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Multi-Ponytail Poofs


I saw the above photo some time ago … and I’ve seen it periodically on various hair sites over the last couple of years … I’m sure many of you have as well. I immediately fell in love with this big and fluffy multi-ponytail-buns-poof style!! Well, yesterday, I pulled the front of my hair back and made a little poof with a couple of bobby pins. My hair was looking pretty big and fluffy.

So, I decided, “What the heck? Let’s give this a try!!” I grabbed two Goody Comfort Flex Barrettes and a small black silicone elastic and made the three sections, tugging the hair above the barrettes to give each “bump” some volume. And this is what I got!

I definitely do not have the amount of hair that the model has in the inspiration photo and my layers make the bottom section a tail, rather than a puff … but I was still pretty pleased with the results!! The great thing is that it was really super easy to do too!!

And, because I’m enjoying playing with my new collage app;):


Would you wear this style? How would you modify it for different lengths?