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Women – Strength Training (SociallyFit)


Ladies, take heed. REAL weight training is imperative if you want a toned, sleek body. Take it from me, women don’t naturally have the testosterone necessary to build huge muscles … steroids are what make the women you see in professional bodybuilding huge. When I competed, I could deadlift and squat over 200 pounds … and I weighed 105 lbs. I was the skinniest I ever was in my life.

The reason I am toned when I lose weight is because I always incorporate resistance and increase the weight when it becomes too easy. You need to burn out the muscle … if you can do 20 reps for 3 sets … time to up the weight … significantly. Shoot, I’m trying to write my own post on this! LOL!! Check this out … it’s great information!

Socially Fit

We Are What We Lift

Progressive resistance is crucial to any women’s strength-training program. Once your muscles adapt to a given exercise, you need to increase either the resistance or the number of repetitions to promote future gains. Begin with a weight that allows you to do a minimum of eight repetitions of a particular exercise. Once you are able to complete 12 repetitions with that weight, you should increase the weight by about five percent. At this point, drop back to eight repetitions with the heavier weight. Once you’ve worked up to 12 repetitions with the heavier weight, you increase it by another five percent.

The recovery process between training sessions takes at least 48 hours. Because of this, your strength -training sessions should be scheduled no more frequently than every other day. If you enjoy training more frequently, avoid hitting the same muscle group on consecutive days.


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