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The Katie Show Experience



Okay, I overslept this morning, so this will be quick. After a rocky start due to leaving the house without my phone, license and confirmation, running back home to still not find my license and grabbing my passport instead, freaking that I wasn’t going to make my train, and high-tailing it down the highway, I made it to my train on time, everyone showed up early and we had a great time at the show!!! The entire crew and Katie were sooooo nice!! It was a genuinely pleasant experience. I’ve attended live productions before, where the audience was treated like annoying cattle. At the Katie show, everyone was polite, told us how important we were to the show, gave us instructions in a professional manner, and, when we were exiting, everyone we passed said, “Thank you for coming!”

As we were part of a group, we were lead into the audience holding area and seated first. Our group was broken up into 3 and 5. My sister, Gina and I were seated in the middle front row; the rest of our group was placed dead center in the middle, middle row. The studio was so small, there’s no doubt that you’ll see us smiling, laughing and making funny faces on camera!! LOL!!

As you know from my post the other day (check it out here if you missed it), the Katie show was about going “au natural” and the audience was asked to come make-up free as Katie would be doing the entire show sans make-up. I’m sure there was a little make-up going on, but it was very minimal, so it was cool! Really, the show was about how the pursuit of beauty impacts us and the first guest was a woman who went a year without using beauty products, with the exception of things that her husband used. She wrote a book about it, The Beauty Experiment, a copy of which we were all given as we left! There were several other guests, but I don’t want to give it all away! Overall, I thought that it was a very interesting show and conversation.

As to Katie Couric, she was so nice. She talked to the audience during commercial segments, apologized that we had to clap so much and was a great hostess. She was very poised, relaxed and smooth in her interviewing. She never overpowered the interviews and allowed her guests to talk, which I think is so important. I hate when the host of a show like this spends more time talking than the guests! Ugh! But, Katie definitely did not. She led the discussion, but she allowed her guests to really answer her questions without interruption.

Okay, so now, the cosmetic stuff. Katie’s outfit was niiiiiiiiiceee, from the top, to the lace skirt to the tonal plum round-toe pumps (her skirt is from Talbot (my sister asked during the short Q&A session following the taping!! LOL!!). And Katie looked GREAT without make-up! I was expecting her to look very different from how she does with make-up, but she did not! She looked really good!!

I said this was going to be brief right?!? LOL!! Okay, here are some pics from the show and my hair (which turned out very well, I was pleased) and outfit all pulled together.


Back: Wendy, Felicia, Shauna; Front: Jackie, me, Gina, Shana, Joyce

The “Going Au Natural” Katie episode airs on ABC on Friday at 3 pm EST (NY/NJ).
(Networks and times vary by state. Visit KatieCouric.com for the air date, time and station in your town.)

I’ve already set my DVR!! Actually, I set it to tape today’s show too … because Jada Pinkett was on the show that taped immediately before ours!! She was talking about her cause, human slave trafficking. So, I want to see that one too.

Happy Thursday!!



Thanks to Tracy and my sister Shana for sharing some screen shots from the actual show!!

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Getting Ready: Hair√, Face√, Clothes√



I need to get in the shower in a few, but figured I’d share the plan for my “look” for the Katie Couric show today! LOL!! So, as you may  know, the braid-out won the poll for my hair look today! It was a close race, but the braid-out kept the lead the entire race, sometimes by only 1 vote. But, as of this moment, it beat out the curly ‘fro 138 to 126. So, last night, I gently finger detangled my hair with my coconut oil whip and then set it in 12 braids (3 in each quadrant). I used a little Wonder Curl Get Set Hair Jelly at the roots to smooth and set them, dampened the braids with water once done and then used Deva Curl Set It Free on the ends before rolling them on grey perm rods. I set my ends to make certain that they would be curly today as I usually sleep on one side and flatten some of the ends.

This morning when I woke up, I decided to do the bentonite clay mask that I failed to do last night. I mixed the clay with plain, whole milk yogurt for the low-grade peel qualities of lactic acid and added a little tea tree oil for the antiseptic qualities. Plastic utensils should be used to mix bentonite clay as metal decreases its ability to draw out impurities from the skin. Has something to do with negatively and positively charged molecules or electrons or something sciencey like that ;)! You can find a variety of bentonite clay mask recipes online, as well as info about the benefits of using bentonite clay internally and for topical applications!

