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Natural Hair Warrior – CANCELLED




JULY 10, 2014 UPDATE: The event scheduled for August 2014 has been cancelled. A future date will be announced. Visit NaturalHairWarrior.com for more details!!


A couple of weekends ago, I went to my 20 year college reunion. One night, I ended up hanging out with my curlfriend Scarlett of Wonder Curl and her friend Rica of  Boston Naturals. Well, Scarlett, Wei, and I started talking about the Rugged Maniac that we did a few years ago. Scarlett then tells us how Rica is doing a similar event in Boston called the Natural Hair Warrior with a yoga class, obstacle course race, and a swag bag of natural hair goodies for the participants. Of course she told us that that we should totally do it.

Now, the thing is, I’ve been on my C game with my fitness routine the last few months, doing the least while still doing something. As to my diet, I’d been bringing my F game to that (as in, I get a big, fat F), eating anything and everything that I wanted (y’all know about my love of all things buttercream). However, after learning about the NHW, getting fed up with the 20 pounds I have put on since my wedding in December, and not working out one day for the first time in almost a year and a half,  I decided to get back on my A game. I dusted off my C25K plan and my treadmill and started interval running 3 days a week. On the days I run, I do 10-20 minutes of yoga flexibility, on the days I don’t run, I’m doing 30-45 minute Vinyasa Flow yoga practices because #365daysofyoga is still going strong despite that one missed day. And, I have to say this, up until this week, I’ve been doing yoga exclusively since March, and I can tell it has kept my body tighter, stronger, and fitter, despite the weight gain, because I had no problem running again.

So, all that being said, just popping on here quickly to let y’all know that I fell off the wagon a little, but I’m getting back on and getting ready for ….


AUGUST 23, 2014

11:30AM – 4:00PM

Boston, MA

(Get your early bird tickets at half the price until July 12th!!) 

Now that’s a natural hair meet-up with a twist!! Who’s with me?!?!

Visit NaturalHairWarrior.com for details and tickets!!


Hair of (Last) Week: A Twist-Out to Remember



Yeah, I know this is overdue *hangs head*. Okay, it’s after 1 am right now. I fell asleep on the couch. AGAIN. And woke up at almost midnight. Usually I would just get in bed … but I felt bad for being so delinquent about blogging that I’m staying up to write this recap quickly!!

PRE pre-poo. *lol*

PRE pre-poo. *lol*

The Saturday before last, wash day went down as follows:

  • Pre-poo with Vatika Oil (1 hour).
  • Shampooed with an oldie but goodie, DevaCare No Poo (diluted in water).
  • Detangled/conditioned with Herbal Essences Hello Hydration.
  • Deep conditioned with Darcy’s Botanical Pumpkin Seed Conditioner (1 hour w/heat).
  • Blotted hair damp with Curl Cloth.
  • Styled hair into 8 twists with Wonder Curl Butter Than Love Whipped on length and Get Set Jelly to control frizz and fly aways at roots.
  • Released twists while hair was still slightly damp (because I had the Wonder Curl Launch Party to attend) to fully air dry.

Okay, so I didn’t take any solo photos of my hair on that first day. But, Rece (A Hair Story) got a good one of the results, I think! LOL!!

Running my mouth as usual ;).

Running my mouth as usual ;). And yeah, I know. I still owe you guys that recap ;)!

The first pic above was Day 2 hair after re-twisting the night before. And here is day 4 hair (I was re-twisting nightly initially):


And Day 8 hair (on Day 4, I started bunning at night as daily re-twisting puts too much stress on my fine strands and resulted in more breakage than I like to see):


Oh, and here was the bun (and OOTD ;)) I wore the Friday before Day 8:


Spring was finally in the air!!

My hair held up so well on over the course of the week (not overly tangled or stinky ;)), that I didn’t wash it this past weekend! Instead, I experimented with a dry twist out and a new product that I picked up at Tarjay over the weekend!!


