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A Change of Part?


So, this is end of Day 4 hair. It’s been getting bigger every day and I’m so excited to have volume again!!

See what I mean?!?! Anyway, it’s gotten a little wild for work and I have a staff meeting, so it’ll probably be bunned when you’re reading this!

Anywho, the real point of this post is this. On Tuesday night, I learned that a thread was started on LHCF about my recent haircut! Kind of surreal! *lol* Anywho, everyone was very complimentary of the cut, but there were a couple of comments about my center part. Seems some aren’t a fan of it. The young lady who started the thread indicated that she was going to ask me to part it on the side. I’m a person who generally walks to the beat of her own drum and make aesthetic choices that please me, not necessarily others. However, I also try to be open-minded and receptive to constructive criticism. So, although I didn’t get the “formal” request, I decided to oblige the poster:)! After I got home from work from yesterday, I placed my ever expanding WnG in a side part and snapped a few pics. (Many of you may have seen these on FB already, but I know that I have a few readers who aren’t on that, so I have to share with them too!!;))

You know that I can’t see like this! *lol*

I received a lot of positive comments on the side-part picsĀ here. And, you know, I kind of like it too!! I think that it does look more flattering here. But, the reason I generally part down the middle is because it hides my “bad” eyebrow and the way it’s parted above, it’s covering my “good side” and falls into my eye! *lol* But, you know, maybe I’ll just have to move outside of my comfort zone, break out the eyebrow pencil a little more often and grab a bobby pin or two so that I can wear a side part more often;). What say ye?


How do you prefer to part your hair? Do you mix it up from time to time?