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Happy MLK Day and Congratulations Mr. President!



Watching the Inauguration footage of our President for his second term. Regardless of how one feels about his politics, I think that, as a black person, we have to acknowledge the significance of what it means for a black man to be elected to the  highest office in the country, not once, but twice. I swear, after that first debate, Michelle pulled Barack aside and said, “Listen. I know you’re tired! I know you’re sick of fighting! But this isn’t about YOU!! It’s about every little black child out there watching you and seeing the possibilities!! Now, get it together and get ‘er done!!”

Oh, and on another note, black people didn’t elect Barack, everyone did. And, my personal feelings? The POTUS isn’t playing anymore. He doesn’t have a second term to worry about and he has an agenda that he will do his best to get accomplished.

That being said, as I watched the post speech footage, I remembered watching this video shortly after his first election and had to share.

Bwahahaha!! Muhammad Ali was a smart, SMART man!! đŸ˜‰

Happy MLK Day!!