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Curlformers Convert!!



Okay, so I’m gonna try to keep this quick and too the point …  you know that’s a feat for me … which is why I don’t really Tweet/Twitter!! But, I gotta get ready to head out for Man of Steel and don’t have time to go into deep detail. So, here goes.

This past Saturday, I hennaed my hair, applied mix of Sally’s GVP The Detangler, aloe vera juice and JBCO/EVOO mix to my hair. Then, I twisted it … but first I attempted to set a section of hair with a Curlformer … and I very easily did it for the first time!!!! (I guess all those YouTube tutorials finally sunk in!).


I wore my twists down on Sunday and in an updo for work from Monday-Thursday. I have an event this weekend and decided I was going to finally give it the old college try and attempt a Curlformer set. I watched Naptural85’s Updated Curlformers Technique tutorial and MahoganyCurls Curlformers on Natural Hair: My First Impression again. Then, after work, I got to it.

My hair was still moisturized from being in a twisted updo all week, so I didn’t feel a need to re-moisturize. It was also almost perfectly sectioned and essentially detangled due to those same twists. So, the products and tools I used were very minimal.

Water in a small spray bottle
ORS Lock and Twist Gel (I♥ this gel and originally purchased it b/c of the GORGEOUS flexirod set KaiRox’s achieved with it.)

Curlformers (Extra Long & Wide 40 pack [20 clockwise & 20 counter-clockwise] for hair up to 22″ long)
Hair clips
My 10 Fingers



  • First I secured all but the bottom left twists of my dry hair up with hair clips.
  • Working from the back left (nape), I separated each twist and grabbed about 1-2″ sections (usually 2-3 per twist).
  • Once I had the section I wanted to set, I would prep a pink Curlformer on the wand.
  • Then, I spritzed the section of hair with water until it was slightly damp (not soaking wet) and smoothed a nice size dollop of ORS lock and twist gel down the length making certain the hair was detangled.
  • Next, I twisted the roots of the section to make it small enough to get the hook of the wand around all of the hair.
  • Finally, I hooked the wand over the root (not too close to the scalp), pushed the curler up over the top of the wand, and pulled my hair through the curler.(If the curler twisted wrongly, I fixed it to form the correct shape.)
  • I repeated this process on the left side and then completed the right side using the orange curlers.
  • The entire process took me about 1 hour 30 minutes, which wasn’t too bad given it was my first time.
  • I can’t remember how many Curlformers I used now!! But, I think it was about 38 … and, get this … there were at least an extra 6 pink curlers in my kit!!! #WINNING


Things I Learned

  • My hair is longer than 22″ in some sections?!?! Go figure. So, I had to pull a lot of the Curlformers down about an inch to make certain my ends were fully enclosed in the curlers.
  • I could have twisted the roots first so that the section out of the curler still had a wave to it (but, even though I didn’t do that, my roots were very smooth).
  • They make “Spiral Curls” Curlformers for super long hair up to 29″ now!! But those jokers are $73.95!! I’ll stick with pulling mine down from the root since that worked perfectly fine!! LOL!!


The setting went very easily. I only had to start over on two sections because the hair wouldn’t slide through smoothly. I decided to set my hair only slightly damp with the hopes that it would dry overnight. So, speaking of overnight, let’s talk about sleeping in these. I followed Naptural85s suggestion and secured the front sections with hair elastic. Then, I split them down the back and laid on my back to sleep. Yeah … I’m a side, fetal position sleeper and didn’t get much sleep that way. So, finally, in the early hours, I flipped on my side, threw the curlers over the edge of the pillow and balled the corner of the pillow up under my chin to elevate my head a little. That worked a lot better for me.


The Take Down

 The next morning (about 8 1/2 hours later), I removed the curlers and set my curls in buns for my morning workout following Naptural85’s technique for stretched curls.

  • Working from the front left first (pink curlers), I held the end of the curler near my roots and stretched the curler straight (this can be a little tricky as the Curlformers are firm and have a lot of “recoil” action, which help smooth the hair and retain their shape after repeated uses, I think).
  • Then, I squeezed each end of the curler to make it open and pulled the curler down the strand, keeping a grasp on both ends.
  • I “corrected” any curls that twisted/flipped by twirling/flipping them in the proper direction with my finger.
  • Next, I applied a little Shea Decadence Sweet Marmalade Pomade to my ends to seal the hair and add shine. (Yo. I’ve been using several items from Shea Decadence for about a month now. LOVE them and have to get you guys a full review soon as it is soooo overdue!!)
  • Repeated on next section. (I had one section that didn’t fully dry, so I just pin curled it and left it that way until I released all of my hair.)
  • Once I had two sections free, I combined the curls. (I did not clip the ends as my curls stayed together without one and I didn’t want my curls to stretch too much.)
  • I repeated until the left side was one big “twist” and then did the same on the right side.
  • Once both sides were done, I loosely wrapped and bunned them at the back of my head using hair pins.
  • Then, I tied my hair up in a satin scarf and donned a sweatband for day 117 of my #365daysoffitness (30 min. progressive incline walking on the treadmill … decided to not run to try to reduce the amount I sweat … yeah … I still sweat a lot. But, health over hair.)

