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A 28 Day Health & Fitness Challenge


28dayfitnesschallenge_before Top left: August 2011; Bottom left: June 2012; Right: January 2013

Okay, it’s beyond out of control now. I’m really depressed about my weight. I have no energy, am achy, struggle to get dressed every morning because nothing fits me, and am stressed about life in general. I have picked up so much weight over the last year and weigh the most I probably ever have in my life. I really don’t know why I do this to myself *sigh*. I’m always back at the drawing board and I’m seriously trying to get married this year. And, I’m not shopping for dresses like this :(!

At the end of December/beginning of January, Christina of The Mane Objective wanted to collaborate on a MyFitness Pal Challenge. But, I just couldn’t get it together.  Now, the situation is even worse than it was then. That being said, I started a personal 28 day challenge this morning. I did this last year and called it Project Scale Down. I did pretty well, though I think I missed 2 days in the 28? Anywho, the challenge is to do at least 10 minutes of exercise every day. This morning, I got up and did 30 minutes on the treadmill before the work. Wei got up too and jumped rope while I walked/jogged (only 5 minutes of barely jogging though). I’m trying to start exercising in the morning as I’m always so exhausted and drained (mentally and physically) after work. So, Wei has said that he is going to help me by needling me in the morning. I really hate that … I kind of get ticked. But, I need it as I am not a person who likes to work out in the morning. That being said, this means I also need to get in bed at a reasonable time if I’m going to be waking up at 5:30 am to start working out by 6. Therefore, 11 pm is my cut-off at night.

So, I will be training with kettlebell, C25K treadmill, the Biggest Loser Cardio Max, maybe the Brazil Butt Lift (BBL) DVD series, and Tamilee Webb’s Abs of Steel. Oh! And hot yoga!! I am pseudo watching The Biggest Loser again … but I am not feeling this season, which bums me out as I was excited for Jillian’s return. OH!! But, I might be able to watch it for Francelina alone!! OMGosh, have you seen her HAIR?!?!?!

francelina-morilloLOOK at it!! *drool*

Y’all, I couldn’t stop bugging over her hair last week!!! Seriously, if she makes it to the makeover show and they straighten it ?!?! …. Oh, who am I kidding?!? If I had that much hair and someone was offering to straighten it for FREE?!?! Yeah, I’d be all over that. But, I’m sayin’ son!! She better make certain they use a heat protectant and low heat!!!! *lol*

Alright, back to the point of this post. So yeah, 28 day challenge. 10 minutes of exercise a day. And, I hit the grocery store tonight to stock up on my necessities (fresh fruit, frozen veggies, Lean Cuisines, almond milk, organic baby food, Fage Geek yogurt and some pseudo health granola and light popcorn for the snack attacks that I know are coming!!). Oh, and my job is sponsoring this new Health and Wellness initiative hosted by this site called Keas! It’s like a health Facebook page! It’s kind of wild. You can set personal challenges there, which include exercise, nutrition and stress reduction. You can also post status updates, pics, take quizzes and complete challenges to earn points towards “rewards.” It’s been going on a couple of weeks now, but I really just got started in the last few days and am still figuring everything out.

Okay, let me wrap this up as I haven’t eaten dinner yet and it’s almost 10 pm!! So, the last time that I really did this, I posted a brief work-out update after I completed my scheduled exercise plan each day. However, I don’t think I’m going to do that this time around as blogging is part of my problem. So, I’ll just periodically update you as I have in the past, as part of other posts.

2/19/13 ETA: I changed my mind. I am going to post updates daily!! But, they will be quick ones on Instagram with the hashtag, #28DayFitnessChallenge … I’d add Hairscapades, but it’s already too long ;). So, if you’re interested, play along and/or follow my progress on IG at @Hairscapades


Any of you ladies want to join me in this challenge? You know studies show that those who get fit in groups stay motivated and lose more weight ;)!!