I was very pleased with how much fuller my twists are appearing and how my hair feels strong, but soft. I also think my shedding was not bad given that my hair was twisted up all week.

Anyway, so I was really looking forward to Sunday … then, I got the e-mail that advised me that my appointment had to be cancelled because of an emergency. *sigh* Oh well. So, on Sunday around noon, I released my twists to find a very defined and shiny twist out … with sad, scraggly and crazy looking ends.

I really should have set them on rollers the night before, but was just too lazy to do so. Ughhhh … like seriously, as I’m writing this post and looking at this pic, I’m thinking, “What the heck?!? Maybe I should chop it all off!!” But, I know that the gappiness is partly attributable to the tighter curl pattern in my crown and the longer section under the crown. I also know that, with a little fluffing, it really isn’t as bad as it looks above.

But man, most of this excess length really needs to go and some layers around my face will deal with that henna loosened section on the left. I think that my “lead hair” is more than 2-3 inches longer than the bulk of my hair and it’s driving me crazy seeing it like this. I also think that my crown area needs to be trimmed neatly as all of the irregular lengths are resulting in more tangling. I read this post on recently, 7 Tips for Repairing Crown Area Thinning & Breakage, that indicated that it’s important to keep the crown area trimmed and as neat on the ends as possible.


If your hair is layered, you really want to make sure that the ends that are originating from your crown are kept neat. Uneven, splitting or otherwise frazzled hair easily tangles itself and can lead to a cycle of crazy breakage. Hairs should be able to move freely past other hairs without “catching.” This “catching” can lead to breakage in and around the crown area of the head.

I’ve had my share of crown area breakage issues! What I ended up doing was isolating my crown area and trimming it down to a blunt length. It was much shorter than the rest of my hair, but the trim allowed me to focus on the area—to treat it separately and to comb it separately until it improved.

So, all that being said, I’m really hoping to get this appointment re-scheduled soon so that I can debut a fabulous rear view to you guys in the near future!! Although I like the volume the extra length gives my buns and updos and I feel that the hair is pretty healthy, I know that I’ll be happier with a fuller and more even perimeter. I also know that it’ll grow back by the end of the year and I think that it’ll be thicker, fuller, curlier and even healthier because of the tweaks I’ve made to my regimen.

With that, here are a few pics where I twisted my ends together to help blend them better. It’s a technique I use to stretch the curlier areas and curl the straighter ones to create a similar wave. Sometimes it works … sometimes it doesn’t. But, I liked these pics because you can see the great definition and shine that I got from the twists with only AO HSR as a leave-in. I definitely think all of the AO products have had a hand in giving my twist and braid outs better definition and have also resulted in my hair drying far more quickly!! Again, Aubrey Organics is a keeper!!


Would/have you sacrifice(d) healthy length for a better cut/shape?

Mish Mash Mosh


I didn’t get home from work until almost 9 p.m. last night and I was just as frazzled as my hair. *lol* Not every day is a good hair day! In fact, my hair was in four pre-pooed twists (AO HSR/Vatika oil) that I did on Sunday. I still haven’t gotten around to washing it out. I know some people may be bothered by going to work with a little frizz and fuzz. Maybe it’s my nerdy ways, but I really don’t think much about it. Generally speaking, at work, my hair is pulled back and very “unspectacular.” I don’t feel a need for it to look fabulous every day. It’s like when I go to the gym, I usually layer up with clothes that are huge and swallow my shape, even when I’m ripped. Or, how I generally don’t wear make-up. I know what I look like, I know what’s under those layers, what’s in that bun, what a little make-up can do. And, I’ll “whip it all out” on occasion *lol*, but I don’t feel like I need to flaunt “what I got” all of the time. I’d rather save my “big reveals” for special occasions and get that, “Wow, she cleans up real good!” reaction. LOL!! Hmmmm … this was kind of a ramble. But, I was just thinking of how boring (and fuzzy) my hair generally is during the work week and how it doesn’t bother me or make me feel like I’m tucking my hair away and not having fun. I realize that my lack of self-consciousness about my hair and inclination to tuck it away is based on the same personality trait that keeps me layered up at the gym and make-up-less most of the time. It’s just who I am … and probably a manifestation of my Ugly Duckling syndrome (Shallow Hal … look it up ;). *lol*).

Okay, back to the late day at work last night. I got home mentally exhausted, hungry and not particularly savoring the thought of a Lean Cuisine for dinner. I walk in the door and, to my surprise and great pleasure, Wei had brought dinner home from the city! And not just any dinner … “salmon” steak from Veggie Paradise II, which we had just been discussing my love of the day before!! Definitely one of those, “I love me some him” moments:).

Mmmmm … and the leftovers always taste better on day two!!

