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Product Review: Shea Moisture Stuff


IMG_7959by Weusi

Today, I decided to try my hand at writing a few product reviews. I can’t get all hair-nerd like and break down the ingredients, slippage, porosity, alkaline balance and explain my preparation. All I can really say is either I like or dislike things. Here I go anyway …

Do you remember about a month ago when I went to that Shea Moisture pop up shop hosted by Jor-El aka Mane Man? (If you missed it, you can check out the post here.) I was proud of myself for being able to pick out at least one thing that I KNEW Shelli liked, because in my interviews, so many S.O.’s don’t know anything about what products their mate uses. While a part of me was proud, at the same time, I was a little embaressed that I could only pick one thing. I knew she had a few Shea Moisture products around, but I only recognized one as something she liked and uses. For real, there were so many products to choose from.

Weusi and Jor-El of Mane Man Blog

As I awaited a text from Shelli to find out what else she wanted, I looked at some of the things in the men’s line of products. Y’all know me a little by now … I am not one who usually takes notice of what my hair looks or physically feels like. I don’t style my hair. I could care less about my hair. I just have to feel comfortable. If Shelli says I look ok … I am ok. I know what I like. I like to wash and go. But I also know my skill set and expertise. So … I asked Jor-El and some of the shop staff what they might suggest. I respect Jor-El so much that I made purchases based soley on his recomendation. But it took a few weeks for me to actually try anything.

Why do I even mention that it took a while to use the products? The answer is that these entries are suppossed to give you some insight into the mind of an S.O. So, here is a peek into my mind … I think that I felt a little awkward because I actually spent some money on a “MEN’S PRODUCT.” What? Why does this matter? Wow … y’all have so many questions. I am glad that you asked. Let me tell you …

My circle of male friends and professional colleagues span diverse demographics. ALL of us like nice things. ALL of us like feelling comfortable. Yet, even those self-admitted metro sexuals feel “somekindaway” about making that initial purchase of a product that we know is marketed to us because we are a male and like nice things. We are even funny about using those products when they are gifted to us.

I am sure that you have heard the various sayings about men being wired so that their thoughts are led by logic and not sensitivity. This is one of those times where that logic is supported. Many times we want things to fullfill a function. Toothpaste … cleans teeth. Lotion … keeps you from being ashey and women laughig at you because they think that you are trifflin’. Soap … keeps your body clean. Shampoo cleans your hair … and sometimes makes it smell different. I’m just sayin’ … this is how we often think. Anyway …

I picked up the Moisture Retention Shampoo, because every once in a while I am reminded by Shelli that my quaff is looking a little dry. (Thank you my love … I think?!?) After it sat in a corner of the shower for a few weeks (You’ve seen pictures of Shelli’s PJ collection. You know I didn’t need it!), I tried it.

SM Raw Shea Moisture Retention Shampoo

Cool lather. The bottle dispersed an appropriate amount. Smell was ok … natural and neutral. Then … got out the shower and touched it, and there are a few things that stood out. One was that it really felt like my natural curl pattern. The second thing I noticed is that after it dried, it looked hydrated and healthy. (Haha … I’m impressed with myself that I can even knowledgeably speak about my 4Aish mixed texture curl pattern and what healthy hair looks like!) I think that I like this stuff. Honesly, I can’t say that I like it better than anything else, because I’ve never really payed attention to the differences between shampoos. Meh!?! But I can say that I like this and will be claiming it as MY SHAMPOO and everything else has to beat it!

shea moisture conditioner

About a week later I tried the Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner that Shelli had under the bathroom sink. All I am saying is about this is … I went out of town on business and one of the first comments I had was about how Shelli has my hair all soft and sexy looking! I let them know it was also in part due to my new Shea Moisture prodicts but … yeah, I gotta give Shelli her credit.

Jor-El also suggested that I try the Three Butters Wash & Scrub. He gave it the highest praise. Honestly, in my mind, I was like, “This is soap. OK … body wash. It cleans your bod. It’s cool that it’s all natural, but all that really matters is that it gets me clean.” Again it had been sitting there for about a week and I hadn’t tried it …

shea moisture bodywash

Now, I’m in the shower. I read the ingredients. “It really is like … all natural.” I take a little whiff. “Hmm … It doesn’t smell all earthy like dirt and mixed nuts.” Then … a nice little dollop was all it took. A good lather and in the end … I felt clean! “It works for me!” THEN, after using it for about a week, Shelli and I are snuggled up and (in my mind) she touches my shoulder and says something like, “Your skin is so soft and sexy.” In my head, I freaked out! I wanted to jump up and go buy a case of the stuff! But instead, I played it cool and told her how much I liked the Shea Moisture Wash & Scrub. SO …

Hairscapadians: Get this for your S.O. and then enjoy touchin’ on em!

