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I’m Still Alive



Okay, I’ve been very absentee with the blog this week. For real, I have two posts sitting partially drafted on here and multiple notes on my computer for other posts I’ve yet to write. But, I just haven’t been able to really focus after work!! It’s been non-stop this week. Prior to my 28 Day Fitness Challenge, I was doing a lot of my writing in the early morning, because my mind was fresher then. But, now that I’m exercising in the morning, I don’t have time to write before work. And, I’m so burned out after work … I’m staring at a computer and writing all day and/or attending multiple meetings (seriously, I had FIVE meetings on Thursday and didn’t leave until 7 pm last night) … I just can’t concentrate on writing a DECENT full post!! This is why I HAVE to work-out in the morning. It just wouldn’t happen at all if I didn’t!

All that being said, I AM going to get this detangling post finished and published TODAY!!! I know that weekends are wash days for many ladies, and I want to get this out in case it might be helpful!!

But first, gotta get my work-out gear on and hit the basement for Day 27 of my 28 Day Fitness Challenge!!! I’m so excited that I’m definitely going to make 28 days!! Okay, let me get out of here now! But, I’ll be back!! Promise!!