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#Frotober Days 27-30


Day 27: Hydration The “Cool and Seal” deep conditioning technique was a game changer for me and was
one of my most popular posts from last year.

It starts on wash day for me. Get that right, and the rest of the week is easy! https://hairscapades.com/2012/08/21/moisturized-hair-it-starts-on-wash-day/

Day 28: Pumpkin

Yeah, Darcy’s Botanicals Pumpkin Seed Moisturizing Conditioner is one of my FAVE DCs. And it smells A-MUH-zing!! Shout-out to Penny of Happy Endings!! LOL!!http://instagr.am/p/RWACn3M1Xt/

Day 29: Black
Or, should I say, black-out. Yup. Barely 4:30 pm and the power went out already with barely a stiff breeze :/. On the right is my living/dining area w/flash and the left w/out. Gonna be a long several days. *sigh* Let me conserve my cell battery. G’night IG.

Day 30: Beauty
Finding joy in some quality snuggle time in the midst of a hurricane and black-out. Thank you Lord for keeping my family and friends safe. May God bless and comfort those who experienced loss during this storm, especially those who experienced irreplaceable losses. May we all remember that property can be restored, but life cannot. http://instagr.am/p/RbMDKSs1fX/


Thanks to Sandy and JCPL, I’m sure we’ll be without power for several days. My little community always seems to be last on the list for repairs. But, thanks to the kindness of friends, I’m charging up and about to enjoy a little Ben & Kate and Happy Endings before heading back to a dark house. Check in with me on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram for updates ———–>;>;>;>;!!

God bless!!


#Frotober Days 23-26


Day 23: Bangs/Faux BangsLMBO!! I tried hennaing this clip-on bang (human hair) over the weekend so that it would match my hair color and I can use it when my hair is straight. The henna didn’t take. Mmmm, wonder if a red gloss or manic panic (is that what it’s called?) would work?!?

Hmmmm, might have to play around with this. Think it would be cuter if my ends were more defined/curlier!  http://instagr.am/p/RJMZT2s1f4/

I did this back in February when I had my hair flat-ironed. I was digging it!

Day 24: Favorite Hair AccessoryHair Flowers!!!! Love ’em!!!!

Here’s another one. I make a lot of my own flower clips/pins. By adding a pin and a clip, I can wear them in so many different ways!!! I can even use the pin to attach the flower to a headband or a scrunchie!! So versatile!! Check out this post for a quick and easy tutorial for making your own hair flowers!

Day 25: Best Curl of the Day

It didn’t say TOday! *lol* So, since I’m bunned up right now, going with my best curl of MonDAY.
You know which one I’m talking about, right? It’s a spirally and boingy!! That’s the one!

Day 26: Curly/CoilyThis pic is from early 2011, when I finally perfected my #TnC.
Love the way my #henna grey streak looks here!!!

#Frotober Days 19-22


Day 19: SmilesUnbeknownst to me, this photo shoot was for my #engagement pics;).
Pretty sneaky Weusi . But yeah, he keeps me smiling:). ❤

Day 20: Hair Crush … esToo many to name or pick one!! However, these are my first hair crushes when I discovered this online natural world in 2010.

1: #CurlyNikki. This is the pic that started it all for me!!! I scoured her site and read everything I could about henna, TnCs and her regimen. If it wasn’t for this pic and my goal to get this look, hairscapades.com might have never been “born.”
2. Chime Edwards. Saw her Hairstory on CurlyNikki and drooled over the thickness and length of her locks. Rediscovered her later on YouTube and it was a while before I realized that it was the same person! Lol!
3. Longhairdontcare2011. Again with the thickness and length.
4: Whitney aka Naptural85. Beautiful woman, beautiful hair, beautiful spirit, beautiful personality!


Day 21: Hats

I LOVE hats!!! Funky, pretty, silly, floppy, sporty! It’s all good!!!

Day 22: Brown
Accessorized with a little #batman!! (You can never go wrong with Batman ;))

#Frotober Day 18: Least Favorite Product


Yeah, there’s no love lost between me and Miss Jessie’s. Well … actually, yeah, there is. I went hard with MJ for a few months many years ago. Thought that I loved it. Then, I realized that my hair only ever felt good and moisturized when the product was in…freshly applied and re-applied daily. When I washed my hair, it felt horrible. Dry. Straw-like. Dull. It was then I knew, it was ruining the health of my hair!! I immediately ceased and desisted. And my pocketbook thanked me!!! Any product that only makes your hair feel good when it’s in is a loser in my book! And, to me, it seemed like a brilliant racket. If you have to use a product daily, you go through it quickly and have to constantly restock!! At $40+ for most of these products in normal size containers … Yeah, not gonna happen. *lol*


What’s your least favorite product and why?

#Frotober Days 12-17


Okay, yeah, I know. I’ve been MIA for several days. I’ve also been delinquent!!! I owe you guys an NYCC post (sooo many pics!!), some guest posts, hairstories and, most of all, GOC Final Updates!!! I even shot video of that satin-braid out take down!! I’ll get it back together soon, but I’ve just been soooo burned out from work and 6 weeks of busy weekends, including Comic Con and a work convention this past Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday. My mind is mush in the evening and it’s all I can do to wake up in time to get coffee, showered and dressed for work in the morning!

