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Crisscross Ponytail


I attempted the style in this next video on a second day WnG and with a slight modification; I made a bun instead of letting the hair hang in a ponytail. I just took this pic this morning shortly after getting out of bed … so yeah, not gonna show you the front as it definitely needs some work! LOL! You definitely cannot see the overlap on my hair much as you can see on the demonstrator in the video. I think this style would look better and more defined on a smoother TnC set or if I’d set my WnG in twists with a little holding product the night before. Maybe next time. For now, it’ll do! Though, a little hair bling (flower, hair stick, headband) at that funky looking bun might be just the thing to set the style off! *Digging in the crates*

via LuxyHair