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Holy Headbands Batman!!


LOL!! So, the results are in and it was the WW Stars by a landslide with 32 votes!! The thing is, I really started to lean towards Kapow (a far second with 19 votes) over the course of this thing. So, yeah, I ordered both!!  Plus, the stars aren’t overtly superheroish and, this is Comic Con!!

I will admit this, for a minute, I wasn’t going to get the WW Stars … that joker is $35!! LOL! I didn’t realize it was that much more than the others (which are around $23)! But, I thought, that would be whack if I didn’t buy it after everyone voted:)! So, I sucked it up and ordered both this morning! Now, it would be really messed up if they don’t get here in time for the Con, which starts on October 13th!! The seller is in the UK, so international shipping is a dependency. Her info indicates it usually takes 5-10 days from shipping, but it could be up to 8 weeks! ARRGHHHH!!!

(Of course, I’ll be posting pictures modeling my new acquisitions once they arrive. I may even try the star on the lips for sh$#@ and giggles ;). Hmmm, now where to buy some gold lipstick?)

Bam, Zap, Kapow!!


Okay, okay, okay … The New York Comic Convention (NYCC) is around the corner!!! I’m so excited!! I’ve gone to it every year for the last three or four years and it’s always a great time. A while back, I did a post about getting a comic-inspired headband from this Etsy shop, Janine Basil. Well, I need to order one soon or it won’t get here in time!!! But, I need your help!! I can’t decide which one to get!!! So, POLL TIME!!! LOL!! Here are the five that I’m eyeing. Picture them with a messy, banana clip bun, maybe with the front left out and pinned back for even more messiness. Which one do you think that I should get?!?!

*I like this poll style as it is very Sin City-ish;).