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April-July GOC Update: Mershauna (#14)


by Mershauna of The Dancing Optimist

Summer is going by so fast. I cant believe that we’re practically halfway through July! I’m enjoying time off from school, but I’m missing my dance classes. A lot of changes have been going on as far as fitness and hair. I also moved into my own apartment! I will say that I am definitely ready to be back in school. Summer is making me lazy, lol.

I’m so excited, because I’ve reached goal of MBL before september! I’m hoping to be full MBL by then.

It feels like it has taken AGES to reach this mark. It’s probably because I’ve always based this off my sports bras, since that’s what I’m always wearing, and they come down pretty low. I want to be waist length by 2013, which should be easy. Since I barely have a torso, my waist is about 3 to 4 inches away from MBL.

Because of this lofty goal that I’ve set, I’m really buckling down when it comes to my regimen. No more down and out styles for me. I will be rocking twist or box braids since I can wash my hair easily without having to take them down. I’m also trying to strengthen my hair, so I bought Aubrey Organic GPB conditioner and their J.A.Y. shampoo. I haven’t tried them yet, so my fingers are crossed. I’ve also been using Aussie’s Split End Protector since I’m prone to split ends. But, I haven’t been using that long enough to tell if it’s a keeper.

I’ve been really slacking lately. I’ve been working out only twice a week. That really has to change. I’m maintaining my weight of 136, which is good, but I want to be down to 120 by next year.

My diet has changed a lot. Jon and I have cut out red meat to only once a month and he’s lost around 20 or more pounds! I’ve been eating mostly vegetarian in hopes to get healthier and help with the weight. It’s also a way to force myself to eat more vegetables. There’s free yoga at a farmers market here on Saturdays, so I’m hoping to start that soon.


  • Drink more water.
  • Walk more.
  • Workout more (gym and dance).
  • Stick to my regimen and diet.

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