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The Next Chapter: Third Trimester Update


25weeks_dressy25 weeks 

I know, I know. I haven’t posted in forever. Again. Sorry. But, now that I have entered my third trimester (29 weeks 5 days as of today), I wanted to come out of blog hibernation to give an update on my pregnancy and answer some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)!

Q: When is your due date?
A: My due date is officially February 6, 2015. However, due to a prior and significant myomectomy in my early 30s to remove multiple large fibroids, I have to have a Cesarean section at 36 weeks. My doctors don’t want to risk me going into labor or rupturing. So, right now, we are expecting our new arrival on January 16th! It’s kind of crazy for us right now as we were expecting it to be at 37 weeks! Though it’s only a week earlier, we know the time is going to fly with so many things to do, including holiday gatherings, Christmas shopping, showers, and nursery preparation!

Q: Do you know what you are having?
A: Yes. We have known since the last day of week 12.  We are having a girl :). We found out due to a relatively new, non-invasive screening test called MaterniT21 that tests for 4 different chromosome defects, including defects to the X and Y chromosomes. It’s a blood test and they are able to isolate the baby’s blood from mom’s in order to look for defects. I surmise that if they don’t find any Y chromosomes, it’s a girl and if they do, it’s a boy.

babyGC28weeks28 weeks

Q: Do you have a name?
A: Yes. We’ve had that since 13 weeks. But, we are keeping that one on the DL for the most part until little miss lady arrives :). We told our close family and friends though and most seem to really like it. It’s relatively unique, but not difficult or weird (we think. lol!). There is also a reason behind each part of it.

Q: How do you feel?
I have had a great pregnancy! Well, I should say, once I found out I was pregnant, I did! LOL!! The thing is, before I knew I was pregnant, I busted my head in the bathroom (slipped and hit my head behind my ear on the countertop), had a bad allergy attack for two weeks, eye infection, cold sore, and was horribly fatigued for two days. On day two of the fatigue is when I had a twinkling of hope … I went home after work and took an ovulation test (which can detect the pregnancy hormone) and it was positive when I knew I should be getting my cycle in a day or two.  Then, with bated breath, I a real pregnancy test with bated breath. Lo and behold, I was pregnant!!

Anywho, after that, other than being tired earlier than normal, I really have had minimal symptoms. I never had morning sickness, food aversions, rabid cravings, or mood swings. I’ve had sporadic heartburn, but Tums have been adequate to treat that and it’s never been horrible. On occasion, I’ve had a little back pain, which is usually resolved with a few pelvic tilts/ab contractions. The back pain is usually when I feel like baby girl is going through a growth spurt! That is really the worst of it … the distended, stretched, my skin can’t expand any further, stuffed like every day is Thanksgiving feeling that won’t go away with a nap or extended trip to the bathroom, if you know what I’m saying ;-P! LOL!!  But, knowing what symptoms others experience during pregnancy, I’m not complaining! Because, it really has been smooth sailing for the most part!


Q: What has been your favorite part of being pregnant?
A: Feeling and SEEING baby girl moving has been one of the most miraculous things. Weird. But miraculous. We KNOW that we are so truly blessed to be experiencing this. This is a first child for both Wei and me at 44 and 42, respectively. I always knew that I wanted to get married and have children, but wasn’t in any rush. However, as the years passed, I definitely became nervous, wondering if it would ever happen. The constant bombardment in the media with the “statistics” about getting pregnant after 35 didn’t help. And, I had seen friends and co-workers try for years and using fertility specialists to get pregnant. But, whenever I would feel down, I would see the stories of women having babies over 40 and call up Philippians 4:6-7 (NLT):

6 Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. 7 Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.

It would ground me every time. And at 42, in 5 months time, I was pregnant with a healthy baby girl. Some days I still can’t believe that I’m so blessed to be experiencing this. It’s still surreal and I’m awestruck every day. God is so good.