For those of you who follow me on Facebook and Instagram, you already know what it was ;). The rest of you will have to check me out on one of those outlets or stay tuned for the next post, which will reveal the “mystery” product that gave me the results above!


So, here’s a question. I found that re-twisting nightly put too much strain on my hair, but left it looking great. So, I’m wondering:

Do you re-twist or re-braid nightly to preserve a style? If so, how would you describe your hair in terms of strand thickness (fine, medium, thick)? And, how does your hair fare with this technique?

Wash Weekend Quickie



Remember earlier I that I said that we’d discuss how detangling went wash day after wearing a shrunken curly fro’ turned bun?! Well, I’m not going to make you wait long ;)!! Aren’t I nice?! *lol*

Anywho, this is going to be another quick post because it is 11 pm and I need to get to bed because this is gonna be a rough week at work. The reason this post can be quick is because wash day was THREE steps on Saturday. You see, I decided that I wanted to wear my hair down for The Mane Event and, seeing as how it was a frizzy, shrunken, tangled, lop-sided mess that I hadn’t even pre-pooed on Friday night AND I slept in, I didn’t have much time to get ‘er done.

Well, as luck would have it, a few weeks earlier Wonder Curl had sent me a prototype of her new Cleansing Clay Mask. It’s touted to cleanse, detangle and condition all-in-one product! Well, I was definitely going to put it to the test!

I know, I know. It doesn’t look that bad. Don’t let it fool you,
there were matted knots all up in that mess!

My Three Step Wash Day went as follows:

  1. Pre-pooed with Vatika Oil mixed with Aubrey Honeysuckle Rose and GPB conditioners on hair and a mix of JBCO and jojoba oil on scalp (30 min. with heat cap). (I made NO attempt to detangle or section my hair.)
  2. Washed, finger detangled/conditioned with Wonder Curl’s Cleansing Mask, then rinsed (45 min.).
  3. Applied leave-in (KCKT/AVJ/JBCO/jojoba oil) and sealed with coconut oil whip.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Seriously, THAT WAS IT!! No overnight pre-poo, no detangling, no sectioning, no twisting, no separate shampoo, mo separate conditioning, no DC, no cool and seal. This may have been my fastest wash day in a long time! So yeah, stay tuned for the Wonder Curl Cleansing Clay Mask, launching spring 2013!!

Anywho, once I got home after dinner that evening, I immediately placed my hair into 8 braids. Although I love big hair, I wasn’t loving the shape that my WnG was taking on and I also don’t savor the tangles that it begets. I didn’t apply any additional product. I just braided it up and dampened the braids with a little bit of water. Then, I put on my open-ended pocket bonnet and hit the sack.

I released the braids on Sunday morning for a decent braid-out.


But y’all know that I wasn’t feeling that flat and tame hair. Ummmm … no. So, I commenced to fluffling by flipping my head upside down and massaging my roots.

10Ah yeah, that’s more like it!!

And shortly after … I bunned it! LOL!!! But, not before trying out one of two knitted winter headband that I picked up this summer for less than $10 at my local flea market!


Cute, right? I kind of forgot all about them! And, it’s perfect for a bunning challenge when I’m wearing a big, high bun!! Definitely going to need this to keep the ears warm as winter seems like it wants to be real this year!!

And I am out-ta here!!


How do  you shorten your wash day when you don’t have a lot of time?

The Mane Event and a Haus of Swag Discount Code!


IMG_7627Gina, me and Jacelyn

On Saturday, I attended The Mane Event, a natural hair vendor affair at The Luna Stage in West Orange, NJ. I learned about this event from Gina and attended with her and her friend (and my new curlfriend AND comics/cartoon compatriot) Jacelyn. The Luna Stage is a cozy and quaint theatre on the border of Orange and West Orange, a stone’s throw away from where I used to live years ago! I had to park a couple of blocks away, because the space was packed with gorgeous naturalistas! The event ran from 2 pm – 6 pm and was followed with a staged reading of the play, Supernatural, which I did not attend.

