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Professional Cinnabun Style for Short Natural Hair



Check out this great video tutorial that Sawah shared on my Facebook page!! Love it!! Reminds me of my My Cinnabun, but this is a great way to modify the style to make it work for shorter hair!! Love the extra little bits of “flare” that she added to finish off the style!!


Sawah_cinnabunby Sawah of DiscoveringNatural

Working with short hair can be a challenge at times. Here is a simple style that you can try to create a look of fullness to your hair. This style is not only great for work, but also for special occasion. The great thing is that it is a great protective style that takes less than 5 minutes to create.

If you are transitioning, this is also a GREAT style to hide the relaxed ends.


Sawah lady!! Your skin? Flawless! Your eyebrows? Perfection! The shine and health of your hair?!?! Fabulous!!
You are  glowing!! 

Am I right or am I right ladies?!


A Bantu Knot Out


So, you know, I’m kinda addicted to IG nowadays. And when I saw this HAWT hair pic posted by @PrincessLinz HAWT pic (who I got to meet at the CurlyNikki Meet-up this past summer), I had to ask her for a tutorial! Hope that you like it!!



Bantu Knot Out Process on Wet Hair

  • I co-wash my hair and use my usual leave-in: Curl Junkie Curl Rehab mixed with water and put into a spray bottle.
  • Section my hair in 4 sections and begin with the right side (just out of habit).
  • Make smaller sections within those 4 sections and spray my hair with my leave-in concoction from root to tip.
  • Take a dime size of Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Pudding and run it through each small section from root to tip.
  • Create corkscrew/buns throughout my entire head.


  • Let hair air dry over night.
  • If my roots are still wet, I use a blow dryer on warm/cool and dry my roots.
  • Then, I remove each corkscrew/bantu knot and separate each one so that the curls look fuller and creates more body.
  • Shake head from side to side, pick my roots with my fingers and voilà  … you get this:

bantuknotsmallDay 1

bantu second dayDay 2

When I bantu knot on straightened hair I do not use any product just hair pins.

bantu knot out on straightened hair
bantu waves on straightened hair


Okay, okay. I know what you’re thinking. “OMGosh!! Her hair is gorgeous!! How long has she been natural?!? What’s her regimen?!? Where’s her hairstory?!?!” Don’t worry! I got you!! You know I’ve already asked for it. And now that I finally posted this, I’m sure that I’ll get it soon ;)!

How do you do a Bantu Knot-out? Do you prefer styling on wet or dry hair?

“Fake It Til You Make It”


Yesterday, you may have noticed this lovely little updo in the pictures that I shared from the One World, Many Naturals Natural Hair Expo. Well, of course when I saw it, I had to ask how it was done! The beautiful “model,” Brittany of Herbalocity, graciously obliged by providing me with the name of the YouTuber and video that inspired her style.

via ImmaDstarra

You’ll note that the inspiration style included a swoop. But Brittany advised me that she was in a rush that day, so she just did the twist, bun and kept it moving! And, it still turned out beautifully. Just goes to show that you can give you own twist out of creativity, serendipity urgency or necessity and still come away with beautiful results!!

Have you faked it until you made it or would you?

May/June GOC Update: Gina (#40)


Welp, Kenzi (my hair ) and I have been at odds for the last 2 months. Everything went downhill once I took out the two strand twists that I had done. I kept them in for 3 weeks. Did a wash and deep condition and there was some shedding. But that was to be expected.

Now when it continued every single day, I freaked out. All of a sudden I have single strand knots, which I dont recall ever having. So, I concluded that it was time for the overdue TRIM. In the meantime I started using Aubrey Organic GPB (thanks Shelli!).

So, my regimen switched up a bit. I wash once a week, rather than every other week. I deep condition with the Aubrey GPB prior to shampooing. Then, I condition with Aussie Moist (love it). I’ve seen a bit of improvement, but we shall see. I’ll keep you all updated with the TRIM and shedding.

Health & Fitness
I have been maintaining my weight of 130 lbs. I went down 5 lbs and was very uncomfortable with how it looked on me. So now I think I will work on toning and that’s all!

Pray for me ladies! Smooches & God Bless!

June GOC Update: TerrificLady (#6)


On June 16th, I hennaed my hair again, but this time I also used indigo afterwards.
I love the results! My hair is still black, with the exception of new growth. I will continue doing the indigo maybe every 3 months.

May: Henna only treatment

June: Two step henna/indigo treatment

I rollerset my hair a day before I hennaed my hair (no apparent reason, I just did it).

I noticed that my hair didn’t grow much this month, especially the front and back.

I went away for my regular annual check up (specialist is in Curacao). I have been sick with the flu for over a week now. Had to get strong antibiotics and all :-(. They always say that antibiotics can let your hair fall, so I hope that doesn’t happen. I got one that is 1000mg! Never before have I had to take an antibiotic in such a high dosage.