Q: Do you have stretch marks/how do you prevent stretch marks?
So far, so good. I haven’t gotten any stretch marks. But, from what I’ve read, it’s mostly genetic and not prevented by creams and/or butters. However, I do think that controlling my weight gain for the most part and keeping moisturized helps. At 29 weeks, I’ve put on about 16 pounds so far and I have been using a combo of lotion, an oil mix (coconut, jojoba, and castor), and shea butter to lube up each morning. Through the summer and early fall, I only used the coconut oil and shea butter. But once it started getting cool and dry, that just wasn’t cutting it, even when I added the thicker jojoba and castor oils to the coconut oil. My skin would be CRAWLING with itchiness. So, I started using the St. Ives Naturally Soothing Oatmeal and Shea Butter lotion as my first layer, prior to applying the oil mix and shea butter. That helped immediately.

25weeks25 weeks: Linea nigra in effect, but stretch mark free.

Q: Has your navel popped?
A: Y’all, I was not feeling my deep innie belly button popping. Like for real, the idea of it was freaking me out! I’ve heard mixed things on this. Some say their navel never popped, others said it didn’t pop until the last few weeks. There’s a little bit that is out on the top edge of mine, but I think it’s only going to stretch flat as there doesn’t seem to be anything that can pop now. Guess we’ll see!

Q: Have you continued to exercise?
A: Yeah … no. At least, not consistently. I was working out when I first got pregnant, would fall off a couple weeks, start again, stop again, start again, stop again … I’m still on a stop. I just haven’t been focused enough in the morning to get going and at night, I’m too tired. I’m promising myself that once I’m pulled out on disability that I’ll walk at least 15 minutes a day and do yoga as well. At least I can get a month of working out in before the little lady arrives as I know I won’t be able to do too much in those weeks immediately following her birth and the C-section. Fortunately, Wei will be home to help me.

longwalk18 weeks when I was “on.”

Q: What about your diet?
Yeah. That hasn’t been the best either. It hasn’t been horrible, but I definitely could stand to eat a lot more fruit and vegetables. Though I haven’t had crazy food cravings, I have caved to my sweet tooth far more often than I normally do. Meaning … almost daily. But, I can’t eat a lot at one sitting or I’ll suffer the consequences, so I think that has helped with portion control. That is probably why I haven’t gained excessively. I also tend to have a protein shake with almond milk most mornings, green smoothie style sometimes, water is a must, and I take my pre-natals religiously (I get the free ones from Shoprite and take DHA separately; I take them at night because they made me feel off/a little sick if I took them during the day … plus fish oil tasting/scented burps? Not cute). Oh, and I do have my one cup of instant coffee every morning.

Q: Has your hair grown a ton?! 
A: LOL! So, as a hair blogger who has researched a lot, I knew that pregnancy hormones can cause the hair to “freeze” in the anagen (growth) phase (it’s not the prenatal vitamins ;)). However, I hoped that my hair would continue its normal shedding so that I could be spared post-partum shedding (i.e. the telogen phase resuming en masse 3-6 months delivery). Ummmm … I don’t know how that is going to work out for me. Though my hair has continued to shed, it does look like it’s a lot less than normal. The length hasn’t changed much, but it feels denser in the upper half. So, guess we’ll see.

photo 5-1After 8 weeks of straight hair.
Only washed it twice in that time.
Hence, why it was straight.

Q: Is the nursery ready?
A: No. No it is not. LOL! We know our colors (pale teal and coral, NOT pink) and we have a crib, dresser, rug, bookcase, and paint. But the room and condo still have furniture that needs to go to make room for baby girl (a dresser set, leather couchcoffee table, ottomans, drafting table, and a Lot of size 6 1/2 women’s shoes are up on Craig’s List, if you live in the NJ area and are interested :)!!).

