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The Mane Event (UPDATE)


Hey guys!! It’s contest time!! Have you reached the end of your transition and started thinking about the big chop? Or, maybe you JUST decided to go natural and are the adventurous type. If you’re ready to say, “Cut it all off,” well, have I got the contest for you!! 

Tameeka McNeil-Johnson aka Jaded Tresses is doing a LIVE Big Chop at the Mane Event. The only problem? She needs a “big chopee” model!!! If you are interested in being that lucky gal, comment below by telling us why you want to big chop (and don’t forget to leave your name)!! Contest ends Wednesday at midnight. I’ll choose a winner on Thursday!! 


Live in the NY/NJ metro area? Looking for something NATURALtastic to do this weekend? Come check out The Mane Event at Luna Stage in West Orange next Saturday, July 13th!!


Guess who will be making a special appearance as a Sofistafunk model (ha!) for the fashion show in the evening?!

(Keeping my fingers crossed that I don’t trip! LOL!!)

28 Day Fitness Challenge: Days 1-7


day2Day 1 and Day 2

Not much in ways of mileage, but I am trying to build my endurance back up and work out the kinks muscle tightness. Did 25 min of walking and 5 minutes of jogging on Monday. On Tuesday, I did 7.5 minutes of jogging (five 1.5 min. jog/1.5 min. walk intervals).

day3Day 3

12 minute Kettlebell Full Body Blast with Lauren Brooks. I went to south Jersey on Tuesday night for the funeral for a member of my church family (RIP NaNa). But, I took my kettlebell and DVD with me. Couldn’t be missing days already. But yeah, 12 minutes. That’s all. Kicked my butt. My legs were sore immediately and the rest of the week. 

day4Day 4

Did five 1.5 min jog/run intervals again. I  increased my speed in last jog interval. But, I didn’t pick up any distance or burn any more calories than Tuesday. I think this was because my warm up started off slower. My thighs were tight and SORE!!

day5Day 5

Did 20 minutes on the treadmill and 10 minute Abs of Steel. I passed out after work on Thursday night!!! Between a sore body from resuming working out and the long day Wednesday (funeral in south Jersey and the CurlyNikki meet-up in NYC), I was DONE!!

day6Day 6

Did my old 20 minute 300 Calorie Treadmill Routine. It wasn’t pretty. I had to reduce speed for last half as my heart was coming out of my chest. How far they have fallen!! Anywho, it’s still a great short workout!! Check it out via the prior link, if you’re interested in a quick workout for those days you don’t have a lot of time! Also, a lot of people complained in the comments of the Fitness mag post that their treadmill only said they burned 160 or so cals. The treadmill can’t calculate calorie burn from interval training. It also is not accurate as there are various factors (sex, weight, height, muscle mass, metabolic rate, etc.) that are needed to accurately determine the number of cals an individual will burn with any given exercise. So, the 300 isn’t necessarily accurate either. These things rely upon averages and are not exact. If you’re not “average,” then they are just estimates.

day7Day 7

75 minutes of hot yoga (Vinyasa Flow) with my fave instructor, Colleen, at Younique Yoga. I didn’t do too badly even though I’m out of shape and haven’t been in forever!! I was even able to do a headstand and did it again when I got home!! It’s not perfect, but it’s a start!!

It’s been a pretty good week for my diet as well. I ate a little WAY too much granola yesterday, but everything I’ve eaten has been healthy. I’ve planned my meals for the most part, have been eating fruit, veggies, low fat/zero fat Greek yogurt, walnuts and have been drinking lots of water. I reduced my coffee from three cups a day to one cup in the morning to jump start me for working out (well, except Friday, when I needed a second cup!). Oh, and I’ve been getting in bed by 11 pm and waking up at 5:30 am to exercise in the morning prior to work!

And now, it’s time to hit the shower and clean this body and wash this hair (pre-poo has been “marinating” since yesterday!).


Okay, how did you ladies who “signed up” for the 28 Day Fitness Challenge do week one? 

As for week 2, LET’S GET IT!!

Fashion’s Night Out in Montclair, NJ



Okay, so I apologize for it taking so long to post on last night’s event … but seriously … I took 407 pictures!!! It was a lot of HARD work to download, rotate, resize, save, import, organize and caption these jokers man!!! Shoot, I may have just used up the last of my free media space with the pictures you are about to see in this slide show. I didn’t include all 407, but there are 111 here!! So yeah, pic heavy post ahead!!

