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Too Cool!!


Okay, this is just one of those random moments when I can’t help but share something that I “discovered” with all of you :)! When I saw someone in my office eating what looked like a French fry with ketchup only to discover that it was a piece of pound cake with icing, I thought that it was such an awesome and creative way to serve a dessert! I know that many of you are mothers, so I was thinking that you might love this idea for your child’s next party :)! Check out the “how to” for this easy, peasy, lemon squeezy dessert on parenting.comĀ here!

My co-worker crinkle cut the pound cake and browned it in the broiler, so that the cake pieces looked even more fry-like!! In fact, check out this version from JanRamonCakes where the crinkle cut “fries” top cupcakes!!

Okay, enough of that, this is making me HUNGRY and CONFUSED!! Do I want salty fries or sweet cake?!?