Q: Are you registered?
A: Okay, so I put this one here because I feel like someone is going to ask, not to be self-serving! But, yes, we are registered. It took some doing, but we registered at Buy Buy Baby (with a “personal shopper” in the form of an awesome friend) and Amazon. And let me add this little disclaimer. Weusi had been losing his mind and adding things to both registries late at night, unbeknownst to me. But, I do think it’s cute that he’s so excited and looking forward to our new addition. Oh, and our ground rules? No princess, pink, or glitter. But Batman items are welcome any day in my book ;)! LOL!!

batcaveonesieAlready got gifted a Batman sleeper and Batman onesie with tutu.
Don’t think they’ll be a dirth of Batgear! LOL!!

Q: Are you scared/nervous?
A: We are excited and nervous at the same time. We are preparing as best we can. But we both know that we only know that we don’t know. That being said, we are surrounded by friends and family who support us enormously and know our faith will carry us through. So we ask that you continue to pray for us and that we will bring a happy, healthy baby into this world in a few weeks time. We thank EVERYONE who has shared prayers, a kind word, positive thoughts, encouragement, well-wishes, love … all that. It really means the world to us!

And that’s that! Hope I answered some questions and gave hope to those ladies who may have started to become discouraged due to age and/or relationship status. I’ll leave you with another verse that resonates for me and pray that it will bless you, Isaiah 64:4:

For since the world began, no ear has heard
and no eye has seen a God like you,
who works for those who wait for him!

28 weeks

Lata Gatas!! 


6 Months Later … Now What?


IAN_0224by Weusi

In my mind … I’ve been married for a long time. I’d committed myself to Shelli long ago. I didn’t need the government, our friends, or family to validate my love. God knew my heart and my commitment. Shelli also knew I was married … in my mind. I told Shelli all the time, “You’re my wife.” Not in a creepy, over-possessive, “it puts on the lotion” kinda way. Moreso, in a voice of reassurance. Letting her know that my love is forever and that I was committed and wasn’t going anywhere.

Because of my love and commitment to her, when she let me know that a legal marriage would make her happy, I didn’t fight it. I can’t say it was a no brainer though. In my mind, I’m a little revolutionary and can be kind of anti-establishment. When I realized how happy it would make her, I knew what had to be done. Then, on December 12, 2013, I did it. I said those words … “I DO.” And no, I didn’t go the Kevin Hart route and “say it with my chest,” but, I meant it with all my heart. I wake up daily and say it to myself as a reminder. But now what? What happens after “I DO?”

When I decided that I was getting married, I sought wisdom and advice from as many people as I could. I talked to a bunch of people, both male and female, about the dynamic that marriage brings to a relationship. Many of them said that after you say “I do” and the honeymoon is over, things change. And they said that we’ve got to work on learning how to evolve and grow as individuals and together as a unit. The great thing about that is, since we’re both people with positive spirits, positive change is inevitable! AND lucky for us, we plan to live the rest of our lives in a honeymoon like bliss!*

*please do not equate the honeymoon like bliss with ignorant bliss!


We’ll just have to wait to find out what happens as time goes on. We are 6 months in today and I’m ji like, still excited about it all! I’ll try to keep you posted on things, but y’all should let me know when you would like an update too. Until then (and forevermore), join us as we rejoice in love. And know that we are in honeymoon mode … eternally! At least in my mind!


(p.s. In case you were wondering, “ji like”is not a typo, it is slang for “jive like,” which is DC’centeric slang for “kind of like.”

AND … I’m sorry if you are getting tired of them but … I will continue to write pieces about and use pictures from our wedding … FOREVER! I LOVE SHOWING OFF OUR LOVE!

I ♥ My Beard


I know I haven’t been writing much, but I kind of figured that you all would be more interested in the GOC stories and Shelli’s videos (did you know that you can subscribe to her youtube channel, skillsgill, and follow her on twitter @Hairscapades?). Anyway … I’ve got a good one with plenty of pictures for ya here. I hope that you enjoy it. It was fun for me and I hope that it at least gives you a few talking points about sports, music and socio-political issues to engage people (I really gotta do this writing thing more!).