Waiting for the festivities to begin.

The event was so much fun!! I thought it was all going down at Atelier Boutique, but it was actually staged at three different, but close, locations in downtown Montclair. And, with the Democratic National Convention and the POTUS speaking, MTV Video Music Awards and Fashion’s Night Out in NYC all occurring the same evening, there was really a nice little turn out!!

The first “stage” of the evening.

The first stage was Gallery U, an actual art gallery, where designs by Blackbird Lane, One Savvy Design, Speakeasy Vitage, Clarence Black Couture, Mark Tauriello Couture, Boyfriend Clothing Company and Bumblebee Boutique were on display. At this point, I tried my best to get photos of the fashion. However, my camera shutter speed and temp display mode were sooo slow that I did a horrible job of capturing the designs.

Loved this dress! Wish I had been able to get a full length front shot of it!

Then I headed over to Parlor Hair Studio where I hooked up with a couple of friends to see the next show. But yeah, Sofistafunk the Skirt Company didn’t present a mere fashion show … they presented a Skirtopera!! Seriously, this was the main event and what I paid … well, I didn’t pay anything, the night was free 😉 … to see!!

Second event of the evening and the one I really was excited to see!!

By this time, I’d scanned my camera settings several times and figured out how to take continuous shots. It didn’t always work and I was cursing at and shaking my camera the whole show. But, I did get tons of fab shots as you’ve probably figured out since I said I took 407 photos ;)! You’ll also get a chance to judge my claim when you see the slide show at the end of the post!

She was giving all kinds of face!! Fierce!!

Gorgeous!! You know I was checking out the hair!!

Sooooo Wuthering Heights!! Love the intense blue sleeves popping out of the crow black!!

Just PERFECTION!! Is this to die for or what??

And here’s Tiffany, the winner of the Sofistafunk & Hairscapades Natural Model Search!!

And then we wrapped up the evening at Atelier Boutique with a “rack sale” and raffle (but, for some reason, I didn’t get a raffle ticket!! Booooooh!! LOL!).

Clothes and raffles … what more could a girl want??

Arlinda McIntosh (the genius and talented designer behind Sofistafunk), Tiffany and me.

I did walk away with a really cute little gold, tulip-sleeve fitted jacket for $25!! Should have taken a pic of that as it looked pretty hot with my leopard print skirt!! LOL!!

And that was that! Enjoy!!

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Haircut Party: They’ve Been Jaded!


After Tameeka (aka Jaded Tresses) did a demo at the Hairscapades Meet-Up in May and cut my hair in June (as seen here), several local readers started contacting me and her about getting their hair cut as well. I knew Tameeka made “house calls” and did hair parties, giving a great discount off of her NYC salon prices too! I mean, she comes to you … saving tunnel, train, parking and what-have-you fees to NY and you get a discount off her amazing services to boot?!?! How can you beat that?!

So, the week before I left for vacation, I set about organizing a Hair Party. Tiffany asked her parents to allow us to use their house on 7/15 and they very graciously obliged! It started with a small group of 5-6 ladies and we ended up with about 18 people in the house, with 9 of those getting their hair cut or trimmed and styled!! Yesterday, we took over the kitchen and dining area with our hair shenanigans!! LOL!! Oh, and Wei somehow ended up on babysitting duty, but I think he enjoyed every moment of that ;).

We started at 11 am and didn’t wrap things up until 8 pm (Tameeka didn’t take one break!! She’s a BEAST! *lol*). Every head of curls had a different shape, length and texture. It was awesome to see her cut and style each lady’s hair without seeming to take off any significant length!! The hair on the floor and her flip-flops was proof that hair was falling though!! Tameeka really worked her curl magic. A great time was had by all, everyone learned a lot and, I think it’s safe to say, every lady walked out a satisfied customer!!

So, without further ado, here are “before and after” pics of everyone! All “afters” immediately below are of wet hair except Tiffany, who was the last client of the day. So she was the lucky model for Tameeka’s diffuser demo. Here we go …

Tiffany (Tiffany’s sister-in-law)









And here’s a slide show of some of the stuff that happened in between, as well as some “final results” dry hair pictures. Everyone looks amazing!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, what do you think? Don’t they look awesome?!