Anywho, I have been “flash” posting on Instagram every day as part of the#Frotober Photo Challenge. And, by virtue of that, I’ve also been posting on Facebook and Twitter. So, this one is for you guys who aren’t on those outlets or don’t subscribe and are interested in my “goings on;).” Now, remember, I posted these on IG on the actual days, so the captions were concurrent.


Day 12: OOTD (Friday, 10/12)

#OOTD for #NYCC2012!! Comfort and warmth were paramount! Got some new “combat” boots this week for the occasion!! Kinda diggin ’em! Saw Adam West, Burt Ward and Seth Green at panels today! They were all so awesome and so nice and appreciative of the fans! Can’t wait for the #Firefly panel tomorrow!! Hoping Joss and Nathan will make surprise guest appearances!!

10/18 Update: Yeah. I didn’t get into the Firefly panel. Got to the room at 3:45 to get in line for the 5:15 Walking Dead panel that preceded the 6:15 Firefly panel. The 5000 seat theatre was a full house and there were probably another 10000 sitting outside of the room in the holding area hoping to get into it. They told us that we weren’t getting in. And, guess what? Nathan Fillion made a surprise guest appearance. Can you read the bitterness in my words??

Day 13: Homemade (Treatments) (Saturday, 10/13)



Honey hair lightener? Tried it overnight on shed hair. Didn’t see a difference.
Maybe a 2nd or 3rd time is the charm?

Day 14: DVAM /Purple (Sunday, 10/14)

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Day 15: Red/Orange (Monday, 10/15)

#bazinga #TBBT #Sheldonrules

Day 16: My Town (Tuesday, 10/16)

Meh. This one is boring.

Day 17: Favorite Style (Wednesday, 10/17)

Ummm, yeah, that is ever-changing!! Lately, it’s been the #braidout, a #bigbun never fails me and I rocked the #TnC for close to 2 years. A couple of months from now, who knows? What I really FAVor is versatility!!  http://instagr.am/p/Q5nzrFM1Vq/

And that brings us to today, which I haven’t posted yet. I don’t even know the topic and it’s time to hit the shower!! So, I’ll have to share that one later!! In the interim, have a question for you guys!

What topics would you like me to cover? Any questions that you want me to try to answer? I’ve kind of been running dry lately! So suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)!!

Alright ladies, have a Terrific Thursday! 

#Frotober Day 11: Afro


Ummmm … Yeah. This is all I got. LOL! I don’t have gravity-defying, superhero hair.
But I can rock a MEAN Diana Ross do !

So yeah, I know. You’ve seen these pics before. That’s why I’m gonna add a lil’ something extra.


(The top three hats are from Marshalls and the last is from Target.)

LOL! Yeah, I went buckwild and bought four hats in the last week …  three I got yesterday alone!! They aren’t lined in silk or satin, but they all have “satin-like” polyester linings. So, you know, that’ll work! I’ve been needing a solid black and brown hat to coordinate with my coats/outfits. My black/blue/red plaid hat is great, but I always have to dress around it when need to camouflage a hair treatment and scalpy twists or braids. So now, I have options!! The best part is, they are roomy enough to fit my baggied up twists when I have a pre-poo or DC in progress!!

#Frotober Day 10: BCAM/Pink


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Many years ago, I watched a TV special on tattoos. One woman’s ink stuck w/me. She had a full breastplate harness tattooed on her chest and around her back … after a bilateral mastectomy. On Monday, I went in search of this tattoo for Frotober Day 10. In the course of my search, I discovered that the special aired in 2001. I also learned that the woman was Inga Duncan Thornell. I discovered that she did a blog post about her tattoo this year after finding that it was pinned all across the web. When I saw the pics this 10+ years later, I was again struck by the power of the “message.” Inga didn’t just survive cancer, she defeated it … and then stuck her tongue out at it!! If you want to read a little more about her story, you can find it here.


#Frotober Day 09: Two Strand Twists


I suffer from Scalpy Twists Syndrome arising from Fine Hair Complex. That being said, I tend to wear my two strand twists in #updos, rather than wearing them down, so as to disguise my “condition.” http://instagr.am/p/Qj13m6s1Wp/

More Scalpy Twists Syndrome complicated by Fine Hair Complex concealment strategies. *lol* http://instagr.am/p/Qj3RS2s1XG/

One more.

Despite my “chronic” Scalpy Twists Syndrome, there are times that it goes into remission and my
twists are almost downright luscious, though this reprieve is usually fleeting.

#Frotober Day 08: Journey/Discovery


The top three pics are of my relaxed hair at 13/14 y/o (got my 1st relaxer at 13), at 20/21 in my college grad pic, and at 21/22 as a senior in college after I chopped it and went red. Bottom pic is shortly after my #BC at 28 and last is about two years later at 29.

1st pic was at 29 (about a year after my #BC), 2nd was at about 33/34 (after a Ouidad cut), 3rd was at about 35/36 (about 2 years after I #BC’d again to ear length straight, b/c I was bored with my hair). Bottom left was early 2010 (during the naturallycurly.com GOC after mastering the TnC) & last pic was Feb this year (2012) when my hair was the longest it had ever been. One more to go!!

Last one. Promise :D! These pics are all from 2012 after my awesome layered cut by Tameeka aka @jadedtresses !! I’ve been natural for 12, going on 13, years and have never looked back. Natural/curly hair has always been me and fits my personality and lifestyle. Love it in all its diversity!!