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June GOC Update: TerrificLady (#6)


On June 16th, I hennaed my hair again, but this time I also used indigo afterwards.
I love the results! My hair is still black, with the exception of new growth. I will continue doing the indigo maybe every 3 months.

May: Henna only treatment

June: Two step henna/indigo treatment

I rollerset my hair a day before I hennaed my hair (no apparent reason, I just did it).

I noticed that my hair didn’t grow much this month, especially the front and back.

I went away for my regular annual check up (specialist is in Curacao). I have been sick with the flu for over a week now. Had to get strong antibiotics and all :-(. They always say that antibiotics can let your hair fall, so I hope that doesn’t happen. I got one that is 1000mg! Never before have I had to take an antibiotic in such a high dosage.

No new products at this point. Once in a while I mix my own concoction in my kitchen for my hair.

Oh, by the way, I just made 1 year post relaxer and 5 months post Big Chop (exact date is unknown, but it was a few days before July 13th, 2011)!

And folks, do you remember the famous wig?  Well, I did wear it! However, I pinned it in the back and put a hat over it.

I wore it twice like that on a Saturday afternoon. And this time around my youngest daughter gave me the “ok” look. Wasn’t that bad this time :).

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