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Growing Nape Hair


Tips and Tricks: Number 19

Until a few months ago, I probably would have never thought about this or believed that it was achievable. I mean, nape hair is the same as the hair at our sideburns or like eyelashes and eyebrows, right? In my mind, this hair just had a very short terminal length and was meant to be shorter. Then, I was perusing the Fotki of Zhara after Jasmine aka CurlsDivine told us about her in a GOC update and I came across this picture. Go ahead, look at it and read the caption … I’ll wait.

Are you kidding me? Waist length nape hair? That’s impossible!! Right?!?! Guess not! I started thinking about my own very wispy, fine, thin (density) and tangle-prone nape hair. Could I possibly grow that hair to waist length as well? So, I started to do a little research to understand what others have done to grow their more delicate nape hair longer. These are some tips that I found or think make sense.

Some of these tips are no-brainers and techniques that I already practice. Others probably wouldn’t work for me because of the fine and easily weighed down nature of my nape hair. So, I think it’s probably best to pick and choose the techniques that are likely to work for you and modify as needed:

  • Don’t over-manipulate the hair at the nape with brushing and/or combing.
  • Be very gentle when detangling the nape area (finger detangling is recommended).
  • Wear styles that prevent your nape hair from rubbing your clothing as excessive friction can cause damage and breakage.
  • Avoid placing a lot of tension on the nape hair with overly tight weaves, braids, bun and ponytail styles.
  • Protect the nape at night with a silk/satin scarf and/or bonnet ensuring that this area is fully covered. A satin pillowcase adds yet another level of protection in the event that your headgear is prone to “slippage” like mine.
  • If you use commercial permanent colors, apply dyes to the nape last so that it is processed for less time or don’t treat this area at all.
  • If/when you use heat, reduce the temperature and ensure the hair is adequately treated with a heat protector.
  • Moisturize and seal this hair more if hair it is prone to dryness. This applies to using additional conditioner through the wash session (regular conditioner, deep conditioner) and moisture during styling (leave-in, styler, sealing).
  • Massage the scalp to promote circulation and growth. (I use an essential oil mix that has been proven to stimulate growth. I have tried Dr. Miracle’s Temple and Nape Grow Balm to increase density, not length, in the past. I didn’t notice any appreciable difference. However, I admit, I wasn’t diligent about using it every day either.)
  • Braid the nape hair into a horizontal cornrow and thread the length through the cornrow to protect it.

This last technique is the only one that I hadn’t really thought of or applied previously and I found this great “How to” on it on K is for Kinky: Protecting and Growing Out Your Nape with the Braid Method. Now, this may not work for every style, but it looks like a great way to protect the delicate nape when wearing hair down and out as the braid can easily be hidden. I’m thinking that even a simple braid bunned at the nape would work for those with very fine nape hair like me or those who can’t cornrow. So, don’t be surprised if the next time you see me wearing a WnG or TnC, I’m packing a mini-bun under it as I’m on a mission now to grow my nape hair to waist length too!


Are you growing out your nape? What techniques have you found to be effective?

Marsha’s Final GOC Update


Marsha (Sixth Wave) of Hairoly (aka 24 Hour Hair)

So, the last few months I was a member of the GOC on Hairscapades. The challenge started in August 2011, which was a spin off of the Kim Coles/Curly Nikki GOC that took place at the start of February 2011. I vowed to protect my hair more in order to have a healthier outcome. I also vowed to eat better and exercise more in order to lose only a few pounds.

I failed at exercising. However, I have continued to eat right, cheating from time to time. I am currently 121.5 lbs as of this morning, not the 118 lbs like I wanted to be.

Hair Regimen:

  • I still henna monthly.
  • I shampoo or co-wash my hair every 5-7 days.
  • I deep condition every wash day.
  • I steamed my hair with the steamer maybe twice since the start of the challenge.
  • I purchased a hooded soft bonnet drier and I actually prefer it over the steamer.
  • I pre-poo maybe every other wash day or when I have time to do so overnight.
  • I do more scalp massages more now than before, since my setback with my new found love,  rosewater and peppermint oil, sealing with jojoba oil and/or CD Some of Marguerite’s Magic.
  • I have learned that sticking with what works also increases the health and growth of my hair.
  • I have been doing more protective styles which includes, flexi rodsupdos and mini/microtwists without extensions.

I might not have reached the length that I would prefer, but I definitely feel like my hair has more fullness to it … Anyway, my healthy hair journey and GOC will always continue.


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