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10 Signs You Might Be A “Pro” Natural



I know there are more, so what would you add to the list ;)?

Oh, oh, oh!!! I just remembered the one that I wanted to add!!

11. You catch yourself doing random length checks (and marveling at shrinkage).

Wash Day Shenanigans


My sister tagged me on this pic on IG …Washday


That’s a Bible in the front y’all!! You know sometimes we have to call his name when we’re trying to detangle this mess! “JESUS!!”

And before you start talking about the broccoli, pudding, chocolate sauce …


#realtalk #truestory #truth #Imjustsayin


So Random! … Yet Again.


This is another one that cracks me up every time I see it!

Janice’s Back-Up Singers (Skit 1)

“Better watch that tone girl or we’ll tell ’em you like Earl.”


Janice’s Back-Up Singers (Skit 2)

“Speaking of issues, girl needs a tissue!! She’s got a boogie, boogie, boogie, boogie, BOOGIE!!”