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#Frotober Day 18: Least Favorite Product


Yeah, there’s no love lost between me and Miss Jessie’s. Well … actually, yeah, there is. I went hard with MJ for a few months many years ago. Thought that I loved it. Then, I realized that my hair only ever felt good and moisturized when the product was in…freshly applied and re-applied daily. When I washed my hair, it felt horrible. Dry. Straw-like. Dull. It was then I knew, it was ruining the health of my hair!! I immediately ceased and desisted. And my pocketbook thanked me!!! Any product that only makes your hair feel good when it’s in is a loser in my book! And, to me, it seemed like a brilliant racket. If you have to use a product daily, you go through it quickly and have to constantly restock!! At $40+ for most of these products in normal size containers … Yeah, not gonna happen. *lol*


What’s your least favorite product and why?

Miss Jessie’s BOGO Sale at Target


I’m not a fan of Miss Jessie’s products. I used them a few years ago and, though they seemed great at first, after a couple of months I realized that the health of my hair was deteriorating. It only ever felt soft and moisturized the day I applied the product (I started with the Baby ButterCreme and then moved to the Curly Meringue). So, I was re-wetting my WnG and applying additional product daily and it also made my hair feel kind of sticky/tacky. However, the worse of it was that when I washed my hair, it felt stripped, dry and brittle. My naked hair was feeling damaged. I was co-washing weekly and using DevaCare No Poo once a month probably. So, it definitely wasn’t related to using a sulfate shampoo. Anywho, all this to say that I’m not sharing this because I recommend or co-sign on these products. However, some people love Miss Jessie’s and I know others may want to experiment with them. As they are very pricey (excessively so, IMHO), wanted to let you all know about this BOGO sale so that those who need to re-up can do so for half the price and those who want to try them may be able to get some of the smaller sizes in order to experiment.

So yeah, if Miss Jessie’s is your thing or you’re wondering if it might be, go for yours ;)!