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Professional Cinnabun Style for Short Natural Hair



Check out this great video tutorial that Sawah shared on my Facebook page!! Love it!! Reminds me of my My Cinnabun, but this is a great way to modify the style to make it work for shorter hair!! Love the extra little bits of “flare” that she added to finish off the style!!


Sawah_cinnabunby Sawah of DiscoveringNatural

Working with short hair can be a challenge at times. Here is a simple style that you can try to create a look of fullness to your hair. This style is not only great for work, but also for special occasion. The great thing is that it is a great protective style that takes less than 5 minutes to create.

If you are transitioning, this is also a GREAT style to hide the relaxed ends.


Sawah lady!! Your skin? Flawless! Your eyebrows? Perfection! The shine and health of your hair?!?! Fabulous!!
You are  glowing!! 

Am I right or am I right ladies?!


Style Inspiration: Festive FroHawk



Here is another super cute faux/frohawk great for medium or long hair, I think! And yes, that is all her hair! At first I thought braiding hair was added because the YouTuber’s hair looks to be about armpit length straight, but this style is achieved with big pin curls and a little creative wrapping!! Check it out!

via MsMary123100 aka Mary’sHairObsession

Loving her hair color too!!


So, what do you think? Like her twist on this frohawk style? Are you inspired? ;)

Style Inspiration: Funky Faux Undercut Updo



Okay, I saved this pic within the first week of joining Instagram for a Style Inspiration feature! I know that I shared it on Facebook, but somehow never managed to post it here!! Well, time to rectify that oversight. How HAUTE is this updo by @karmbaby?!?!

I love the look of undercuts, but would never do it as my hair is not thick enough to sacrifice sections of hair! This is an awesome way to fake the look, without sacrificing the hair!!

karmbaby_updo2Love it!! And her color is FIYAH!!

Want to see and learn more about Karmbaby? Then check out her YouTube Channel here!


Would you rock the faux “undercut” look? 

Bantu Knot Out … to the Side


by Valerie of Curls2Envy

1st attempt at this..

This Bantu Knot out was done on freshly washed hair. The products used where:

  • Leave-in: CJ smoothing lotion
  • Sealer : Oyin sugar berries pomade
  • Styler: a tiny bit of koils by nature gel.
  • Shea butter to seal ends

Medium bantu knots … About 4-5 in each quadrant. So, in total, about 20-25 knots … Let them dry all the way. Take them down with some Jane Carter Nourish & Shine to prevent frizz … Fluff … And bam. Lol

take down

look at the definition

fluffed a lil bit

front view

side view

right side view

I am pleased. Rocked it like this to church.

What do you guys think?


Super cute and oh so shiny and bouncy! But, I’ve never done a Bantu knot out! Given my struggles with hair that fails to dry in a TnC overnight or even 24 hours, I haven’t even wanted to chance how long it would take to air dry a Bantu knots!!

How about you? Do you wear Bantu knot-outs? What’s your technique and what products do you use?

Janelle Monae Inspired Updo


Just came across this hot little updo on Pinterest, which took me to Instagram, which lead me to the YouTube tutorial, which had me searching Facebook for the above still image. See the lengths that I go through for you guys;)?!?! LOL!! Seriously, there are a lot of Janelle Monae inspired updos out there, but this is my favorite take on it so far! It looks a lot softer, more organic and very feminine in comparison to the original. Bonus? It looks so simple to do!! Enjoy!!

via LoveIslandBeauty

(p.s. What a beautiful young lady!)

Medium Length: Re-Evaluation & Regimen Building


 by Emily CottonTop

At around year 2-3 of hair growth, most people describe their length as medium! It is that point at which you are past your TWA and probably just below your shoulders stretched. Most of us spend alot of time talking about TWAs on one end of the scale and super long hair at the other end of the scale. But, what about when you find yourself smack dab in the middle?

Facts about medium length hair:

  1. Retaining length does not get any easier! The routine that worked for your TWA most likely will need to be re-evaluated, kicking some practices to the curb and keeping some variations of others.
  2. Prepping hair for washing and handling is more meticulous, because with more length there is more opportunity for tangles and snags.
  3. Medium length is the best time to tighten up your regimen. As you look forward to your length goals … consistency becomes even more important *sticking with a regimen that is tailored for your hair and your personal needs*.

