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Accessorizing a Bun


bunaccessories(source: TheBerry.com)

My sister sent this to me the other day! A little accessorizing inspiration for my bunning challenge ladies or, you know, those of you who just happen to wear buns ;)!! I particularly LOVE the idea of the hair bow clip!! I’ve seen the hair bow style that some of the ladies have been rocking popping up a lot lately. And, although I think it looks very cute on them, don’t see myself trying that one! But, the hair bow clip is a quick and easy way to get a little of that look!! Now, I just gotta figure out how to make my own with faux hair that looks like my natural hair!! Pretty sure that I have some curly/wavy synthetic hair hanging around that I can use to give it a go! You know that I’ll share if it works out ;)!


Would you wear the hair bow style or the clip? What is your favorite way to accessorize a bun?

(Mine is with hair flowers!! No surprise there, right ;)?!


Flowers from Fatima Giveaway Winner!!


The winner is of the Flowers From Fatima  Giveaway is …

NikkiNicoleIsUrLover (@ActressNik)

Congrats lady! Shoot your mailing address and contact number to me, plus a link to the item you want (up to a $20 value) to me at hairscapades@gmail.com and Flowers From Fatima will get your prize in the mail post haste!!

*The winner was selected using the True Random Number Generator at Random.org.

Flowers from Fatima Giveaway & 35% Discount *CLOSED*


That’s right! It’s been a while, but it’s giveaway time!!! Do you love all things hair accessory?!? Then this is the giveaway for you!

The story behind Flowers from Fatima:

Growing up, my father decided to pursue a family run program for the improvement of our neighborhood. Alone, my family and I transformed the neighborhood into a paradise. We attracted exotic butterflies, birds, and a certain positive energy that seemed foreign to the complex and this beauty lasted for many Summers. It was then, 12 years ago, that I found an attraction for natural beauty and have grown to connect with our Mother Nature in all ways possible. In mid-December of 2009, my father passed, but his dream lives through my flowers.

“Where there are flowers, there is life.”


Want to get your hands on a pretty Flowers from Fatima hair flower, headband or hair combs ($20 value or less)? It’s easy as 1, 2, 3!!

  1. Like the Flowers From Fatima Facebook page;

Not on Facebook? That’s okay, now you can enter too!!

  1. Favorite the Flowers From Fatima Etsy shop.
  2. Once you’ve done one or the other, let us know which one in the comments below and;
  3. Answer the question:

What’s YOUR favorite Flower from Fatima?
(include link in your comment)

Deadline for entry: 11:59 p.m. Thursday, October 18th.

All subscribers, old and new, are eligible. Just make certain to like the Facebook pages and comment as instructed above!! A winner will be selected at random within the week following the close of the giveaway!


Oh, and what’s this about a discount code you ask?! Yeah, we have one of those too!! From now until the giveaway deadline, you can get 35% … that’s right 35%!!!! … off of all Flowers from Fatima orders (excludes S&H) with discount code: HAIRSCAPADES35!! (Hmmmm … I wonder if I can take advantage of that myself?!?! LOL!!)

Alright, get to liking, favoriting and commenting ;)!

*No purchase necessary. In accepting the prize, the winner acknowledges that Hairscapades.com may not be held liable for any loss, damages or injury associated with accepting or using this prize. This contest is subject to all federal, provincial and municipal laws. Contest open to Continental U.S. residents only. One entry per person. Claiming of prizes requires an e-mail response to hairscapades@gmail.com from the winner within 5 days of being notified of winning. Failure to respond shall mean that the winner forfeits the prize and an alternate winner will be selected.

Flash Post


This is just a quick flash post of random hair things.

First, the above pic is of a quick roll and tuck style that I wore to work yesterday and I’m wearing again today with a different flower. Return of the stretched and protected hair ;).

Prior to that, I wore my twist-out hair down on Monday … but not with the side part. Seems that I can only ever get that to look right at home. Part of the problem probably is that I can’t work like this … you know, with only one eye ;). *lol*

Got some gifted goodies from CreamandCoco.com this week that I can’t wait to try! The Hair Pudding smells delicious!!  Well … to me anyway … I love sweet smells ;).

Oh, and got gifted an EboniDreams Ebonnet from EboniCurls a few weeks ago. Eboni is a complete doll!! Anywho, I’ve been wearing the bonnet for about a week and a half. So, full review for that coming soon too!!

That’s it! Told you that it was a “flash” post ;).

What’s been going on with all of you this week? C’mon, share a little ;). 

