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Baby Food: It’s Not Just for Babies!!


Okay, first … Don’t judge me!!! So, a fellow NC.com/CurlyNikki/Kim Cole’s GOC blogger got me interested in the whole banana in your deep conditioner thing last May (“Look man, I ain’t fallin’ for no banana in my tailpipe.”). Anywho, so shortly thereafter, I was at the grocery store and was in the baby food aisle and remembered the post. But, as I was standing there, I thought, “You have 4 deep conditioners in the house. You do NOT need to be experimenting and buying one more thing for your hair.” (Anyone else use “you” instead of “I” when talking sternly to yourself?)

Anyway, so I’m standing there repressing my PJ tendencies and looking at the baby food bananas thinking, “Maybe I’ll get some to eat, because I remember this stuff tasting good.” I looked at the calorie content and it was, like, 100 calories in that little jar!!! However, in close proximity to the bananas were these little pouches of HappyBaby and Ella’s Kitchen organic baby food that combined fruits with veggies.

I flipped to see the calories and they ranged from 45-90 a serving, with fiber, low sugar and no fat. Also, no water was added either. In case you don’t know, I don’t do cooking too much. When I’m working out, I need my food fast. I have great respect for all those doing raw food diets or making healthy meals. But, that’s too much prep for me to ever maintain. That is why I am the Lean Cuisine Queen. So, back to the story. As I’m looking at these packets, it hit me, this could be a really easy, convenient, healthy and economical post-work, pre-workout, driving home snack!! So, I bought, like, 10!!! I’ve been eating these for many months nows and they are pretty good (especially cold). I especially LOVE the HappyBaby bananas, beets and blueberries … mmmm, mmmm DELISH!! Anyway, I’ve found them to really meet my needs! It seems that they were on sale when I first found them (less than $1 each). They seem to range from about $1.19 – $1.89 at regular price. So yeah, now that I’m back on my grind, I eat baby food as a snack once a day now. Think of it this way, it’s just pureed fruit and veggies!! Whatever works baby, whatever works!