I know that, at medium length, I went through some kind of mid-hair crisis. I wanted to color, straighten, color and straighten and do all sorts of things with my hair. I do love enjoying my hair at every stage, but the truth is … caring for it does not get any easier. But, the good news is … it doesn’t get any harder either, as long as I remain consistent.

My Medium Length Evaluation

When I finally got some hang time with my hair, I decided after a while what I was sticking with and what I was ditching based on 4 main concepts.

This is how I did it.


TWA/short hair solution – Co-wash often and use moisture based leave- ins, butters and oil sealants, deep conditioning weekly

Medium Length solution –  Keeping the co-wash, keeping the moisture based leave-ins, narrowed my butters and oils down to Shea butter as my staple, and heavy oils such as castor oil, coconut oil, and olive oil. Even more consistent with deep conditioning


TWA/short hair solution – Protein treatment using ApHogee once a month, deep condition with some form of protein

Medium Length solution –  Keeping the major protein treatment to “as needed.” Use protein more often in my weekly deep conditioning regimen, understanding the use of hydrolyzed protein in maintaining moisture as well as adding strength to my hair


TWA/short hair solution – Clarify “as needed,” use a moisture retention shampoo

Medium Length solution –  Keeping the “as needed” clarification and the moisture retention shampoo (no change)

Knots and Tangles (this gets worse)

TWA/short hair solution – Search and destroy

Medium Length solution– Keeping  search and destroy method, added – stretching using hair bands and minimal heat


Have you re-evaluated your regimen lately?

Special Occasion Updo


You know, inspiration can come from many places.  Shortly before I joined the GOC challenge, I was searching for protective updos for “long, natural, fine hair.” I tried all kinds of search words and combinations on Youtube without much success. Then, I eliminated the word “natural” and came across Lilith Moon. Lilith moon is neither naturally curly nor of color. Yet, this youtuber offered me styles and options that I wasn’t finding elsewhere. Some of Lilith’s styles require a little modification and a smidgen of creativity to adapt to naturally curly hair. However, her channel and videos opened up a whole new world of styling possibilities for me. This discovery reminded me that we should always keep our minds and eyes open and receptive to all sources of inspiration. It can come from the most unexpected of places.

So, without further ado, this is the Lilith Moon youtube video that inspired the above updo.

Just a few notes on how I accomplished this on naturally curly hair.

  1. I did a TnC to stretch my hair and get a nice curl (see my TnC tutorial here; the tutorial was the actual set for this style!).
  2. To prep for the style, the night before, I smoothed my hair back with a little Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel mixed with Wonder Curl Butter Than Love.
  3. I put on a thin elastic headband and tied my hairline down with a scarf. Then, I put my hair up into a pineapple with a satin scrunchie. I folded the curls forward close to the base of the ponytail and put another scrunchie to hold the curls forward.  Then, I put on my huge, old lady, white bonnet and hit the sack (on a satin pillowcase of course;)!
  4. In the morning, I removed the scarf, reset the black elastic headband, wrapped the trim around my hair twice and tied the ends at my nape.
  5. I did NOT follow her curl “scrunching” technique! Given the expression of horror that came across your face as you watched the video, I know that you know that that would end badly. So, I just kind of rolled the ends of each inch section of curl around my finger once or twice, pushed the curl in lightly and then secured with bobby pins (those hair pins just don’t work for me!  I try and try to secure them in my hair, but they just pop right back out!).
One final note, I got the trim I used in the picture from Michael’s. They didn’t have many options there though, so I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics and got some others, all of which are pictured in the last photograph.

Hope you enjoyed this and, if you try it for a special occasion … or just for work (that’s where I was going!) …, send pics and a story please!!  And thank you for visiting!

(p.s. If you really like this post, please “like” it,  “share” it, “tweet” it or just leave a comment so that I know whether these are the types of things you like to see and read;)!!)


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