OK … So …


by Weusi

I got his package in the mail a few weeks ago. The return address just says Casually Debonair … It leaves me scratching my head. Obviously … this has something to do with Hairscapades.

I open it … pull out the contents … then scratch my head!

The bottle says, “Casually Debonair 7.” And then, in smaller print, “Men’s MDXV Beard Moisturizing Lotion” … and, on the back, it says a bunch of stuff … but the print is too small for me to read.

Shelli comes home and I show the package to her. She says that I agreed to review a product a few weeks prior.

I’m like, “Cool” … but … ummm … there are 5 little issue here …

#1 … I like my beard … as it is. I like to rub it and occasionally scratch it to enjoy the manly coarseness of my beard! It’s mine!

(Get these t-shirts for your beard-wielding friends, as well as the original I love my hair gear for adults and youth, from my homie KissaStarr of www.buttaflyunltd.com.)

#2 … What ya see is what ya get. I’m a pretty all natural kinda dude. I’m not really a beard product type of cat, ya dig? The only products I use on my hair are the natural shampoos that Shelli brings home and my coconut oil based magic juices and berries! And, the latter I use from head to toe, so there’s no need to use anything else.

#3 … I don’t know what this stuff is made of! I can’t read the print … it’s too small!

#4 … I was about to trim my beard (Shelli’s fly … I can’t be looking all scraggly and beat up! She’s gotta reputation and a brand. I’m not gonna mess things up!). So, I trim my beard and we go gather the families … many of you have seen and/or read about this event and seen those pics already (if not, they’re here.) Then, a week or so passes and my beard has grown out a little … so, I muster the nerve to put this stuff on my face.

I realize that I am not the best person to get a baseline reading of my beard’s softness, so I ask Shelli to rub my beard a little (I like this!) and I apply the MDXV Beard Lotion … Then, it happened …

I started rubbing my beard in awe! I ask Shelli to touch my beard again … now we’re both marveling at the change in texture! I’m feeling soft and sexy like the beard and voice of THE MAESTRO: Barry White.

Shelli is touching my beard and it feels GREAT, but I’m so amazed and my beard feels so good, I just wanna touch it myself!



OK … not everyone … but people like … maybe …

GREGORY PORTER (vocalist). Because he’s a great throwback into the future of music (if you’re not up on him … you’re welcome!).

For real … this guy is SOOOO nice … I had to share 2 tunes with you …

Be Good (lion’s song)

(Thank you Pierre @exiththeapple and shawn @shawnpeters.)


THIERRY HENRY (Arsenal & NY Red Bulls). He’s a real deal footballer. And this is one of the reasons the ladies love soccer players!

And yes … soccer players like basketball too.

(This is for you Buggs!)

BARON DAVIS (New York Knicks). They needed some help in the playoffs! Maybe next year they’ll have more beards and this will give the team the power of Sampson. But, for now, B.D. is my favorite bearded one in the NBA. I’ll show you why a little later (I hope that he recovers from his injury)!

JAMES HARDEN (Oklahoma City Thunder). He caught a MEAN elbow from Metta World Peace that gave him a concussion and was out of the line up for a heartbeat … he could have used that time to rest and work on his chin mane. Now, he’s in playoff mode and can still use it … because, a good feeling chin can lead to a win! I just made that up … sorry! (The OKC Thunder are deep in it right now, I’m sure that any help will be appreciated).

I guess that I should give Lebron and his beard some love, because he stays struggling in the playoffs (maybe because he trimmed his beard!).

On a side note: I want the Miami Heat to win the championship … mainly because of all the flack that they gave them for being smart, young brothers that utilized their power and influence. OK, they went a little overboard with the theatrical announcement, but … that couldn’t have been done without the franchise’s permission and, more than likely, it was the franchises idea. BUT … I want Dwayne Wade to be the highlight of the team. People really need to know that, although Lebron is a great player, D-Wade has IT*!