So, yeah, I removed the sweatband, but left the scarf on my hair (and actually added a second thinner one around my edges to absorb more sweat) until I got to work. When I uncovered my hair, the scarf and my hair were still damp :(. But, I released my buns anyway and gently separated the curls. I left the roots alone to try to allow them to air dry.


And, by the early afternoon, after it had long since dried, I played around with the part to get it more to my liking (meaning, I needed to create more volume at the front!).


Final Thoughts:

So, what do I think of Curlformers? I LOVE them! They weren’t whistling dixie when they said these get the hair soooo smooth like a curling iron! I was also soooo impressed that even though I had to leave the first inch of my hair out, my roots still looked smooth and silky (until I worked out ;))!!! Though the curls looks similar to my perm rod sets, I think my hair is a lot smoother and more stretched. The application process went very smoothly for me, which was my biggest concern and why I didn’t try these things for 2 years!! The removal was also pretty easy, though I didn’t do it quickly to make certain I didn’t snag or ruin a curl. My hair didn’t get snagged or pulled out in the curlers during the application or removal process (I only removed shed hairs that I saw … no broken hairs from the curlers).

Now, the cost of Curlformers may be prohibitive for some at $50-$75 for most complete kits. But, if you can swing them, I would definitely recommend!!! Sally’s carries them on the ground, and you might be able to catch them on sale and use the 15% discount if you are a rewards member. Oh, and if your goal is to grow your hair long, I’d suggest getting the longest ones you can afford so that you don’t outgrow a shorter set and have to spend more money for longer kit. In the alternative, if you just can’t see yourself spending that much on “rollers,” I know that there is a knock-off brand called Magic Levarag. It’s sold on eBay and Amazon for at least half the price. However, that brand doesn’t have the length options that Curlformers have and I’ve read mixed reviews, so I’m not co-signing on it at all and would suggest that you do your research first.

Alright … it’s obvious I don’t know how to write a short post! I started this yesterday an hour before heading to the movies (BTW, I HATED Man of Steel) and had to finish it this morning!! Oh well … at least I’m thorough … right (humor me please ;))?!?!

To wrap this up … Curlformers get four hearts out of five (I took one off for the high price tag ;)).




Have you used Curlformers? What do you think of them?

EboniCurls Ebonnet Giveaway!!!



AWWWWWWW SOOKIE SOOKIE NOW!!!! As if the 15% discount code wasn’t awesome enough … that’s right!!! Eboni is donating TWO EboniCurls 4-piece Ebonnet sets for a HAIRSCAPADES GIVEAWAY!!! This just gets better and better!!

Want your chance to win a red or chocolate Cheetah Dreams set, which includes a double-lined Ebonnet, contrast pillowcase and TWO scrunchies? Well here’s all that you have to do!!!

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A winner will be selected at random within the week following the close of the giveaway!

The deadline for entry is Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 12th, at 11:59 pm.


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EboniCurls Ebonnet 15% Discount Code



It’s been a while since we’ve had a discount code around here!! So, why not bring it back with one of the most popular giveaway items that I’ve every shared, the EboniCurls Ebonnet!! (I know some of you have been eagerly awaiting this. ;)). From now until Mother’s Day (11:59 pm, 5/12/13), get 15% off of all EboniDreams Ebonnets at EboniCurls.com!!!! Wondering what’s so awesome about these bonnets? Then check out my review here: EboniCurls Ebonnets Review.

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Ebonnet Review, Giveaway and Black Friday Discount Code! *CLOSED*


So, this is one of my suuuuper delinquent posts. See, what had happened was … back in August, Eboni of EboniCurls and I got to “chatting” on Facebook. I had come across her Ebonnets a few months earlier during some YouTube perusing. I think it was a review by Jess of MahoganyCurls that first piqued my interest. Then, I found this YouTube video by Eboni herself wherein she explained and demonstrated the difference between the inferior nylon satin bonnets that we find in the beauty supply stores and the premium charmeuse satin ones that she makes.

via EboniCurls 

After watching this video and realizing how deficient my 50 zillion Sally’s bonnets are, you know the PJ in me was hyperventilating!! But, when I visited Eboni’s shop to feed my habit, she was out of stock *womp womp*. So, being the AADD-suffering individual that I have become (Adult Attention Deficit Disorder for those of you who don’t know;)) , I forgot about the Ebonnets for a while. But, as luck would have it, I “ran” into Eboni on Facebook shortly thereafter. We began “chatting,” I knew her, she knew me, we were all giddy with excitement and, the next thing I know, Eboni was sending me an Ebonnet of my very own! Not only that, it was one of her newest designs and my very favorite print, LEOPARD!! YEA!!! Oh, and one more thing, we decided to collaborate on a giveaway!

Anywho, I got my bonnet immediately and planned on posting the giveaway in October. To tell you the truth, I don’t know what happened!! I had other giveaways going, I was tired, I was distracted, I was unfocused … AADD you know … and I completely let this one get by me despite the fact that I was wearing my bonnet regularly!

