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Damage Control: Frizzy Hair



In the last week or so, I’ve been asked a couple of times about products that I use to control frizz. To be honest, I’ve yet to find any “miracle” product that prevents my porous hair from frizzing when there is any significant humidity in the air … and I’ve tried a few!! Frizz and “swoll” hair are things that I’ve lived with my entire life. Shoot, frizz control was the reason I wanted a relaxer in the first place!! My hair would get so big and “cloud” like in humidity. I would see the other girls with their relaxed, flat, bone straight hair and that’s what I wanted. But, even when I finally got a relaxer at 13 (thanks mom for making us wait), my hair was like, “Girl, whatever.” So, in high school, I inevitably ended up in a French braid or ponytail. LOL! So, yeah, it’s just a fact of life.

Nowadays, I try to follow the “Moisture Rules” that say that well-moisturized hair will be less prone to absorb atmospheric humidity (for more on that, check out these posts on CurlyNikki.com: Curly Hair Tips for Spring & Summer Humidity and Maintaining Natural Hair in Humidity).

So, in general, these are the things that I incorporate into my regimen regularly to combat frizz:

  • Pre-poo with Vatika Oil or virgin coconut oil (penetrates into the cortex hair to help it retain moisture).
  • Incorporate a light protein treatment weekly (Aubrey GPB Conditioner or Joico K-Pak Revitaluxe) (helps fill in “chips” in the hair cuticle).
  • Deep condition weekly after every wash (penetrates surface of hair to moisturize it from within).
  • Rinse conditioners/deep conditioners with cool/cold water (“closes” the cuticle).
  • Henna every 4-8 weeks (functions like a “heavy” protein treatment by bonding to the keratin in hair to fill in “chips” in the cuticle).
  • Apply a leave-in conditioner weekly (moisturizer).
  • Use a gel to style (LOVING aloe vera gel right now, but also use Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel and ORS Lock & Twist gel with success) (seals the hair).
  • Seal the last few inches of hair with an oil like JBCO mixed with EVOO (keeps more moisture in hair and reduces the amount of moisture absorbed from outside air).
  • Wait for fall/winter. LOL!!! (Though I am a summer lover forever, lack of humidity is one of the very few things that make me look forward to cooler weather ;)).

But, to tell you the truth, frizz really doesn’t bother me much anymore. I LOVE big hair now and always wish my hair was bigger. The thing is, it’d be nice if I could have it big with some definition that lasted more than 2 hours. Also, I’d like it to be big UPWARDS instead of flat on the top and big at the bottom. LOL! But, so is life.

Anywho, the reason I started telling you guys all of this was just to share this little styling “trick” that I did to minimize the appearance of frizz. You see, the top layer of my hair is the most prone to frizz (I guess because that’s the area most exposed). But, when I lift that top layer, the under-layers of my hair still look great! Well, last week, I wore braids for a couple of days and then removed them for a braid-out. Within hours, the top of my hair frizzed entirely. So, at lunch time, I braided the front frizzy parts and secured them at the back of my head with a bobby pin. And, I was good to go!

avg_braidout_x2Easy, breezey, lemon squeezey!

Simple, effective, and Boho chic too ;)! You could also just twist or twirl the sides! Anywho, that’s it. Just wanted to share this quick styling tip for doing some frizz damage control!


What do you do to fight frizz? Have you found an effective product/product combo and/or styling trick? Sharing is caring!!


Summer Heat, Hair and a Lesson in Self-Acceptance


The never ending over- manipulation of my hair ↓. Smhby M of Hair and Other Stuff

I’ve been frustrated with my natural hair for years, but I think I had a revelation last week. The blistering heat and humidity of summer has made it pointless to attempt doing much with my hair. It’s been looking crazy and I don’t even care. This is new for me.

Normally, when my hair looks (what I feel is) crazy, I’m obsessed with getting it right. I’ll re-wash, re-twist, re-apply products, everything. I’m usually doing the.most.to.my.hair. Can’t help it!

Lately though, when I look in the mirror and don’t like what I see, I just keep it moving. I’m finally realizing that this is how my hair is gonna be.

Yes, it will always be knotted up on the sides (heavy sigh), yes, it will always be frizzy and loose at the crown and yes, it will probably always have the cutest little ringlets in the back of my head where no one can see them. But, it’s all part of what makes my hair, MY hair. Though it seems silly, this is so new for me. I’ve been in a battle with my hair for a while and “methinks” the hair has just won. It feels freeing to finally let go of the frenetic search for the right product/style/texture and all the stress that came with that.

This doesn’t mean I won’t have a hairstyles that I dislike or that I won’t use henna in hopes of making my hair more manageable (smh), shiny or grey-less. It doesn’t even mean that I’ll be in total love with my hair like some naturals are. It just means that I am embracing myself more fully and that, I think, is a good thing.

Can’t say I’m thrilled at the thought of more hot, sticky, humid days, BUT, I am thankful for the summer heat, if only for making it so hard to “fix” my hair that I just quit trying. Sometimes things don’t work out no matter what you do, so you will stop trying to “fix” things and just go along with what was meant to be. ☺

It looks like this is how it’s gonna be.


Are you still struggling to embrace your natural hair? Weigh in…

Yesterday morning
Yesterday night

Ummmm … Yeah, think I know where you are coming from M;). But, nope! LOL! Not struggling with self-acceptance (despite the look on my face … that’s just a headache and exhaustion). It is what it is. I have frizz-prone hair with four different curl patterns that won’t hold a set for several days, let alone weeks … add humidity to the equation and I just wasted time and product to reset a braid-out that won’t make it through the day. But, that’s why God made buns;). *lol*

Twelve years into this and I mostly know what my hair does and doesn’t do … the good, the bad, the ugly. And though at times I may daydream about the possibilities of a different head of hair, at the end of the day, this is MY head of multi-textured madness and I’m okay with it (except for that dang nape … why is it so thin and straight?!?!?! Okay, sorry, so I MOSTLY self-accept ;).)