No new products at this point. Once in a while I mix my own concoction in my kitchen for my hair.

Oh, by the way, I just made 1 year post relaxer and 5 months post Big Chop (exact date is unknown, but it was a few days before July 13th, 2011)!

And folks, do you remember the famous wig?  Well, I did wear it! However, I pinned it in the back and put a hat over it.

I wore it twice like that on a Saturday afternoon. And this time around my youngest daughter gave me the “ok” look. Wasn’t that bad this time :).

See TerrificLady’s prior length check pics and what happened with the wig the first time around here:
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Style Inspiration: Retro 70s Cornrows, Beads & Cowrie Shells


Pinterest be damned. LOL!! Okay, if you don’t know about Pinterest, it’s this website that allows you to create awesome virtual pin boards for all your favorite things. I discovered it, because people have “pinned” things from Hairscapades to their boards as you can see here where there are Pins from Hairscapades.

Anywho, Pinterest seems frickin’ AWESOME. But, I refuse to sign up and get sucked into the obsession as I already spend far too many hours online maintaining the blog, the FB page, Twitter and reading other natural hair blogs. I just can’t sign-up for one more thing that will be an excuse for me to procrastinate and spend even more hours online. I mean, for goodness sake, I already stay up to midnight every night! Pinterest will have me pulling all-nighters! So, I refuse to get sucked in! LOL!!

That being said, I do LOVE to lurk there:)! LOL!! And, I see the most amazing hair and styles! So, yesterday, when I saw this crazy, sexy, cool style of a friend on FB, I had a brain blast! I’ll make my own Pinterest “pin board” on Hairscapades and I’ll call it, “Style Inspiration” and place it under the “Style Library” tab. This will be a place where I’ll share pictures of styles that I love, but for which I don’t necessarily have tutorials.

I’m hoping that you’ll be inspired to recreate these styles yourself or that you might bring them to your hairdresser/braider to try. Ooooh, oooh, ooooh!! And then, if you do that, you can submit a picture of the style to Hairscapades!! I’ll add your picture(s) to the original corresponding “Inspiration Style” post to show how the style was interpreted and looks on you! Also, if you do or find a style that you think is so awesome and needs to be shared with the world ;), you can send it in for consideration for this feature as well!

Retro 70s Cornrows, Beads & Cowrie Shells

So, without further ado, here is the debut of Style Inspiration! Our first styles are ones inspired by Thelma of Good Times (as pictured above)!! My girl Jordan from DC posted them on FB! When I saw her pics, I didn’t realize that the first one was a recreation of an actual Thelma’s style! I just thought that they were so cool, edgy and 70s retro.

So, what do you think? Would you rock a retro 70s cornrow style?


Have you seen, done or recreated a great hairstyle that you’d like to share? Send pictures to me at hairscapades@gmail.com with the subject “Style Inspiration” to be featured in a future post!

April GOC Update: TerrificLady (#6)


From April to May 6th, I washed my hair twice with diluted castile soap, mixed with Vo5 conditioner. I deep conditioned my hair with Mizani Moisturefusion conditioner yesterday, May 6th. I styled my hair several times with flexi rods. I first used the green ones, then I bought the blue and yellow (smaller size) and I like the way my curls come out. I also bought the Organic Root Stimulator Smooth-n-Hold pudding to use with the flexi rods.

  • I use virgin coconut oil frequently in my hair, anytime I feel like it. I am having problems with single strand knots. I have quite some.
  • I ordered henna a month ago and I am still waiting for the shipment. I want to stop using hair dye and use henna instead. I dyed my hair on April 21st, however my white hair start showing in the roots (new growth) from 1 week after.
  • I am planning to buy a good wig when I travel to the US (June or July) to protect my hair from the elements. I don’t like the idea of wearing wigs, but this is what I decided to do. ETA: I just bought a wig in Curacao last week, May 22nd, but hesitating to wear it).
  • At times, my hair feels very dry to the touch, especially my ends. I will simply cover my hair with a plastic cap and over it a satin bonnet. I stay like that in the house and sometimes sleep with it on. When I take It off, my hair feels soft again.
  • I also like to use flexirods. Love the results when I allow the hair to dry completely. Doesn’t happen often, because I dont use a dryer.

My hair measurements:

  • Front: 4 1/2″
  • Right side: 4 3/8″
  • Left side: 5 1/8″
  • Above right ear: 5 1/8″
  • Above left ear: 5 3/8″
  • Top of head: 5 2/8″
  • Nape area: 5 2/8″

I need help with my ends. How to keep them soft. I don’t like the way they feel when my hair is dry. Any help?

