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#Frotober Days 23-26


Day 23: Bangs/Faux BangsLMBO!! I tried hennaing this clip-on bang (human hair) over the weekend so that it would match my hair color and I can use it when my hair is straight. The henna didn’t take. Mmmm, wonder if a red gloss or manic panic (is that what it’s called?) would work?!?

Hmmmm, might have to play around with this. Think it would be cuter if my ends were more defined/curlier!  http://instagr.am/p/RJMZT2s1f4/

I did this back in February when I had my hair flat-ironed. I was digging it!

Day 24: Favorite Hair AccessoryHair Flowers!!!! Love ’em!!!!

Here’s another one. I make a lot of my own flower clips/pins. By adding a pin and a clip, I can wear them in so many different ways!!! I can even use the pin to attach the flower to a headband or a scrunchie!! So versatile!! Check out this post for a quick and easy tutorial for making your own hair flowers!

Day 25: Best Curl of the Day

It didn’t say TOday! *lol* So, since I’m bunned up right now, going with my best curl of MonDAY.
You know which one I’m talking about, right? It’s a spirally and boingy!! That’s the one!

Day 26: Curly/CoilyThis pic is from early 2011, when I finally perfected my #TnC.
Love the way my #henna grey streak looks here!!!