Significant Others: If you’re reading this, go order some … and get touched!


As I am writing this, I am traveling home after working in DC for a week … and I just realized that I forgot my Wash & Scrub in DC!

*NOTE: If anyone from Shea Moisture is reading this, PLEASE contact Shelli on where to send me stuff! Imma fan! And look at how beautiful Shelli is … I need help to keep up! Send it immediately! I want to show Shelli that I wash more than my shoulders! What? My arms are sexy too! 😉



Shea Moisture Hair Color System: Takers?



Okay, so I just posted this on Facebook and had to do it here too!! Who’s planning on trying the new Shea Moisture hair color line?!?!?! You know I’m a henna head, so I “can’t.” But, I am so intrigued!! What color do you want to try?!?! I need someone to send in a review of this (with pics of course)!!! *lol*

(p.s. How DOPE is the artwork on these?!?! What a brilliant marketing move!! These will SOOOOO stand out on the hair color shelves!! Just so eye catching!!)

My girl Gina just shared this video review with me, so I’m returning the favor, even though I haven’t finished watching it yet either!!

via BeeUtifullyMade

Okay, can I say that I thought the $14.99 price point was a little high until I saw the nice sized Raw Shea Moisture shampoo, conditioner and restorative elixir enclosed!! NICE!!!

On another note, DANG!! That was a lot of hair she cut for that “strand test!” “Strand?” That’s singular. That was a hunk!! All they getting out of me is some shed hair from the trash can!! LMBO!!

Okay, let me finish watching this!! LOL!!

WnG with FSG Cream Gel



Hey all. Just a  quick post to tell you about wash day this weekend. I had a birthday party and a housewarming to attend on Saturday, so I didn’t have much time to style my hair. Therefore, I ended up doing a pretty quick WnG that turned out pretty well.

Wash Day Rundown

  • Pre-pooed with Vatika Oil (30-45 min. w/heat).
  • Shampooed with Aubrey Green Tea Clarifying Shampoo diluted with water and EVOO.
  • Shampooed some more with Shea Moisture (SM) Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo.
  • Conditioned/detangled with SM Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner.
  • Deep conditioned with Darcy’s Botanicals Pumpkin Seed Conditioner (30 min. w/heat).
  • Rinsed (no time for cooling and sealing).
  • Lightly and quickly squeezed excess water with a towel (yup, towel, not my Curl Cloths).
  • Applied Kinky Curly Knot Today as my leave-in (straight out the bottle; no time to mix w/AVJ).
  • Applied flaxseed cream gel to hair in sections by smoothing on first, then lightly finger combing.
  • Air dried.


And, that was it. Let me tell, you, the coconut oil was all caked up in my hair when it was wet and it looked like I might end up with flakes. But, I had high hopes that, once my hair dried, I’d be able to smooth my hair to melt the coconut oil. Didn’t even need to do that though. The heat in the car that dried my hair, also melted the oil and all was well with the world.

So, I’m pretty excited about this FSG cream gel!! My hair feels moisturized, is shiny, has decent definition and the gel provided a light hold. And, I got decent day 2 hair too! I’ve been using a new bonnet that I’ll be sharing with you ladies soon and I think it will help me preserve down styles far better than a pineapple.


I still want to try a braid out with this FSG cream gel. Maybe this upcoming weekend … but I might be busy, so we’ll see.

Lata Gatas!


Have you tried anything new lately?

Bunning Challenge: Week 3 Recap




Nothing much to report on the hair front! I pretty much wore a high or mid-height bun all last week. I did try a new shampoo and deep conditioner on wash day. I’d bought the Shea Moisture Yucca & Baobab Thickening Shampoo and Anti-Breakage Mask at a CVS BOGO sale a couple of months ago, if you recall. Well, after a less than illustrious start with the Y&B Thickening Hair Growth Milk, purchased during the same sale (see this post if you missed my review of that), I decided to return the whole line without even trying the shampoo or maks. They were sitting in a bag in my car for the last month waiting for me to make time to make that stop (well, also waiting for me to find the MIA receipt too!). Then, “What happened,” you ask? Well, first, CurlyNikki talked about how awesome the Y & C shampoo is in this post and then, TheManeObjective talked about how amazing the Mask is in this one. *Sigh* What’s a PJ to do? Bring the products back in the house *hangs head in shame.*

So yeah, I used those on wash day. And, they were fine. And, I can use them. But, nothing spectacular happened, so my PJ curiosity is quelled. And, other than applying the “mystery” product to my scalp and learning something about shedding (which will be shared shortly, like in a day or two … just need to write the post), nothing new in the hair category.