*By IT, I mean the, “I WIN” gene … He also has HER (see, she’s not always wearing a weave).

(Shelli knows that I dig her smile and her down to earth demeanor … but … as one who enjoys a little competition and trash talking, but shuns extra attention and drama, I just wanna say, “Gabbbi, chill out a little when you’re court side” [yes, in my mind, we’re cool like that!]. Peep THIS, if you don’t know what I’m talking about.)

**FOR THE RECORD: I’m really a 76ers fan, but we don’t have any big beards … BUT … we were in the second round of the playoffs for the first time in a long time. Thursday was game 7 against the Boston Celtics … another team that I respect. They have the small dude Rondo, Kevin “The Game Changer” Garnett (he negotiated his contract with a team of lawyers instead of an agent) and Ray “Jesus Shuttleworth” Allen (no, I don’t like Paul Pierce) … anyway …

FIDEL CASTRO (Cuba). Because it may make him happy and … therefore … make the world a happier place!?!

And to stay ahead of the trend … instead of sending some Casually Debonair to Rick Ross … send some to STALLEY!

AND … oh yeah … that fifth thing … so …

#5 … There was something else in the package … but, I can’t tell you exactly what it is, because it’s a top secret prototype “sexybeardinator” type thing (yes, that was a Shelli inspired, Phineas & Ferb reference!).

But, it kind of doesn’t matter … the product is so good, everything else is like buttercream icing on the cake!

I’m sure that we’ll be able to announce the secret soon! Right CASUALLY DEBONAIR!?!

Anyway … I know I hit everyone with the jazzy feel of Gregory Porter earlier, so I wanna do little hip hop for you too. Here’s one in honor of CASUALLY DEBONAIR’s MDXV BEARD LOTION and beards world wide … Here’s a video from my NC homie/producer, SKI BEATZ, featuring STALLEY and his beard. Well, actually, it’s Stalley’s voice and his beard … here’s a fun video …


And, if you are a fan of beards, roller skating, New Edition and basketball, you’re gonna love Baron Davis in this (I LOVE almost everything about this … but you can like one thing or all of these things!).

One shot

I know that this is a kind of long post. But, like I said, I haven’t written in a while … I had a lot to get out of my system! I hope that you enjoyed the info. (I really need to write more!)

Catch ya later …


Off Topic: On Our Engagement


by Weusi

I have been engaged for about 72 hours.

And I know that this is a hair care blog and my role is to share the male perspective of things. But, today I’d like to go off subject and touch on a few points about the engagement process.

*NOTE: These are kinda random thoughts that I just need to get outta my system, but I feel like they will give you some insight into the male perspective.

1) Long ago I was committed to this relationship. In my mind, we have been married for some time. I used to (kinda) joke with her about her being my wife already. She’d laugh and say, “yes … but NO!” And I understood that.

I know that stating our vows in front of God is important to her. It’s important to me too. And since God and I have a great relationship and it’s something that makes her happy, marriage vows make sense! And since marriage vows come with some other baggage … I’ll take that … as long as Shelli’s gonna be happy.

(Normally, this would be where I’d get into the discussion about the difference between the spiritual tradition of marriage vows and the business of marriage but I’d rather just leave this on a positive note.)

2) I have no problem challenging norms and traditions. In fact, I often rush to challenge them. But I did things the old school, traditional way because I felt that they were the right way to do things.

I asked her parents for permission … I got the ok from my family and shared an heirloom ring from my grandmother and great-aunt (even though the ring has a diamond and I’m anti-diamonds!) … I kneeled as an action that symbolized my submission to my love and asked her to marry me!

All that to say … Significant Others, the traditions make sense. They are rooted in principles of chivalry and respect. Handle your biz. It may take a little time and it may challenge your personal comforts but, in the end, it’s worth it.

