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Home Sweet Home!!


Finally home in a warm house, with hot water, cable and internet after 13 days with no power!!! 13 DAYS!!!! That was out of control. But, we owe a huge debt of gratitude to my friends Anthony (Sci-5 FOREVER!!) and Jackie who took us in for the week, kept us warm, gave us internet and cable and fed me too much ;).! They were sooooo AWESOME!!

Anywho, now that we are back in the house, I was finally able to pre-poo this 2 week old hair so that I can wash it and officially begin the #hairscapadesbunchallenge!! Knowing myself well enough though, I’ll probably be rocking a pre-poo bun tomorrow ;D!!


And the Hits Keep Coming


Can you believe this ish?!?! Yeah, this nor’easter has the nerve to be dropping some serious snow on NJ after Hurricane Sandy left her business all over our front yard!! There are tons of people who still have NO power! Ten days later and we still have NO POWER!! TEN!! Y’all don’t know. I’ve been trying to keep a positive and sunny disposition knowing how much worse many have it. But, gotta be  honest, when I went on the NJ.gov site yesterday and saw a report that indicated nobody else in my town was getting restored until Friday, my happy face slipped and I broke down! It was about 6 pm at work and I just started tearing up and crying thinking about going home to a cold, dark house for yet another night! But then, a reflexive post on FB resulted in help from friends. So, again, I was reminded of my many blessings and pulled it back together. And, despite the snowy conditions shown above, Wei and I are nice and toasty!! Mwah!!

Anywho, this post is kind of just my week in pictures.

Layered up for warmth yo!!

Looks like we’re outside camping, doesn’t it?

So, a friend scared me about using the oven to heat the house (an open oven releases dangerous carbon monoxide! I did not know that!). So, I tried the “heating a pot of water on the stovetop” tactic instead. Do you see that white mess in the pot? I will never drink unfiltered water from my tap again!! I knew my water was hard … but DANG!!! So happy that I invested in that Aquasana water filter last year!!

Got my vote on  yesterday and was able to watch the results come at a friends house! I was cautiously optimistic when  we saw them declare President Obama the winner and a second-term president!! You know, they’ve been wrong before ;). But, when I woke up this morning and saw it confirmed, a big smile crossed my face :). Whoot whoot!! I don’t like the gloating that goes on a lot of places as I wouldn’t like it if the tables were turned. So, I try to avoid being braggadocios. However, politics aside, there’s something so emotionally uplifting to me about having a black family in the White House and I’m not ashamed to admit it!

And, you know, this being a hair site and all … I’ll end with hair! But, don’t get your hopes up! I got nothing much for you! I haven’t washed my hair since the Sunday before Sandy (thank GOODNESS I did that or I might be going on three week hair!!). So, I’ve been rocking buns since the weekend. I have to say, that TnC with the Mizani True Textures leave-in and jelly really provided a great foundation! My ends are still nicely curled and my hair feels decent! I’ll definitely be using it again! I’ve re-moisturized with a variety of things periodically over the last ten days and have used Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel and shea butter to slick my edges for the buns as the Mizani TT jelly did flake when I reapplied it to dry hair (I was able to dissolve the flakes by applying a little water). As or right now, my hair doesn’t feel tacky, greasy or oily and I don’t have any apparent product build-up. NICE! All that being said, I’m not looking forward to the detangling session that is going to go down my next wash day!! *Yeeesh*

Alright, that’s it. Just wanted to check in again while I have the opportunity!! Hope you all are doing well! For my east coast friends who are playing the same waiting game with your power company, here’s to getting power within the next week and praying that this nor’easter doesn’t take anyone back out or cause too many delays!! Shoot, some people are being told that they won’t get power until Thanksgiving or early December!! Another reminder to thank God for my blessings. But, that being said, I’m not going to stand on the roof of a burning building when God sent a fireman on a ladder. My condo community loses power ALL of the time and for multiple days every time! We ALWAYS seem to be last on the list for repairs and watch as everyone around us gets lights (seriously. everyone. all around us.). So, I’ve started looking for an indoor generator for real man! Can’t be doing this junk all winter long … and I have a feeling that it’s going to be a long, cold, snowy one.

Good night sweethearts! Stay warm!!

Radio Silence … Well, Not Really


Hi guys! So, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? Just wanted to check in really quickly. Hurricane Sandy has really done a number on the northeast. We are still without power at home … day 7 (or not quite 6 if you are counting a 24 hour cycle). But, thanks to the kindness of friends with a generator ;), I have camaraderie, internet, cable and, most importantly, took my first shower since Monday morning yesterday!!! It was lovely. I have always appreciated a hot shower, but there’s nothing like it when you haven’t had one in days!

Anywho, I’m about to hit the road and search for gas and a line that won’t require that I sit in it for 3+ hours. Yeah, they are on a ration in NJ right now. Gas lines have been RIDIC, police have to patrol them to control people who are losing their minds and yesterday at noon, they implemented an odd/even day restriction … meaning, you can only get gas on an even day if your plates end in an even number and an odd day if your plates end in an odd one. Vanity plates are odd … yeah, we looked it up! LOL!!

Okay, just wanted to let everyone know that we are doing fine and are in good spirits! Seriously, I’m feeling thankful and blessed that power is the only thing that we lost! My family and friends are well and no one suffered any major losses … which is FAR more than a lot of people can say. Not having power is an inconvenience, but not even a big one. I’ve been there three times before in the last year and a half and knew that it would happen, though this is the longest period without. So, send your prayers to all those who have lost homes or worse, loved ones.

Alright ladies, just wanted to let you all know that we’re okay. My one concern is that JCP&L is saying that most power will be restored by Wednesday, just in time for the nor’easter that is heading our way *smh*. So, I don’t know when we’ll return to our regularly scheduled programming, but hopefully it’ll be sometime in the near future.

Until then, stay safe and blessed!!

#Frotober Days 27-30


Day 27: Hydration The “Cool and Seal” deep conditioning technique was a game changer for me and was
one of my most popular posts from last year.

It starts on wash day for me. Get that right, and the rest of the week is easy! https://hairscapades.com/2012/08/21/moisturized-hair-it-starts-on-wash-day/

Day 28: Pumpkin

Yeah, Darcy’s Botanicals Pumpkin Seed Moisturizing Conditioner is one of my FAVE DCs. And it smells A-MUH-zing!! Shout-out to Penny of Happy Endings!! LOL!!http://instagr.am/p/RWACn3M1Xt/

Day 29: Black
Or, should I say, black-out. Yup. Barely 4:30 pm and the power went out already with barely a stiff breeze :/. On the right is my living/dining area w/flash and the left w/out. Gonna be a long several days. *sigh* Let me conserve my cell battery. G’night IG.

Day 30: Beauty
Finding joy in some quality snuggle time in the midst of a hurricane and black-out. Thank you Lord for keeping my family and friends safe. May God bless and comfort those who experienced loss during this storm, especially those who experienced irreplaceable losses. May we all remember that property can be restored, but life cannot. http://instagr.am/p/RbMDKSs1fX/


Thanks to Sandy and JCPL, I’m sure we’ll be without power for several days. My little community always seems to be last on the list for repairs. But, thanks to the kindness of friends, I’m charging up and about to enjoy a little Ben & Kate and Happy Endings before heading back to a dark house. Check in with me on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram for updates ———–>;>;>;>;!!

God bless!!