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Wallis Fashion 30% off EVERYTHING Flash Event


I forgot to tell you guys about the last big WallisFashion.com sale, so I had to tell you about this one! Through this Saturday, December 1st, EVERYTHING in the store is up to 30% off aaaaaaand it also looks like they are giving an additional 10% off your purchase with discount code: SALE 10 (don’t know if that runs through Saturday, but just google discount codes and try WALLIS10 too as that has worked for me several times!)!! Also, there’s FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $30!

If you don’t recall, this is the other reasonably priced online UK seller (Asos being the first ;)) from which I purchased that awesome leopard print skirt that I showed you guys here , here and here.

At the last big sale, I picked up this really cute peplum skirt and jacket … which fit, but will fit a lot better once I lose about 5 pounds (Operation “Get Right” is on Day 3 today; Ahhhhhhh here it go!!!).

Once I lose those 5 pounds, I’ll take it on a test drive and will share pics for sure!

Now, with this up to 30% off EVERYTHING sale, plus the additional 10% that you can get off all purchases with discount code: SALE 10, I’m eyeballing this black crepe waterfall jacket and black PU pencil skirt. I think these might be great holiday pieces that work well from day to evening too!

My only concerns? Will the waterfalls put a spotlight on my “ample” hips, which I’m aiming to camouflage and is that PU skirt LINED?!? I’m a sweater. This could be a reallllly bad look … and feel … if it isn’t. Hmmm, I guess I could always wear a slip though. PROBLEM SOLVED!! (Seriously, I just figured that out as I was writing this! LOL!!)

A quick note: Wallis has UK sizes with a conversion chart for the US. So, just make certain that you follow that! I’ve found that when I chose an honest US size (8 for skirts = 12 UK size and 6 for tops = 10 UK size) the clothes fit my 5’1″, currently … ughhhh … 143 pound, slightly pear-shaped, hourglass frame well.

Anywho, just wanted to share! Do you guys like when I share discounts and sales at the places that I like to shop? Hope so! Let me know one way or the other in the comments *hint hint* (If you didn’t figure it out, that’s my way of trying to get you guys to comment. It’s been quiet around here for weeks with the exception of that Ebonnet Giveway post!! *lol*)

ETA: Ummm … how about I ordered the PU skirt and forgot about it? It was at my door when I got home from work a few minutes ago!!! LMBO!!!

Perfect fit! I love it when a plan comes together!!

I should order it in the size 10 UK/6 US  too so that I have one for when I lose this weight! That’s what I did with the leopard print! 😉 Yeah, about that losing weight … time to get changed and hit the basement for C25K Day 2!


Speaking of the holidays, what are you planning to wear for dinners and events? Is it already hanging in your closet or are you still trying to figure it out?


Another ideeli Boot Sale!


I am mad they don’t have these in my size!!!!  Not in black or the deep red … Grrrrr Arrrghhhh!!! My loss can be your win though *sigh*. This ideeli boot sale starts in less than 30 minutes and will only last 6 hours! So, if you’re interested, here’s my personal invite link: http://www.ideeli.com/invite/skillsgill. Just so that you know, if you buy something from ideeli for the first time using this link, you’ll make my loss a win by earning me a $25 credit for a future purchase ;).

I’m really mad that they don’t have these in my size :(.

Dollar Store Haul


The other day, I mentioned in this post that I found the satin hair tie/scarf that adorned my retro swoop and French twist updo at my local Dollar Tree and I wanted to go back for the other color. I don’t know if you know this about me … but I love a deal and a steal ;)! So, of course I had to check out what else they had to offer along the line of affordable hair accessories!

Well, I found the above satin flower headbands and hair clips and had to get them. I saw the grey flowers first.

Although I’m not a fan of this type of metal clip (a strand inevitably gets caught and snagged/torn in the removal process), I figured that I could remove the clip and attach the flowers (which are backed by felt) to a different kind of clip or a headband. I could also attach a hair elastic and a pin like I demonstrated here. So, definitely worth a dollar. I was doubley psyched when I saw that they had the brown and pink flowers already attached to headbands!

Next, I picked up bendie satin hair ties/scarfs in solid black and in a white/black/brown leoparard (I passed on the B&W zebra print) and scooped up this cute, brown plaid bow headband!

Oh yeah! Watch out now Minnie Mouse!

