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Flaxseed Cream Gel (FSCG) Braid-n-Curl


BnC_results (2-5-13)4

As promised, here are the results from my Late Night Styling session/braid-n-curl set on Sunday night. I used Shea Moisture Raw Shea Restorative Conditioner as my leave-in and my FSCG to style. As my hair was still damp, as expected, on Monday morning, I left the braids in for the day and just used a jaw clip to put them up for work. I released my hair on Tuesday morning with a little coconut oil whip to nicely defined, but flat, hair.

BnC_results (2-5-13)1

I then massaged my roots to give the braid-n-curl a little more volume.

BnC_results (2-5-13)2

And, when I got to work, I separated the sections a little more on a bathroom run for the final look above, which my hair at the end of the work day.

BnC_results (2-5-13)5

Although my hair is a little piecier than I like it, I think that the FSCG is going to give me the hold that I was seeking to allow my braid-outs to last a little longer. Even though there was humidity in the air outside (light snow) and despite the fact that I wore no  hair covering, my hair didn’t swell! I’m hoping that my hair will get fuller each day while still maintaining definition and shine. Guess we’ll see!! On another note, I can’t wait to use up this batch of FSCG so that I can experiment some more with the next mix based upon some advice given on the gel post and some YouTube videos that I’ve been watching.

Day two hair has yet to be revealed. But, check in later on my Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram page —————->>>> and you’re likely to find an update ;).


Do you use gel to give your braid/twist-out sets staying power? What products/combo(s) work the best for you to deliver hold AND moisture?