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April GOC Update: Shellie (#22)


My niece and I. She’s transitioning.

Since starting this GOC, I’ve paid more attention to how my hair feels. During the month of April, I gave my ends a really good search and destroy tending to, it was well needed. My wash day is every Friday, if I miss that, she (my hair) tells me. When I don’t have to do a henna treatment, I use Terressential Left Coast Lemon (smells awesome) on my wash days. It truly does make my hair feel soft and moisturized. To seal in the moisture, I’ve made an awesome oil mixture in an applicator bottle of EVOO, Vitamin E oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and Aaocado oil. Then, I let my hair air dry before twisting with Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie. This is the first time that I’ve used a styling product one month straight without switching up.

For my thinning edges, I’ve been giving Jamaican Black Castor Oil a nightly work-out. I think I see a difference, but I’m not going to take a picture to compare until the end of June. For the month of May, I’m going to use Ouidad Curl Quencher Hydrafusion Intense Curl Cream for my twist out.

I signed myself up to do the Peachtree Road Race July 4th (what was I thinking?). I’ve been “training” 2-3 days a week, depending on how I feel and I can actually run 2 miles now without stopping (go me). My vitamins of choice are Biotin, MSM (it’s suppose to help with your joints) vitamin B12, vitamin E and D.

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April GOC Update: Cassandra (#26)


Here’s my April update!

How did you do in regard to following your planned regimen (hair and health & fitness)?
Overall, my edges are growing in nicely. I recently purchased the Curly Girl (CG) Method handbook and will be following the CG Method as closely as possible. The hardest thing is to not comb/brush my hair with anything other than my fingers. Hopefully, within the next few weeks, I can find a Devachan salon close to me and book an appointment to get a trim.

Health & Fitness-wise, I have completely changed my diet and exercise regimen. I have taken to eating six small meals a day and working out twice a day. I have noticed a drastic change in inches lost just from the way my clothes are fitting, but not a lot of pounds lost, so maybe I am gaining muscles due to the increased exercise?

What tweaks have you made (did you try something new? Add something? Remove something, etc.)?
For the past week, I have followed the CG Method. I have noticed a difference in the way my hair feels and my curls are tighter with less frizz. I wouldn’t have necessary thought I had dry hair, but apparently I didn’t have enough moisture and was using silicone-laden shampoo. I like it a lot so far, so I will keep up with it during the challenge.

Health-wise, I will be increasing my exercise routine by incorporating the Supreme 90 DVDs so that my calories lost are more than my intake of calories.

Have you had any challenges? Setbacks? Accomplishments?
The main challenge I noticed is that the lack of pounds lost during the past month. It is frustrating to just lose inches and not weight, but I am trying to be patient and find other ways to get over the plateau. Another challenge will be to find CG -friendly products since all my other “normal” products have silicone/sulfates. I can see myself keeping the book in my purse so that I can review the labels before I purchase. Also, I will not be using castor oil anymore, since it’s not CG-friendly. But, I will try scalp massages instead and keeping the area moisturized.

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GOC Contender #26: Cassandra


Name: Cassandra

A little about my hair journey. I transitioned from October 2010 to June 2011, when I big chopped. The reason behind me wanting to go natural is my hair started thinning noticeably around my edges, even though I had long, thick hair. So, I first started to stretch relaxers and this seemed to help until my last perm in the beginning of October 2010. Let’s just say, my hair seemed to burn off around the edges and I had a severe chemical burn. After that, I said, “No more” and started to grow out my perm.

Post big chop June 2011

It was a challenge with the two textures, but I mostly wore buns and braids until I BC’d in June 2011. I was really surprised that my hair would curl. I knew I had wavy hair, but somehow I never figured my hair would curl!


I would like to participate in the GOC challenge to continue regrowing my edges and to reach mid-back range. Presently, my hair is in long layers. But, my longest point is just past shoulder length, but not quite BSL. Attached are some pics of my hair journey to the current growth.

September 2011

December 2011

March 2012

Health & Fitness
I was already on a fitness goal to get healthy and lose weight. So, I would love to set a goal to lose 20 lbs, which I think is obtainable during the GOC. My current weight is 257, so 237 will be a nice starting point to continue on a healthy living journey. I plan to change my diet and incorporate more time to exercise, which I hate, but must be done. If anyone has any other diet tips, I would love to hear from them. I will turn 32 this year, so it’s time for me to get my weight under control before I gain any health consequences from the extra pounds.



  • Currently, I co-wash my hair once a week (however, this will probably change to 2-3 times a week as I add exercise to reach my weight loss goal).
  • I only shampoo once a month (scalp only – sulfate/paraben free shampoo).
  • I Henna once a month and follow Curly Nikki’s recipe.
  • I use rhassoul/bentonite clay once a month, as needed (depends on if I have a lot of buildup, which might be the case going into summer as I will be wearing a lot of wash and gos).
  • The main hair products that I use are Tresemmé Naturals Conditioner, MoroccanOil Conditioner, extra virgin olive oil, Jamaican black castor oil, KCCC and argan oil.
  • As far as protective styles, I plan to either wear two strand twist/twist out 4 days of the week as I am challenged styling-wise and then wash and gos for the rest.
  • Currently, I take one capsule of Biotin 5000 everyday.

Health & Fitness

  • I plan to work out 2x a day at work in the morning and either during lunch or after work at home.
  • On the weekend, I plan to either attend Zumba classes or purchase an at home DVD.
  • I will drink more water, drink 2-3 cups of Green Tea to speed up my metabolism, avoid red meat and eat more lean protein/vegetables.

Reward: I don’t have a reward for my hair other than hopefully more healthy hair with my edges growing in more fully. However, if I reach my weight loss goal, I plan to purchase the Garmin FR70 fitness watch with heart monitor.

Follow me online: I plan to document my progress on my blog: brwnsugar31.blogspot.com.