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Flat Twist Success!!!



I did it!!!! I finally did it! I think I finally figured out how to flat twist properly!! I wanted to try the Curly ‘Fro set that I previously shared here. But, I still had never been able to do a decent flat twist. Well, after completing two lackluster and incorrectly done flat-twists, I decided to check out PGneiicey’s Flat Twist-Out Tutorial again. Zyaran had shared it with me in the comments of a post back in June and I liked it because Shaniece does the twists so large that it is easier for me to see what she is doing.

via PGneiicey

So, I tried again and … “By Jove, I think she’s got it!!”


The twists in the middle and on the right were done first. The twist on the left was after watching Shaniece do it.

Well, I had to go back to the video several times as I did the first few twists, because I kept forgetting what to do. Finally, I realized that I needed to “pinch” hair from underneath the twist and add it to the hair that is about to go over the section to get the flat twist to look right.

Anywho, I’m so excited that I finally got this down that I had to share. Also, figured it might help someone else out who is struggling with flat-twisting. Remember, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, and try again!!”

Now, as to this Curly ‘Fro, we’ll see how many times I’ll have to try THIS before I get it right. Hopefully, the firs time’s the charm. Stay tuned, because I’ll be sharing the results regardless … the Good, the Bad OR the Ugly ;).


What technique or style did you struggle with, but eventually learned or even mastered? What helped you figure out how to do it?


Sock Bun Tutorials


Thought I’d kick off the first Monday of the Hairscapades Bunning Challenge with a sock bun tutorial from an awesome YouTuber, Laila-Jean aka Fusion of Cultures!

Hair not long enough to cover a sock bun? Check out this video to learn how to make your own with the synthetic braiding hair of your choice! Then, just pop it on and secure with bobby pins!

Just need a “plain” sock bun? You can find synthetic bun forms at Sally Beauty Supply or take the DIY route and make your own like I did using the following tutorial!

via Curlista

Finally, have longer hair? Then check out this technique for using a sock bun when your strands are too long to tuck under the sock bun or too fine to cover it in one pass!

via WendysLookbook

See, there’s a sock bun for everyone :)!!


Do you rock a sock ;)? If so, any tips or tricks to help us get the most out of the look?

MahoganyCurls’ Ombré Hair


(source: MahonanyCurls FB Page)

Just watched MahoganyCurls’ TnC Tutorial and had to share! Although it was really cool to see Jess, the YouTuber known for her perfect WnGs, do a TnC (which, is also perfect btw), I’m not really sharing it for that reason per se. I had to post it because I absolutely LOVE her new ombré ends!! How gorgeous are they?!?! The thing is, I’m too scared to lighten my ends, which are the oldest part of my hair and have seen the most “abuse!” Breakage City! Fortunately for me, grey hair and henna allow me to get some fun color without lightening/”bleaching” my hair!! LOL!

But, still … so cool!

via MahoganyCurls


Jess didn’t do a tutorial for her ombré ends, but she talks about her process briefly here, if you’re interested.

Here are some more takes on the ombré curly hair look:

The change in color on Teyana Taylor here is too drastic for my taste,
but is another take on the look.

Now this one I love because the blonde has been toned down to an auburn color and
the purple tips are hot! Wouldn’t work in my “real” life though! LOL!

(Source unknown)

Rihanna’s take … yeah, I know it’s not her real hair. But there’s an idea!!
Fake ombré would preserve one’s own hair!

I’m TOTALLY digging this auburn to blonde look! 
Never happen, but I can admire from afar! LOL!

Ombré Faux/Fro-Hawk

Tika Sumpter also rocking ombré curly hair extensions. 

Everything that goes around, comes around.
Remember when Kelis rocked ombré ends many years ago?


So, what do you think of the ombré hair trend? Would you rock it? For reals or would you fake the funk ;)?


“Fake It Til You Make It”


Yesterday, you may have noticed this lovely little updo in the pictures that I shared from the One World, Many Naturals Natural Hair Expo. Well, of course when I saw it, I had to ask how it was done! The beautiful “model,” Brittany of Herbalocity, graciously obliged by providing me with the name of the YouTuber and video that inspired her style.

via ImmaDstarra

You’ll note that the inspiration style included a swoop. But Brittany advised me that she was in a rush that day, so she just did the twist, bun and kept it moving! And, it still turned out beautifully. Just goes to show that you can give you own twist out of creativity, serendipity urgency or necessity and still come away with beautiful results!!

Have you faked it until you made it or would you?

Janelle Monae Inspired Updo


Just came across this hot little updo on Pinterest, which took me to Instagram, which lead me to the YouTube tutorial, which had me searching Facebook for the above still image. See the lengths that I go through for you guys;)?!?! LOL!! Seriously, there are a lot of Janelle Monae inspired updos out there, but this is my favorite take on it so far! It looks a lot softer, more organic and very feminine in comparison to the original. Bonus? It looks so simple to do!! Enjoy!!

via LoveIslandBeauty

(p.s. What a beautiful young lady!)

Graduation Hairstyle: Half Up-Half Down


Last month, Marina inboxed me on FB asking for help with finding a half up, half down style for her younger sister who has hip length hair. She said that she Googled styles, but hadn’t had much luck. I told her that I quickly learned that I had to go “outside of the box” to find hairstyles for longer hair and couldn’t limit myself to YouTubers with natural and/or curly hair. Then, I pointed her to a couple of my favorite YouTubers for updo hairstyles, LilithMoon and Let’s Make It Up and shared links for a few style tutorials that I thought might work.

Now, Marina is back, sharing the style that she and her sister chose and their results! 


by Marina

This was my sister Isabella’s high school graduation hairstyle. She graduated on June 27th at age 16! She’ll be leaving Suriname in September to study Classical Ballet at a renowned dance academy in New York City.

I used this video as hairspiration, very kindly suggested to me by Shelli!

A couple of days before we did the style, I trimmed about 3-4 inches off of Isabella’s hair, which was tailbone length! She has a natural curl varying from 2a-3c and has very fine strands. Some of her curl was loosened significantly following two brazilian keratin treatments.

I prepared her freshly washed hair with a tiny amount of Shea Moisture Conditioner as a leave-in and left it to dry in four big twists. When her hair was dry, I added a liberal amount of Sabino Moisture Block, half pinned it up and started barrel curling the bottom with a curling iron. We had to rush a bit, because although we planned to do her hair and make-up from 3:45-5:15, I got home late and we only started at 4.15!


Front view

Side view

Giving her Valedictory speech!

Isabella and me

Mum, Isabella and me

At the end of the night.

(Seems the hair didn’t quite survive the four hour ceremony in 97% humidity with a dew point of around 75! The clips were slightly wobbly due to her cap.)

Hope you like it and thanks very much for your help in sending all those ideas and tips!


Were you natural or transitioning when you graduated? How did you wear your natural hair to accommodate your cap and keep it fly ;)?