But, I’ll share a few more pics of hair goings on throughout last week (besides the ones that you already saw. ;)):

prepoobunThis was a pre-poo bun that I wore to work Monday.

photo 4-7This was my Wednesday and/or Thursday bun, I think! It’s all a blur now!

photo 2Friday night I put my hair into two braids as I debated whether I was pre-pooing. I opted out.

photo 5photo 4
On Saturday morning, I experimented with making my two ponytails into a crown braid. But, they started
too far apart to make it around my head. I’ll have to try it again with them set close together at my nape.

prepoo_workoutSaturday night, I applied a pre-poo of Vatika Oil mixed with Aubrey GPB. Used my thermal heat wrap for about an hour, then hit the sack. Sunday morning, gave the pre-poo some more heat while I got my kettlebell with Angie Miller on.

Operation “Get Right”

Yup, that is correct. I’m at it again! And Lord knows that I need to be. On Monday, I started the day horribly depressed. I had to return to the house to change out of my “fat-fat” jeans because they were suffocating my thighs and butt. These are the same jeans that were a little snug, but not choking the life out of my pear-shape two to three weeks ago. Forget the fact that I’ve worn the inner thighs of some of my favorite jeans so thin that they’re almost see through and I’m afraid to wear them before I can apply patches for fear that I’ll have a “wardrobe malfunction!!” Can you say, “Disgust?”


Needless to say, I ate properly that day and the rest of the week, with very few exceptions. I even tried to eat halfway decent when I went out for a birthday dinner with my college friends on Saturday night. We went to a soul food restaurant in New Brunswick called Delta’s. Y’all know that there ain’t much healthy about soul food. But, I did the best I could absent eating a plain garden salad and drinking water. I had grilled salmon, sweet potatoes and collard greens (I ordered macaroni and cheese first … and boy did it look good … but I stopped myself and switched to the greens). Ummm … *whispering* I did have a piece of cornbread … it was small though! LOL!

Anywho, so yeah, I’m back to alternating C25K with kettlebell workouts (3 days of each a week). Just gotta keep motivated, because not fitting into my vast wardrobe is NOT cute.

And here are my “health and fitness” pics of the week ;)! LOL!

photo 5-5Like my ladybug earbuds?? 

 I’ve been killing this right now!! This is my first download to in over 2 years! Long story.
Want to know why? Frickin’ LOVE this song!! And Kiss Me. And U.N.I. and A-Team and …

“And if your DVD breaks today, should have got a VCR, because I never owned a Blu-ray. True say.”

photo 3-8Getting my meals and snacks together.

healthymealMy tips for eating healthy frozen meals? Place the contents on a plate and fill half the plate with frozen veggies
(I always keep broccoli florets, sugar snap snow peas and spinach in the freezer)!!!
1. It looks more appetizing on a real plate (plus I try to avoid cooking in plastic in the microwave).
2. There is so much sauce in these meals, the veggies allow break it up.
3. Get 1-2 servings of vitamin-packed and fibrous veggies!
4. Adding veggies make the meal more filling.

SupplementsStarted to take my vitamins and supplements again too.

I have to say that I’ve been feeling better, happier and more energetic every day that I’ve eaten right and the exercise helps even more!! I also know that my skin and hair, in addition to my physical and mental health, were suffering because of lack of proper nutrition and exercise. Seeing as how we’re on this bunning challenge to gain some new lengths, I know that it is just as important for me to protect my health and well-being as it is to protect my ends if I want to see progress! Also, buns are the perfect, easy peasy lemon squeezey style for exercising!! SCORE! SCORE!

Finally, I’ll leave you with an inspirational and motivational video that I came across this weekend.

via DivaSlimsDown

This video is from 2011. Currently, she’s lost over 180 pounds and weighs 157.2. Let’s just say, I subscribed.

Happy Monday!!


Okay, my bunning ladies, there were, like, SIXTY of you!! Where you at?!?! How is everything going? Any questions you want to ask? Topics that you’d like addressed? Challenges with bunning? Everything going great and you wish you’d done it sooner ;)?