Ear Cuff with Hair Comb


Yesterday, on Facebook, DailyCurlz posted a picture of a hair comb with an attached ear cuff that intrigued me (see post here). The accessory is being sold on Etsy, so I decided to search for more as I liked the idea, but didn’t love this particular design!!

Then, I came across the above number being sold by the Etsy Shop, TheLittlestFeather, for $26.50. It seems like a really cool and unique way to dress up a bun or updo for a fun evening out!!

Here’s another one that I was digging that was slightly less flamboyant and on sale for $21 in the FrancisFrank Etsy Shop.

Hmmmmm …


Are you feeling the ear cuff/hair comb combo? Have you ever worn one of these? Do you think it would be safe with natural/curly hair or am I just asking for trouble?! 

Fatemeh’s Jewelry & Accessories Discount!




So, right around the time that I started the Hairscapades Facebook page, I “met” Fatemeh, the artisan behind Fatemeh’s Jewelry & Accessories. I loved her peacock earrings and crochet hats so much that I sent her a message about possibly doing a collabo. Well, that irksome “Other” Messages FB folder tried to stand in the way of progress. But now, many months later, FB’s nefarious plot has been foiled!! 


by Fatemeh’s Jewelry & Accessories

I started making jewelry in the summer of 2010. I am an advanced crocheter and, for some reason, got tired of making coats and sweaters. I sat down one day and started making jewelry. A box of items were just sitting on the floor, so my sister suggested that I sell them. That’s where Fatemeh’s Jewelry & Accessories started.

I make crochet and beaded jewelry and hair accessories. Every item you see is made by hand. Every bead is strung, every wire is wrapped, every fabric is cut and yarn is crocheted. I want people to walk around with an item that no one else has. So, my jewelry is one of a kind. You will not see any two pieces alike. But, items can be duplicated upon request. Look in the “Sold” section of my shop.

I am very meticulous. If I don’t like a finished product (crochet or jewelry), I will take it apart. I have taken apart whole crochet sweaters. People think I’m crazy for doing that. If I don’t like how an item looks, it will not be sold or given away.

I also do custom orders … YOU create a one of a kind piece.

Website: .
You can browse and buy items from my Etsy shop at www.etsy.com/shop/fnggrant. You can also find me on Facebook where I post new items for sale and giveaways: Fatemeh’s Jewelry & Accessories Facebook Page.

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So, I know what you’re thinking … “What about that discount code?” Well, for the next week*, Fatemeh is offering all of you lovely ladies a 20% discount off your entire order (excluding S&H)! Just enter coupon code HAIRSCAPADES at check out. 

(*Coupon code expires at 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, April 18th.)

Threadmill and DarlinBabe Giveaway Announcement! *CLOSED*


4/25/12:  Only a few days left to submit your guest post and get entered for a chance to win!!


Winter is over for many of us and it’s time to pack away those warm and cozy winter hats. What more perfect time to start looking for easy, breezy summer beanies?!? Well, have I got the giveaway from you!! Remember my girl Dottie of Threadmill? If you don’t, she specializes in some of the cutest hand-crocheted hats around and at very reasonable prices.

Well now, Dottie is offering all of you a chance to win a $30 gift certificate to use at Threadmill! And, that’s not all!! The winner of this giveaway will also get to select a unique and whimsical ring from DarlinBabe, the Etsy shop of Dottie’s daughter!!

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Want in on the action?! Then submit one of the following with the subject, “Threadmill Giveaway,” to hairscapades@gmail.com by the contest deadline for your chance to win!

  • TUTORIALS – If you are an aspiring, amateur hair stylist with great hair and greater styles, please share!! Or, maybe you have a great DIY item or homemade recipe or remedy! Send me a bulleted picture tutorial or a YouTube video of your fabulous style, project or recipe for inclusion in the “Library!”
  • REVIEWS – Did you try an amazing, lackluster or absolutely horrendous product, tool or accessory recently? Do you have a holy grail product that just doesn’t get enough shine? Then send your in your Rant or Rave (include the ingredients list for product reviews, please!)! Video reviews are very welcome as well!
  • HAIRSTORIESThe coffers are getting low! So, if you haven’t sent in your story yet, now is the time! Click the hyperlink for the HairStories page to find links to interview questions for Big Chop, Hair Crush, Transition, Henna and Me and My Albatross hairstories.
  • NATURALS AROUND THE WORLD – Share your natural or transitioning story as a member of the international community. This is a chance for us all to learn about the different experiences and various perspectives across the diaspora and in the homeland. How are our stories the same and how are they different? (Yes, Threadmill ships outside of the US. So, all my non-US readers, you qualify for this giveaway too;)!)
  • MINI-HAIRSCAPADERS Do you have a little natural in your house with great curls, kinks or coils? Would you love to share her/his mini-hairstory? Then click the link, answer the questions and submit your mini-hairscapaders hairstory with 5-6 pictures.
  • GUEST BLOGGERS – If you maintain your own blog and would like to share a post on Hairscapades, send the article, a link to your blog and a pic of yourself. If you don’t maintain a blog, but would still like to make a submission, send me the post with pictures (of course ;))!
  • GOT SKILLS? QUESTIONS – This is a category under our Grow Out Challenge (GOC) that was created to answer pressing questions from you guys! I will try to answer as best as I can. However, this question is really for all of the readers. So, send me your most burning question!

