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April GOC Update: Cococrispecurl (#32)


Hi Ladies!

Guess what? On Saturday April 14th, I did it! After watching Naptural85’s mini twists videos for a couple hours, I felt ready. Seven hours later, I crossed over. I. Became. A. DIYer.

I know, I know. You’re thinking, “Seriously?” Yep. Seriously. I can’t cornrow, flat twist or trim my own ends. I can’t do those fly buns, knots and elaborate styles. But guess what? I’m one step closer. Because now, thanks to our naturalistas and the celebration of natural hair, I can do mini-twists.

And, I’m still obsessed with mini-twists. I kept them in for 2 weeks and then wore a twist out for 2 weeks; most of the time, wearing protective styling like buns and pulling it up on the sides. I attempted a WnG at the end of the month and turned that into a loose braid-out. I think there’s a little growth. Too soon to tell.

Twists Regimen:

  • Separate hair into 2 sections.
  • Pre-poo with EVOO the day before and again one hour before washing.
  • Clarify with 1 part Head & Shoulders shampoo, 1 part water
  • Separate hair into 4 sections.
  • Detangle with Herbal Essence Totally Twisted conditioner.
  • Deep condition with The Body Shop’s Banana (2 teaspoons of Kemi Oyl added) for 20 minutes under the dryer.
  • Apply 2 teaspoons of Herbal Essence Totally Twisted conditioner to each section as a leave in conditioner.
  • Prior to each twist:
    • Saturate hair with water (if drying). Squeeze excess.
    • Apply Jojoba oil 1 inch from root to ends.
    • Apply IC Fantasia gel from root to ends.
    • Run comb through and twist.
  • Set twists on purple and orange perm rods.

This regimen worked pretty well. It was my first time using Herbal Essence Twisted conditioner. I can’t wait to get my ends dusted in a few weeks when it’s straightened. I trimmed a few pieces myself, but I’m not ready to trim my entire head. My ends are pretty rough; they haven’t been tended to since January.

Health & Fitness:
I went to the gym less than 10 times. I need to be going 3 to 4 times a week. I created a schedule in 10 day increments to keep me motivated … we’ll see.

Weight Watchers is going okay. The hardest part is the weekends. The work week keeps me on schedule but, come Friday night, something happens and I want to eat a cheesesteak, chicken wings and chinese food. On a good note, ChaCha got a lot of long walks. Next month, I’m going to add 3 lb ankle weights.

Reward:  6 lb loss, a new hair oil.

Happy Growing Ladies!

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Mini Two Strand Twists


by Dominique of Natural Hair Care Info

With Spring Break right around the corner and lots of cousins coming to visit soon, I wanted to do a hairstyle that would last my little sister several weeks and would be easy enough that she could maintain it herself.

Due to our hectic schedule, Bunny has become quite the queen of chunky twists (wash, condition, twist, and repeat), so this style was a treat for her!

Now that she’s ten, she told me she’d like to help out more with her hair care, so I’ve been trying to include her in that if at all possible. She now washes her hair by herself (as long as it’s in eight-to-ten braids), moisturizes it daily, and helps out with her twists a little. Proud big sister moment!

Products I used:

  • Mixed Chicks Shampoo
  • Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner
  • Mixed Chicks Leave In Conditioner
  • Beija-Flor Naturals Cream Brulee

I began by washing her hair with some MC shampoo. This was my first time using any of the Mixed Chicks products and they all receive two thumbs up from us! Once her hair was washed, I DC’d, rinsed, applied a generous amount of leave in, and put her hair in twelve Ghana braids to stretch it out for mini twists.

I left her hair like this for about five days (I intended to leave them in for two or three days, but that’s just how it ended up unfolding), so her hair was super stretched out and completely tangle free! I tied up the top eight sections, which left me one row of four Ghana Braids in the back. I took down one Ghana braid at a time, added a little Beija-Flor Naturals to the entire section, combed it through with her Denman and began twisting. I parted her hair on a slight slant, which seemed to help the process go by much faster.

In my head, I saw me knocking her minis out in about three hours; however, we ended up doing them for two hours over the course of three days. By the way, I think I’ve seen my fair share of Disney movies! We watched Aladdin, Toy Story 3, the Princess & the Frog, and the Fox & the Hound.

Here is the end of day one of twisting:

Here I the end of day two of twisting:

And finally, here’s the finished masterpiece:

The first thing I did was give her a good trim (I took off the bottom inch or so) for which she was long overdue. She LOVES her mini twists! They’ve been in for about two weeks and they’re still going strong! Bunny’s goal for her hair is for it to be long enough for her to sit on! She just turned tens year olds, so I hope she will reach her goal before she’s a teen! And of course, we had to do a quick length check.

I think that she can claim waist length now.

Each day I spritz her hair with a little water and moisturize with a water-based moisturizer. We’ve used two different ones – one by Its Perfectly Natural and one by Mixed Chicks. And I think that’s it! You can check out more of our styles on our = Website: natural-hair-care-info.com Blog: natural-hair-care-info.blogspot.com Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/Natural.Hair.Care.Info Thank you so much for reading!