Oh! And one last thing! I hate getting plastic bags in stores and have many reusable totes/bags to avoid this. However, unless I’m hitting the grocery store for a major trip, I inevitably forget them in the car! Well, I found the cutest little stow away totes that I can just throw in my purse, so that I’ll always have a bag on me for those quick shopping expeditions!

Cool, right? They  had this other really cute one that looked like a watermelon. But, they only had two left and they both were damaged. The clerk said they should be getting another shipment soon though. However, now that I think about it … do I really want to be pulling a watermelon out of my purse? Ahhhhhh hell nah …! Well … maybe. LOL!

Anyway, not a bad haul for $8.56, right?! I’m definitely going to be hitting the dollar stores to check out their hair accessory offering more often!


Have you been to the dollar store lately? What finds have you scored?

Headband Sale on Ideeli


Just wanted to let you guys know that they are having a sale on headbands over at ideeli! They have some cute styles with some decent prices (though there are a few that were very expensive). So, if you’re interested, hurry up and head on over here*because this sales only last for 1 day and if you know ideeli, items sell out VERY quickly!!  

(*In the interest of full disclosure, wanted to let you all know that this is a personal invite link, which gives me a credit of $25 if you purchase from ideeli. If you already signed up for the site, then you can access as you normally would.  Thank you!!)

Fabulous Skirts and Fierce Shoes?!


What more could a girl want?!?! I know that this is a little late notice, but if you’re in the NJ/NY area, come see where fairytale skirts marry Cinderella shoes!! Hope to see a few of you there!!

p.s. Sofistafunk is offering ‎”Black Friday” discounts today as listed in the flyer immediately above and on “Small Business Saturday” with prices starting at $45.00 and up to 50% off Signature Skirts!


Miss Jessie’s BOGO Sale at Target


I’m not a fan of Miss Jessie’s products. I used them a few years ago and, though they seemed great at first, after a couple of months I realized that the health of my hair was deteriorating. It only ever felt soft and moisturized the day I applied the product (I started with the Baby ButterCreme and then moved to the Curly Meringue). So, I was re-wetting my WnG and applying additional product daily and it also made my hair feel kind of sticky/tacky. However, the worse of it was that when I washed my hair, it felt stripped, dry and brittle. My naked hair was feeling damaged. I was co-washing weekly and using DevaCare No Poo once a month probably. So, it definitely wasn’t related to using a sulfate shampoo. Anywho, all this to say that I’m not sharing this because I recommend or co-sign on these products. However, some people love Miss Jessie’s and I know others may want to experiment with them. As they are very pricey (excessively so, IMHO), wanted to let you all know about this BOGO sale so that those who need to re-up can do so for half the price and those who want to try them may be able to get some of the smaller sizes in order to experiment.

So yeah, if Miss Jessie’s is your thing or you’re wondering if it might be, go for yours ;)!

Threadmill Discount Ends 8/31!!



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Don’t forget!! You have until tomorrow, 8/31, to receive 10% off your entire Threadmill purchase (excludes S&H) with coupon code HAIRSCAPADES10!! So, check out this always fresh, always cute Etsy shop and get your order in today;)!


10% Threadmill Discount Until 8/31!!


Don’t forget, the Threadmill coupon code for Hairscapades readers has been extended until August 31st!! So, for any order you place from now until then, you can still receive 10% off of your entire purchase (excludes S&H charges) when you enter coupon code: HAIRSCAPADES10.


Threadmill Strikes Again


Okay, just a really quick post to show you another cute headband from Threadmill!! This is one of the other two headbands Dottie sent me!! Isn’t it cute? (My hair is just in a quick bun I did with Goody Spin Pins on a four twist, twist out.)

Remember, you have up until August 31st to save 10% off of your total order (excludes S&H) by using coupon code: HAIRSCAPADES10. And, I’m going to let you in on a little secret, I expect Dottie to debut a new feature on her Fall hats that is right up our aisle!! So, stay tuned


ideeli Red Sale!!


Ooooh girls, they are having a massive Red Sale over at ideeli!! If you remember, this is where I purchased my RaVon convertible dresses. There are tons of things on sale and I am seriously crushing on the sandals that all seem to be under $50  (the Joe’s Jeans Lovely sandal above is normally $185 and is on sale for $28!!) So, if you’re interested, hurry up and head on over here*because this sales only last for 1 day and items sell out VERY quickly!!  

(*In the interest of full disclosure, wanted to let you all know that this is a personal invite link, which gives me a credit of $25 if you purchase from ideeli. If you already signed up for the site, then you can access as you normally would.  Thank you!!)