In other news, my girlfriend gave me free tickets to see A Streetcar Named Desire last Wednesday. It was really good and Nicole Ari Parker was SPECTACULAR!! She played the heck out of Blanche DuBois (yes, that’s who the character on Golden Girls is named after)! I’ve known of the movie for years … who hasn’t heard, “STELLAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!” But, I really knew nothing of the plot. The play was originally written in 1947, yet the topics it addresses are surprisingly modern! I won’t give anything away though. I’ll just say, check it out if you’ve never seen the play or movie. On a side note, Belle Reve, the family estate of sisters Stella and Blanche, is also the name of the prison for metahumans in the DC Universe (you know I had to slip in that comics reference!). Oh, and one last thing! Towards the end of the play, the actress on the right who played Stella walks to the edge of the stage, squats down and we hear her say, “Give it to me.” Next thing we know, she stands up with what is obviously a lit cell phone in her hand, pockets it in her dress and finishes her lines. The crowd broke out in applause. #GANGSTA!

Before we went to the play, we actually made it into the city early and were able to hit the Tracy Reese sample sale, which was a couple of street blocks away! I picked up a really cute pair of aqua blue, high-waisted and belted harem pants for $50! I’ll be sure to post pics soon ;)!

And finally, to wrap up this mish mosh mash post (you get it now, right? I’m all over the place ;)!), the humidity on the day of the meet-up was a BEAST!! I mean, you could see the air. Ugh. So, I decided to try something that I had picked up in November when I went to an Aveda retailer salon to get a heat protectant for a tension blow-out.

Curly Nikki had raved about the Aveda Anti-Humectant Pomade in the past and, of course, I had to snag some since I was already there! Well, given that it was winter, I really had no need to use it! But Saturday? Good Googa Mooga!! Yeah, time to break-out the anti-humectant!


This satiny pomade repels moisture from your hair, helping to prevent frizziness and flyaways. Tames curls to give hair a polished look. Excellent in humid weather. Work through hair before or after styling.

• Repels moisture
• Prevents frizziness
• Satin finish



So, I opened to jar to find a translucent white product that strongly resembled and smelled like … wait for it … grease. Yeesssss!! LOL! I placed a little tiny bit in my palm, emulsified it and applied to my dry hair, as directed. I had done a twist-out with Aubrey Honeysuckle Rose the night before and, again, my hair was completely dry the next morning!! Yea for Aubrey!! Once I got to the spot, I fluffed the twist-out and I think the pomade really did help to preserve the definition in my style. I usually would have been a big, tribble-like, frizz ball in that type of humidity …

Instead, my hair looked pretty decent!

Now, the face in this pic is another matter entirely.

So yeah, after the first round, the score is 1-Aveda Anti-Humectant Pomade, 0-Humidity. The fight’s not over yet though folks. Summer hasn’t yet officially started and we have a long battle ahead of us. So, don’t turn that channel;)!

Alright, gotta go!! I’m going to be off schedule today, but hope to put up a couple of the last few April GOC updates later today … just in time for you to start sending in your May updates ;)!



So, what’s up with you ladies? See any movies or plays lately? Score any great clothes or shoes? Try any new products? What was your week’s Mish, Mash, Mosh?

I ♥ My Beard


I know I haven’t been writing much, but I kind of figured that you all would be more interested in the GOC stories and Shelli’s videos (did you know that you can subscribe to her youtube channel, skillsgill, and follow her on twitter @Hairscapades?). Anyway … I’ve got a good one with plenty of pictures for ya here. I hope that you enjoy it. It was fun for me and I hope that it at least gives you a few talking points about sports, music and socio-political issues to engage people (I really gotta do this writing thing more!).

OK … So …


by Weusi

I got his package in the mail a few weeks ago. The return address just says Casually Debonair … It leaves me scratching my head. Obviously … this has something to do with Hairscapades.

I open it … pull out the contents … then scratch my head!

The bottle says, “Casually Debonair 7.” And then, in smaller print, “Men’s MDXV Beard Moisturizing Lotion” … and, on the back, it says a bunch of stuff … but the print is too small for me to read.

Shelli comes home and I show the package to her. She says that I agreed to review a product a few weeks prior.

I’m like, “Cool” … but … ummm … there are 5 little issue here …

#1 … I like my beard … as it is. I like to rub it and occasionally scratch it to enjoy the manly coarseness of my beard! It’s mine!

(Get these t-shirts for your beard-wielding friends, as well as the original I love my hair gear for adults and youth, from my homie KissaStarr of

#2 … What ya see is what ya get. I’m a pretty all natural kinda dude. I’m not really a beard product type of cat, ya dig? The only products I use on my hair are the natural shampoos that Shelli brings home and my coconut oil based magic juices and berries! And, the latter I use from head to toe, so there’s no need to use anything else.

#3 … I don’t know what this stuff is made of! I can’t read the print … it’s too small!