When I arrived, guess who was one of the first people that I spotted?!


It’s Scarlett of Wonder Curl!! She was in the house selling her line along with so many other enterprising ladies and gents (support small businesses!!). She bought the lovely, sweet as pie and HEE-larious Cadian (I love this lady) aka The Lone Natural along with her!!

Cutting up! Do you SEE the shoes?!?!

Cutting up! Do you SEE the shoes?!?!

Later, I saw some wonderful young ladies that I met at the CurlyNikki meet-up this summer and then I ran into the lovely and sweet Gaye aka Sweetdrk1 aka GGMadeIt aka Boog’s (as in CurlyNikki’s baby girl Gia) babysitter!! It was soooo nice meeting her in person as we’ve been Facebook friends for a bit! She is such a sweetie with a huge heart and GORGEOUS coils!! I loved her rod set and her color!!


Sporting one of her “loverly” knit creations … of course:)!! Check out her Etsy shop!!

So yeah, the theatre was packed from end to end. There were vendors in the entrance, the hallways and two rooms and tons of naturalistas jockeying for space at the tables to check out all of the wares!! There were hair products, tons of jewelry, hair accessories, hand-knit goods, natural greeting cards, funky tees, handmade jams and a variety of other novelties!

Check out the view!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Okay, so y’all know that I didn’t leave all of that empty-handed. BUT, I was good … no new hair products! Wooh-hooh!! PJ instincts quelled!! I didn’t even approach those tables too closely … once an addict, always an addict. *lol* However, I couldn’t resist picking up a few pretties!! Here’s my haul.


The bow earrings were made while I waited. Total cost for all 3 pairs: $4! (TheUniquePieces.com)


Adorned cap sleeve mock turtleneck: $8!! (TheUniquePieces.com)

IMG_7696 IMG_7694



So, I have to tell you, I spent a good 20 minutes talking to the CEO of Haus of Swag, Toni, on Saturday. First, let me say that the woman is fly! Her hair was GORG!! Immediately grabbed my attention and just about everyone else’s! I swear, I witnessed at least 10 ladies ask her how she styled it (fresh twist-out with Cantu Shea conditioner, if you must know. ;)). Well, we ended up talking about all kinds of things, including me telling her about Wonder Woman’s black twin sister, Nubia, Rebel flags, black empowerment, Barak’s re-election (we waiting for him to get it in now … no re-election to worry about) and her telling me about the Wisconsin senator who said that blacks don’t even celebrate Kwanzaa. Wha?!?! Yeah, I didn’t know about that one either!! Check it out here!

Anywho, I was able to pick up my tees at The Mane Event for the super low price of only $20 each. However, that was a special price for the affair! Well, I knew that some of you would probably be interested in these HAWT tees (don’t you just love the shapes?!?!). So, I contacted Toni via e-mail to see if I could get a discount code for my Hairscapades ladies! And, guess what?!?! Being the awesome lady that she is, Toni kindly obliged!! Soooooo …

From now until 12:00 am on 1/20/13, you can get 15% off of your total Haus of Swag order with
discount code: HAIRSCAPADES!!!**

How frickin’ awesome is that?!?! And, to find out when Haus of Swag is coming to an event near you, like their Facebook page, HausofSwag.com and/or join their e-mail list!!

**Free shipping in the US!!


Lata Gatas!!

Hairscapades Meet-Up (Orange, NJ) Recap & Photos!!


