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Ahhh Humidity … Thou Art a Heartless B@#$!!



And for more curly hair fun, check out this Buzzfeed list Mane Man Jor-El shared over on Facebook:

31 Problems Only People with Curly Hair Will Understand

I’m sure that all of us can relate to at least one or two or TEN of these!!! LOL!!

#99problems #rollwithit #itsallgood

10 Signs You Might Be A “Pro” Natural



I know there are more, so what would you add to the list ;)?

Oh, oh, oh!!! I just remembered the one that I wanted to add!!

11. You catch yourself doing random length checks (and marveling at shrinkage).

Wash Day Shenanigans


My sister tagged me on this pic on IG …Washday


That’s a Bible in the front y’all!! You know sometimes we have to call his name when we’re trying to detangle this mess! “JESUS!!”

And before you start talking about the broccoli, pudding, chocolate sauce …


#realtalk #truestory #truth #Imjustsayin


Happy Presidents’ Day!



In honor of Presidents’ Day, have to share just about the funniest Presidents’ Day commercial that I’ve ever seen! Abe and George have never been so cool!!


Oh, and here’s another President for you. Kid President!! I’m really digging his message and agenda ;)!!

“Not cool Robert Frost.”

“I’m Shelli of Hairscapades and I approve this message.”


Hope you all had a great day!!

True Life: I Need a Natural Hairstylist



True story. LOL. Thanks to my sis Shana for sharing these with me and now I will return the favor!! Enjoy!!

Sometimes it really be like that … right? Well, except for the end when he was happy with the cut. But yeah, sometimes it be like that too ;)! LOL!!

My Beef with “Nude” Pantyhose


pantyhosesource: Debenham’s Blog

I swear, hand to God, for the last year I’ve been searching for a new brand of neutral brown pantyhose. You see, for some reason, Hue decided to discontinue the rich pecan color that I’ve been buying from Macy’s for years. In fact, I wrote about snagging my last pair of rich pecan Hue pantyhose in a post in February here!! I even asked for you guys help in finding a new brand, but got no leads!

So, since last winter, I’ve been searching for a replacement. For some reason, the stores in my area seem to think no one black lives in the county. They do. I’ve seen them. I was getting madder and madder as it got cooler and cooler and I’d yet to find neutral brown pantyhose. Finally, in December, I discovered L’eggs Silken Mist in Coffee and Soft Brown. I found two pair of the pantyhose in a CVS somewhere. Then, about a month ago, I posted the following status on Facebook:

What’s better than finding something you’ve been desperately in search of for months? Finding four … on a buy one get one half off sale … with $1 off coupons attached to two of them!!!

You know what that was about?!?! It was about me finally finding a CVS stocked with the Silken Mist line in my colors and size … on sale and with coupons!!! I grabbed every pair that they had (6) and have been hitting the hosiery aisle every time I find myself in a CVS!! They’re still running the B1G1 50% off sale and I’ve been stockpiling neutral brown pantyhose ever since.

silkenmisthaulThe “Run Resistant” really are!! I snagged one hard and no run!!

Gotta be prepared in the event of another neutral pantyhose drought. Oh, and you see that I called them neutral brown and not nude, right? Pantyhose companies take note!!! Nude for who?!?! C’mon, it’s 2013. Stop being oblivious and blind. They are neither nude nor invisible. They’re beige!! So, if you wanna call pantyhose nude, you better add some other adjectives after that … like “Pale Caucasian,” “Lightly Tanned Caucasian,” “NJ Tanning Mom,” “Light Brown with Olive Undertones,” “Light Brown with Yellow Undertones,” “Medium Brown,” “Dark Brown,” … ummm, yeah, this is too complicated. So, just stick with descriptive colors and leave the “nude” out of it! Grrrrrr Arrrggghhh!!

Rant over.

That’s How We Roll



I know that I’m not the only one who rocks the DL scarf on the way to work. The problem is … remembering to bring them back in the house!! I don’t know how many times that I’ve found half of my scarves in the car!

Yesterday, I remembered to bring in the one I wore in to work. When I walked in the door and dropped it on the buffet, he decided he felt like wearing it, I guess.


Seriously y’all. He walked and sat around with this on his head for a good 2 hours. I think he forgot about it! But, when I mentioned it, he said, “It’s keeping my head warm.” LMBO!!!! Gotta love him 🙂 ;)!!