KCbentoniteclaymaskThis mask is still on my face, immobilizing it like Botox! LOL!

Finally, I think I’m set on my OOTD, which is my awesome Sofistafunk skirt and the top that I bought from The Unique Pieces at The Mane Event on Saturday.. I may swap out the top though. I LOVE it and the color, but since I’m wearing my hair down, I think the mock turtleneck may make me look squat!! I’ll be wearing a cardigan as they warned that the studio can be cold and I freeze easily. With the hair down, the mock turtleneck and a cardigan, I’m afraid of looking stumpy. So, I may wear a yellow tank top under the cardigan instead to expose my neckline. We’ll see.


Oh, and I’ll be wearing my Michael Kors knee-length, black, suede, scrunchy boots. Don’t worry, you’ll see the whole look pulled together soon. Hopefully, it’ll be good!!

A’ight! I better get to it!! Gotta wash off this mask, iron some clothes and hit the shower!!

Lata Gatas!

Katie Couric Show: No Make-Up!



So get this! Tomorrow, I’m taking a group of 8 ladies/readers (including me) to the Katie Couric Show!!  You see, last fall, I applied to go to the show as part of a group with Jenell of Kinky Curly Coily Me. I didn’t get selected :(. No worries though! Because a couple of months later, the audience coordinator contacted ME to see if I wanted to bring my own group! Woot Woot! Well, this was the first time that all the stars were aligning and I’m finally taking my group to the show tomorrow.

Until last Friday, I had no idea about what the subject of the show would be. Then I got an e-mail with this special request:

The show you are confirmed for is going to be about beauty & more! Katie is doing the full show without makeup, and she would like a little encouragement and support….this is where you come in…our producers are asking that all audience members show up with NO makeup on. The show guests will also be playing a role with this “natural look.”

OMGosh!!! NO MAKEUP?!?!?! WHAT THE WHAT?!?! Ummmm  … yeah. Not really problem for me since I don’t wear it too often anyway!! LOL!! Buuuuuuut, that being said, you know I had to do a little skin pampering!!

So, on Sunday, I decided to do a little raw honey and brown sugar facial treatment that I’ve found works well for me and that I picked up from MopTop Maven a couple of years ago (starts at 2:41).

via MopTopMaven

First, I needed to wash my face though. Fortunately my skin has been decent lately, but I had been starting to experience some break-outs since my prescription facial cleanser was discontinued. I’d been using Clenia for at least 7-8 years with awesome results. Like, seriously, washing my face with it one time a day, I never got visible pimples or broke out. But, at the end of the summer, they stopped making Clenia (I’m still not sure why). So, I tried a couple of things that worked okay, but I was starting to get pimples here and there. Finally, after a suggestion on IG in the fall, I settled on Shea Moisture African Black Soap after a suggestion on IG.


YES GURL! That’s a body soap!! Seriously, this soap has some type of exfoliating beads and has been working great. The bonus? This is a body wash, so the bottle is huge, but I only use a small amount daily to wash my face. This thing is going to last FOREVER! Well, not quite, but at least a year!!

So, first I washed my face with the Shea Moisture Black soap. Then, I made the raw honey and brown sugar scrub with a teaspoon of each. I gently applied and massaged the scrub on my face and then used a warm wet cloth to, again, gently wipe it away. Next, I added a little green tea essential oil to my regular witch hazel and Emergen-C toner concoction and used a cotton pad to apply it.

Finally, I applied my prescription spot treatment (generic version of Duac) on my oily T-zone and moisturized with my coconut oil body whip.

IMG_7661Not bad for an almost 41 year old, right?

Yup. Look about the same. LOL! Anywho, I think I’m going to do a bentonite clay mask with plain greek yogurt (don’t have any sour cream) tonight a la MopTopMaven. Then, I think my skin will be in as good of a condition as it can be with “home spa treatments” for the NO makeup show tomorrow ;)!! Hmmm … I wonder, do you think I can get away with lightly pencilling in that vanishing right eyebrow tail?!?

Okay, before I go … I can’t decide how I want to wear my hair!! You know it has to be especially FAB if we can’t wear any makeup!! I’m torn between doing a braid-out or the curly ‘fro that I did last week!!


So, it’s poll time!! What do you guys think?! Should I go with the Curly ‘Fro or the braid-out?!?!


On another note, are you a make-up aficionado or do you prefer to go the au natural route?