Have a lot of great material? Then send multiple entries and earn an additional chance to win for every submission! Contest deadline is April 30th. A winner will be selected and announced in the first full week of May.

Soooo … what are you waiting for?!? Get to writing ;)!! LOL!!

April Showers Bring May Flowers


Spring is here! Spring is here!! That being said, you know that I’m starting to break out the big, bright hair flowers. I will also probably be hitting Michaels soon to pick up some new blooms to make a few more clips using my DIY tutorial.

Not feeling like making your own and/or want to supplement your existing flower “wardrobe?” Well, about a week ago, Erin of Botticelli Botanicals told me that she unearthed a huge stash of silk hair flowers that she had made years ago! And, guess what? She’s now selling them, 3 for $10, in her Etsy shop!! Now, that’s a great price!! So, if you’re interested in picking up some flowers to give your protective style or WnG that extra POP, check out Erin’s offerings via the link to the shop above.

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 LOVE the orchids and the irises!! 

Goody Goodies!!


Back in February, I did a post about the Goody So Smooth 2-in-1 Brush, which I’d purchased many years ago. I really liked it, but it had been discontinued. So, I “dug around” and tracked down a seller on eBay who had a few. After purchasing a back-up for myself 😉 and receiving a confirmation e-mail that it was shipping the next day, I told the seller (David) about Hairscapades and the post. He advised me that several of the brushes sold within minutes of the post publishing and all but one sold by the end of the week!!

David then advised me that he carries a lot of Goody items, including discontued merchandise, and was willing to offer my readers a 10% discount on any of his listings!  He simply asked to be contacted via e-mail for direct sale and that you mention “Hairscapades!”

So, if you’ve been looking for hair tools and accessories, like the satin pillow soft rollers pictured above, Comfort Flex barrettes, Ouchless ponytail holders or any other other Goody item, check out David’s Ebay shop: num25bers. If you see something you want, e-mail David at dstein3078@aol.com with the item(s) and let him know that you learned about his store on Hairscapades and he’ll take it from there!

Here are a few items that David currently has available.

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I’m in Love with a … Steamer


by M of Hair and Other Stuff

Anyone who follows this blog knows I have a major problem with dryness. I was at the point where I was seriously considering another big chop. I figured out the low porosity hair thing which was an aha moment. I started using my hair therapy wrap (indirect heat) to DC & it helped a little  but my hair was still dry.

A friend recommended a steamer and offered to let me try hers. I co-washed my hair and left conditioner in it. She set up the steamer and I sat under it for an hour. My hair felt a little softer but it  didn’t seem like a big difference to me. I was still feeling meh about getting the steamer until Tuesday.  I washed my hair and used Yes to Carrots condish. It was either the Yes to Carrots, the steamer or both but after 2 minutes of YTC on my hair,  it was BUTTA soft! The tangles were just melting away and my hair felt so moisturized.

I set my hair on Curlformers and even as my hair began to dry it was  still so soft and virtually tangle free! I almost teared up. I never have a near tangle free hair session. I will buy every bottle off that shelf if this stuff truly works like that! I’m ’bout to dig up pennies form the couch or something because I NEED to have a steamer! I think I’m gonna invest in one and keep using the YTC for a few weeks to see if it really make s a difference. I’m so excited y’all, this could change my whole hair game … PUMPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stay tuned for the  final word!

Some pictures of the process:

Freshly washed with V05 left in as a DC.
Before the steamer session.
Things were heatin’ up! And I was looking just as cray … smh.
After co-washing 3 days later. I know it’s twisted but can you see the difference? I can!
Hair feels a little heavier, softer, lays better and has less tangles. Better in every way.

Now I have to actually purchase my own :-(.


Do you have any steamer success stories? Please feel free to share!