Then, serendipity stepped in!! Last week, CurlyNikki shared an article by NaturallyChelsea, The Real Satin Bonnet – Choosing the Right Scarf. This post does a great job of explaining the difference between a quality satin scarf and the inferior nylon satin scarves sold by beauty supply stores. The comments were even more enlightening as several ladies explained that satin is a weave technique  and a finish, not a type of fabric. Who knew?!?! (Well, a few people I guess. ;)) After seeing all of this, I knew that it was perfect timing to resurrect the Ebonnet review and the giveaway!! And, why not throw in a discount code to boot?!?!

So, here we go!!


Okay, first Eboni sent me a EboniDreams Ebonnet AND a bonus scrunchie in lovely gift wrapping with a very sweet, personal and handwritten note. It was a pleasure just to receive the package!

Next are the actual EboniDreams bonnet and scrunchie. Wow! These things are so well-made. I was sent a charmeuse satin, double-lined bonnet in Golden Leopard Dreams and a scrunchie in Eco Leopard.

What is charmeuse satin you ask? Well, I’ll let Eboni explain it:

via EboniCurls on Etsy

Charmeuse is a luxury fabric made from silk with a satin finish. It has a floating appearance which drapes very well, especially for formal wear. The fabric is also extremely lightweight, and it has a glossy appearance and extremely soft texture. This fabric should be handled with care, since it is very fragile.

And why is satin superior to cotton?

Cotton may feel warm and cozy, but it is a highly absorbent material that draws moisture from our skin and hair as we sleep. We actually need the oils that are leached by cotton to keep our hair calm and our skin supple. In addition, the weave of a cotton pillowcase acts like an abrasive material, catching individual stands of hair and causing them to tangle and break. That same weave pressed against our faces at night causes our ever-less-elastic skin to crease. And like any other repeated action, those creases can eventually become permanent. A satin pillowcase, on the other hand, allows our face and head to move easily across its surface, avoiding the friction and damage caused by cotton.

So what makes Ebonnets so special?

Ebonnets are handmade with high quality Satin or double lined with Charmeuse Satin, which is made of extremely tightly bound satin threads that provides optimum retention of the hairs natural oils along with providing additional moisture on your hairs delicate strands. Charmeuse allows moisture to stay within the atmosphere of the bonnet which results in soft healthy hair!

Well, I’d have to agree. You can immediately SEE and FEEL the difference between this satin bonnet and your run-of-the-mill BSS variety one. The fabric is opaque, silky smooth and substantive. And, the double-lining is an added bonus! I don’t see any moisture/oils escaping through the Ebonnet to soil my pillowcase while I’m wearing this!

However, after learning that satin is a finish and not a fabric, I did have to ask Eboni:

What type of fabric do you use for your products?

All of my material is Charmeuse satin. Silk is natural and made from worms. I do not use silk. The Charmeuse satin that I use is man made of polyester fibers. … I’ve found that the higher the polyester count, the better it retains moisture. And I say that charmeuse satin acts like silk in what it does for our hair and that it is more durable than silk.

Makes sense to me and the proof is in the pudding! This bonnet is densely woven, silky smooth and durable. And, although I can be a night sweater (ewwww, I know :(), I didn’t find that this bonnet made me hot or sweaty, even though I wore it towards the end of August. So, though it seals in the moisture, it also seems to allow airflow so that my head can “breathe.”

Finally, the Ebonnet is massive and manages to accommodate my big, huge buns when I feel like leaving them in for bedtime. The rope drawstring enables one to “customize” the opening to fit different head sizes. The one thing is that I do have a pea-size head (who would have guessed with this eighthead, right?).  So, if I have my hair pulled back in a low bun, it tends to move around and slip forward and cover my fore … I mean eight … head. I guess this is because the drawstring closure doesn’t cling the same way as elastic.

So, to wrap this long review up, the Ebonnet is a keeper and the quality justifies the cost, IMO. Oh, and the satin scrunchie was a nice bonus! It has some serious elastic and is roomy too!

Now the moment that you’ve all been waiting for …


Want your chance to win a Golden Leopard Dreams double-lined Ebonnet just like mine? Well, it couldn’t be more simple!! Just tell us how you do bedtime hair in the comments below! That’s it!!

The deadline for entry is Friday, November 30th.

And last, but not least …


On black Friday, from 8 am to 2 pm and while supplies last, Eboni Curls’ EboniDreams Etsy shop will re-open and you can get 20% off all Zebra print items!!!!  Just enter coupon code BLACKZEBRA at checkout (excludes S&H and non-zebra print items).

For up-to-the-minute news on restocking dates, new designs and prints, Like EboniCurls on Facebook!!

Now how’s that for making up for my procrastination!!!

*No purchase necessary. A winner will be selected at random the week following the close of the giveaway. In accepting the prize, the winner acknowledges that Hairscapades.com may not be held liable for any loss, damages or injury associated with accepting or using this prize. This contest is subject to all federal, provincial and municipal laws. Contest open to Continental U.S. residents only. One entry per person. Claiming of prizes requires an e-mail response to hairscapades@gmail.com from the winner within 5 days of being notified of winning. Failure to respond shall mean that the winner forfeits the prize and an alternate winner will be selected.