#4 … I was about to trim my beard (Shelli’s fly … I can’t be looking all scraggly and beat up! She’s gotta reputation and a brand. I’m not gonna mess things up!). So, I trim my beard and we go gather the families … many of you have seen and/or read about this event and seen those pics already (if not, they’re here.) Then, a week or so passes and my beard has grown out a little … so, I muster the nerve to put this stuff on my face.

I realize that I am not the best person to get a baseline reading of my beard’s softness, so I ask Shelli to rub my beard a little (I like this!) and I apply the MDXV Beard Lotion … Then, it happened …

I started rubbing my beard in awe! I ask Shelli to touch my beard again … now we’re both marveling at the change in texture! I’m feeling soft and sexy like the beard and voice of THE MAESTRO: Barry White.

Shelli is touching my beard and it feels GREAT, but I’m so amazed and my beard feels so good, I just wanna touch it myself!



OK … not everyone … but people like … maybe …

GREGORY PORTER (vocalist). Because he’s a great throwback into the future of music (if you’re not up on him … you’re welcome!).

For real … this guy is SOOOO nice … I had to share 2 tunes with you …

Be Good (lion’s song)

(Thank you Pierre @exiththeapple and shawn @shawnpeters.)


THIERRY HENRY (Arsenal & NY Red Bulls). He’s a real deal footballer. And this is one of the reasons the ladies love soccer players!

And yes … soccer players like basketball too.

(This is for you Buggs!)

BARON DAVIS (New York Knicks). They needed some help in the playoffs! Maybe next year they’ll have more beards and this will give the team the power of Sampson. But, for now, B.D. is my favorite bearded one in the NBA. I’ll show you why a little later (I hope that he recovers from his injury)!

JAMES HARDEN (Oklahoma City Thunder). He caught a MEAN elbow from Metta World Peace that gave him a concussion and was out of the line up for a heartbeat … he could have used that time to rest and work on his chin mane. Now, he’s in playoff mode and can still use it … because, a good feeling chin can lead to a win! I just made that up … sorry! (The OKC Thunder are deep in it right now, I’m sure that any help will be appreciated).

I guess that I should give Lebron and his beard some love, because he stays struggling in the playoffs (maybe because he trimmed his beard!).

On a side note: I want the Miami Heat to win the championship … mainly because of all the flack that they gave them for being smart, young brothers that utilized their power and influence. OK, they went a little overboard with the theatrical announcement, but … that couldn’t have been done without the franchise’s permission and, more than likely, it was the franchises idea. BUT … I want Dwayne Wade to be the highlight of the team. People really need to know that, although Lebron is a great player, D-Wade has IT*!

*By IT, I mean the, “I WIN” gene … He also has HER (see, she’s not always wearing a weave).

(Shelli knows that I dig her smile and her down to earth demeanor … but … as one who enjoys a little competition and trash talking, but shuns extra attention and drama, I just wanna say, “Gabbbi, chill out a little when you’re court side” [yes, in my mind, we’re cool like that!]. Peep THIS, if you don’t know what I’m talking about.)

**FOR THE RECORD: I’m really a 76ers fan, but we don’t have any big beards … BUT … we were in the second round of the playoffs for the first time in a long time. Thursday was game 7 against the Boston Celtics … another team that I respect. They have the small dude Rondo, Kevin “The Game Changer” Garnett (he negotiated his contract with a team of lawyers instead of an agent) and Ray “Jesus Shuttleworth” Allen (no, I don’t like Paul Pierce) … anyway …

FIDEL CASTRO (Cuba). Because it may make him happy and … therefore … make the world a happier place!?!

And to stay ahead of the trend … instead of sending some Casually Debonair to Rick Ross … send some to STALLEY!

AND … oh yeah … that fifth thing … so …

#5 … There was something else in the package … but, I can’t tell you exactly what it is, because it’s a top secret prototype “sexybeardinator” type thing (yes, that was a Shelli inspired, Phineas & Ferb reference!).

But, it kind of doesn’t matter … the product is so good, everything else is like buttercream icing on the cake!

I’m sure that we’ll be able to announce the secret soon! Right CASUALLY DEBONAIR!?!

Anyway … I know I hit everyone with the jazzy feel of Gregory Porter earlier, so I wanna do little hip hop for you too. Here’s one in honor of CASUALLY DEBONAIR’s MDXV BEARD LOTION and beards world wide … Here’s a video from my NC homie/producer, SKI BEATZ, featuring STALLEY and his beard. Well, actually, it’s Stalley’s voice and his beard … here’s a fun video …


And, if you are a fan of beards, roller skating, New Edition and basketball, you’re gonna love Baron Davis in this (I LOVE almost everything about this … but you can like one thing or all of these things!).

One shot

I know that this is a kind of long post. But, like I said, I haven’t written in a while … I had a lot to get out of my system! I hope that you enjoyed the info. (I really need to write more!)

Catch ya later …