Okay, this is a quick post to share some pics from the meet-up at Pooka Boutique in Orange, NJ! We had such a good time!!! I want to take a minute to personally thank those who donated their time and talents.  Thank you so much to Donna and Dawn of Pooka Pure and Simple, who generously supplied our venue, the Pooka Boutique in Orange, NJ.  Thanks to Arlinda, the brilliant designer and owner behind Sofistafunk, the Skirt Co. and Michelle who dressed me in this fabulous skirt for the event. Thank you to Tameeka of Jaded Tresses,who did a wonderful styling demo and provided great information to all who attended! There was some awesome networking going on between all of these black female businesses and I’m sure we are going to have some amazing events coming up for you all in the near future!!

And, last but certainly not least, thank you to all the beautiful ladies (and their fabulous hair) who attended my first NJ meet-up! I hope that you’ll all be back for the second one ;)!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(p.s. This “quick” post just took an hour to put together! *lol)

British Curlies/Wonder Curl Giveaway Winners!


And the winners of the Wonder Curl sampler kit via British Curlies are …

Lisa-Marie Aldred
Nancy Pinthieve

Congrats ladies! British Curlies will be reaching out to you via Facebook for shipping address info, if they haven’t already done so! Hope that you love the products and I’ll be expecting reviews ;)!

Hairscapades & sneakpeeq Giveaway Winners!


I know, I know! *LOL* I didn’t forget, there were just a few moving parts with this giveaway! But, got it all worked out now! So, without further ado …

The three runners-up and winners of $10 sneakpeeq gift card are:

Nicole Franklin
Elise Lisa
Carla Rose

And the Grand Prize winner of the $25 sneakpeeq gift card is … *drumroll please* …

Marcia Huff

Congrats ladies! Your sneakpeeq accounts will be credited with your gift cards within 24 hours!!

And don’t forget the African Pride, My Pride My Way Black History Month Giveaway!!! Click the link for details on how you can enter to win!!

British Curlies/Wonder Curl Giveaway! *CLOSED*


Yes, yes, YES!! You read that right! Wonder Curl has recently teamed up with British Curlies to make the WC product line available to my naturally curly friends across the ocean!! Not only that! They’ve also donated a giveaway for January!! As you know, Wonder Curl Butter Than Love is my TnC staple! Well, those of you in the UK have the opportunity to win a Wonder Curl sampler kit with 2 ounce samples of every product in the line!! You’ll receive a Get Slick Hair Smoothie, Get Set Hair Jelly, Butter than Love Pudding and Butter than Love Whipped!

So, what do you have to do for your chance to win???

  1. Like the Hairscapades Facebook page;
  2. Like the British Curlies Facebook page and post “Hairscapades sent me” on the wall.

For more chances to win, refer a friend and have them like both pages and write “[your name] and Hairscapades sent me” on Wonder Curl’s wall.

Ex. “Coily Colleen and Hairscapades sent me.”

They’ll get a chance to win and you’ll get an additional chance for every friend that you refer!!

NOTE: You must be a resident of the UK to be eligible for this giveaway.

And with that, I’ll leave you with the Hairscapades premier of Wonder Curl’s first commercial!!

FABU skirts provided by Sofistafunk!!


The Look by Joi “Best Christmas EVER” Giveaway Winner!


And the winner of The Look by Joi Perfect Stocking Stuffer Makeup Giveaway is … *drumroll please* …

Ollie Moss

Congrats lady! Shoot your mailing addresses to me at hairscapades@gmail.com and we’ll get your prize in the mail ASAP!

And remember, there’s still time to satisfy your inner PJ for FREE this month! Head on over to the Doris New York Perfect Twist Duo Giveaway and follow the directions to enter for your chance(s) to win!

November Giveaway Winner!


And the winner of the Wonder Curl sampler kit is … *drumroll please* …

Chandra Yarbrough

Congrats lady! You know how I feel about Butter than Love! I’ll be expecting a review! But first, shoot your mailing addresses to me at hairscapades@gmail.com and we’ll get your prize in the mail ASAP!

If you didn’t win this one, don’t despair, it’s a new month! A December giveaway will be announced shortly! So, once again, STAY TUNED!!