3) I know this is what you all want to know … How it happened:

Shelli knows I’m anti Valentine’s Day. I didn’t buy a gift and I kinda knew that it would stir up something. So, on the evening of 2/14/12, I told her I had a new post, “It’s a short one, but it’s good.” I started writing a blog for her to post on this site about my feelings towards the holiday. I e-mailed it to her with the subject: “new SO He says … wake me up when you read this … i gotta finish.” I knew she’d get up the next morning and proof it. It was a short, kinda corny post that I didn’t really feel was up to par. I also left the ending incomplete. It was pretty much the same post from yesterday, but it ended with the picture with the heart in hand.

The next morning I sat behind her as she proofed it. I knew that, at the end she’d turn around a little confused and be like “Baby, uhhh … what is this?”

Instead … as she read, I was kneeling beside her as if I was proofing with her. When she finished reading the incomplete article she turned to me to ask a question …

With my heart racing a million beats a second, I was there … with my ring in hand.

She started to ask me about the ending of the post, then noticed the ring and realized what was happening. She started crying and I asked if she’d be my wife and spend forever with me. She was crying and didn’t say anything. When she got her composure, I asked if she’d marry me. She mumbled yes and nodded. Then we hugged, kissed … and now … we’ll live happily ever after!

4) I kinda know quite a few people. I wanted EVERYONE to know that I’m getting married. BUT … I didn’t want to call everyone and tell them! SO … I was excited to post my engagement on Facebook, Twitter (@weusib333) and G+ to let all those that I’m connected with know that I was engaged! So much so that I had to call Shelli and ask if she’d already called her parents, sisters and friends.

Now, in my mind, I’d just put it out to the world and those that I’m close to would reach out to me … or not. To me, this really isn’t about anyone else but Shelli and me. All the fanfare and comments are nice, but I’m more concerned that Shelli isn’t getting too caught up in the excitement and hype. I want her to stay excited about being married to ME, not start to worry about plans. When it’s time for that stuff, we’ll handle it!

5) MOST IMPORTANTLY … PLEASE stop asking me if we set a date or wedding plans! PEOPLE … can I bask in the enjoyment that the person I love has agreed to share their life with me!?! PLEASE stop asking me if we set a date! The headaches of event planning are sure to come … but for now … relax … we are gonna enjoy this for a second.

(Yo … I just found out a bottle of Herbal Essence Hello Hydration is going into the mix for the product swap! I got a little salty, then Shelli informed me that there were 3 other bottles under the sink! Whew! Because I like that stuff!)

And that’s all folks …




From the bottom of our hearts!!

Your kind words and well-wishes are truly appreciated and kept me smiling all the more widely yesterday evening!! As you can imagine, it was a little crazy with all the calls that had to be made:). Then, I passed out as I was exhausted! Wei proposed in the morning, before I had to leave for my Trenton office!! I was in meetings for the majority of the day and was exhausted by the time I got home and made all the announcements;). So, this is it for today! Might have something for you all later tonight, because I have a lot of GREAT stuff “in the crates.” Stay tuned … and thanks again!!

An Anti-Valentine’s Day Love Story


by Weusi

It’s the day after Valentine’s Day … So here’s a little love story (sort of … but not really … but could be!?!).

This year has kept me busy! I’ve worked gigs with America’s Got Talent, BET Honors, NHL Classic, the Portlandia Premier, and a few hip hop shows. I’ve been traveling for the past couple of weeks, so I have not spent much time with Shelli. Despite all of this, I don’t really get down with Valentine’s Day or many holidays.  I’m anti commercialization of love. This is also part of the reason I’m often pushing against the formalized business institution of marriage.

But recently I’ve been reminded (not by Shelli) that I’m in a relationship now and it’s not about me. And I’ve been given all kinds of advice about gifts I could get Shelli. Some funny, some serious, some sexy … most were good. But these suggestions were from her friends. People that, although they are close to her … they aren’t me! So, I figured that I’d try to find her something really special. Like really special.