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April GOC Update: Gina (#40)


Well let’s see … this month has been quite the month. Moving … baby shower … studying *sigh*.

I was on track with my regimen and decided to try out Bantu knots on my hair. I have to say that I was very happy with the results. I did that style for, like, a week. Then, proceeded to just wear my hair in a ‘fro. Very little effort and I had so much going on that I didn’t have time to really pay too much attention it.

Then I got an AWESOME blessing!!! I attended the NJ Hair Expo and was approached by a stylist for a product line called Isabella’s Own by Bronner Brothers. She said that she loved my hair (I needed to hear that!) and its texture. She asked if she could do my hair as a demo. Now, I don’t let anyone do my hair. I’m major paranoid that something is going to go wrong that will require me to cut it again *lol*. But, then she said, “I can give you a style that can last you up to a month.” She’s been doing natural hair for like 15 years. That was all I needed to hear! Two strand twists!!! I did not know how I was going to maintain my hair with all I had going on. So I had it done and whooopp whoooopppp, here we are!!!

Don’t ask, don’t tell. *lol*

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April GOC Update: Adrienne (#4)


by Adrienne of Natural Embrace

This second round is going very well. I feel like I’m learning so much about my hair this time around! At the end of March, I decided to set my Denman Brush and combs aside so that I can experiment with finger detangling. I have to admit, I was a little skeptical about being able to do this with my hair, but it’s going really well. I think I’ve seen more length retention since incorporating this into my routine, so I’ll definitely stick with it. I’ve also added Jamaican black castor oil (JBCO) into my regimen, and I’ve been applying it to my scalp and edges every other night or so. Since I worry about the oil staining my satin pillow case, I’ve been doing the baggy method on the nights I oil my scalp. On the ends of my hair, I’ve been using regular castor oil and while it is a bit heavier than I’m used to, it makes my hair really shiny and it helps with the finger detangling process,.

Lately, I haven’t been deep conditioning with my steamer as much as I would like to, so I’m hoping to make more time for that. I also want to try using it for prepoos as I’ve heard that for some it works better with prepoo treatments since it opens the hair cuticle, which helps products to penetrate better. I also haven’t been very strict with protective styling and it doesn’t seem like my hair is suffering in any way. When I work out, I like to cowash afterwards and will usually style my hair in a WnG or just pull it up. I gave in to my urge to buy some products, so I’ve been experimenting with different things, which has been really fun. Recently I did a WnG using the Boticelli Botanicals Flax Gelee and castor oil mixed together, and loved how soft and defined my hair was! Prior to that, I used my bootleg version of Curlformers on hair that had been in a bun for a day and really liked how my hair turned out (just wish I had more length to enjoy the look with).

I also recently discovered that I love a braid out more than I love a twist out, so that’s going to be my new go to style (well…when I feel like putting in any effort into styling).

Since I really want to see some nice growth this month and before my birthday in June, I’ve decided to be stricter with my protective styling and really baby my ends using my leave-in of choice and castor oil to seal. I think continuing to use the JBCO and baggying will really help me get the growth I want. One recent highlight that made me happy was to hear the SO say that my hair is looking really healthy and fuller! Woo hoo! I must be doing something right.

Health & Fitness:
Despite a steady workout regimen where I lift weights three times a week and run three times a week, in addition to eating well, my weight just doesn’t EVER seem to change … so I’ve resigned myself to the fact

that this may just be the weight I’m supposed to be. That being said, I do find that my clothes fit better and overall I feel really good, so it could be that I’m losing inches and gaining muscle, which
is a good thing … so what does it matter if the scale seems to be stuck at the same number?

I think I’m too fixated on getting back to my high school/early college days weight (115) and, while I’m not old, I am older and our bodies and hormones constantly change, which definitely contributes to weight gain in my opinion. Plus I do (did … it’s under control now) have a thyroid issue, so maybe I was able to stay so thin before because of that … who knows?! Since 115 might be a little hard to get to my from current weight of 135 … maybe I can aim for 125. I have a crazy work schedule, so I’ll have to figure out where I can squeeze in some extra cardio time on the days I lift weights. I usually run for my cardio but, after lifting, I may start using my jump rope (gotta go dig it out of the back of my closet).

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Curlformers, Have at Thee!!


I’ve had these under my sink for almost 2 years now … and have never tried them. I’ve been scared of that first time struggle of getting the hang of using them … and of spending 3 hours doing it … for it not to dry. But, after seeing Whitney’s stinkin’ gorgeous results with her updated technique (finger detangling only … no comb or Tangle Teezer like she used in her first tutorial) … and knowing my hard bonnet dryer is on the way … maybe I’ll finally try using them in the next month ;)!!

via Naptural85

*le sigh*