I thought that maybe I could find a really special comic book! Or maybe research and find a super secret hair care product with magical powers. I couldn’t find either … but I got her this when I came back from LA …

because we call each other sunshine … but, realized that this is kinda corny. So, I thought that this would be cute … it’s a picture of  me presenting her my heart …

But this image was even more corny …

Then I thought about it … I really don’t get down with this commercialized thing. But, I do support the ideal of love. And since it’s the day after Valentine’s Day, I figured I’d just give her the heirloom engagement ring that I’ve been hiding for so long! So yeah … we’re engaged now!

We thank you all for your support, well wishes, prayers and positive energy!

But that’s not the end of the story … it’s the start of something new and magical … and a story to be continued … forever!

IT Happened!!


by Weusi

See … uhhh .. what had happened was …

Shelli and I went to a friend’s wedding reception last week.

I know that you read Shelli’s post about her girlfriends wedding reception thingy … and how she saw some co-workers and how she made new friends (that I hope are now reading this!).

What she didn’t tell you was that while she was off speaking, being Ms. Socialite, I was at the table getting grilled by the sisters at the table. One sister was telling some comedic horror stories about past dates and how I need to propose on Christmas or New Year’s. Then it happened. Someone came in with a little baby.

WOW. After the “awwww” moment wore off, I felt the pressure, so I tried to diffuse it:

“See, as a non-married couple, there is extra pressure when you attend a wedding. And now someone is throwing a newborn baby in the mix? I can’t win!”

We all laughed and grazed by conversation about the dynamic of being a couple at a wedding. And then … IT happened!!!

One of the sister told me (without being prompted), “I REALLY LIKE YOUR HAIR!” (Okay … I added the capitalized letters and exclamation point for a sense of emphasis that was only in my head.)

If you could have seen my smile! :mrgreen:

A part of the smile was because I laughed at the John Legend reference that followed the statement, as I’m used to hearing it by now and embraced it as the truly positive compliment it is.

I know this because I’ve been likened to other people and things that were assuredly not compliments! And as I reveled in the moment, I told them why I was so proud to hear such words.

I explained how Shelli ALWAYS gets that comment, that she has a blog and is a NHCI (Natural Hair Care Icon … I’m gonna keep using it, so that one day the term makes it into the Lexicon section!).

When Shelli returned to the table, we continued to talk and I bragged about the compliment. Then, as quickly as I was excited, I was quietly humbled when I remembered that before we left the house, Shelli asked me what I was gonna do with my hair.

BUT THEN … I got proud again …

Because I knew what the answer was. I’d just touch it with my secret, magical mix of juices and berries (Okay, you’re clamoring to know … I’ll just fill you in and let you know that the base is coconut oil). It keeps my hair with a healthy shine and it does something with my curls that Shelli likes. And truthfully, I’m a wash and go kinda dude, so I only have one answer to any hair question! Actually there are two … the second is … “Ask Shelli.”

And I’m sorry, but that’s the end of the story! Yeah, I know, but I’m better at commentary than storytelling.

The key points to remember are …

  1. I know what makes my hair look better and isn’t gonna damage it.
  2. I listen to my lady when I need aesthetic assistance.
  3. I plugged www.HAIRSCAPDES.com to new people.
  4. Shelli was happy (okay … that was a note to myself!).

Ohh … what? … you don’t like the way this ended and you want a little commentary from me? If you insist …

Okay. The wedding reception was cool, although … I’m not a big fan of marriage. I believe that marriage is a matter of love, commitment and communication and between two people. If they choose to share/communicate that with their community or align it with a religious ceremony is on them. I feel like “the formal institution of marriage” deals more with the business of the state than the hearts of the individuals being married. Now, even with this being said … I think that making the person that you feel you would want be with until the end of time happy is worth going through whatever drama that might be involved. I’m glad that Shelli and I are aligned in our repulsion of spectacle. I know that she just wants to take some pictures in a fly wedding dress … (to be continued!).