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by Weusi

Those of you that bother to take the time to read this know that I’m a pretty easy going guy. I don’t get too caught up in the hype of anything. Nor do I complain about the various challenges and learning moments. God allows me to function a world that isn’t mine. I am grateful, for All I want is quality time with Shelli!

For Shelli, not only did I relinquish my title as the mayor/ambassador of U Street, but my friends will tell you that I have changed habits and mannerisms since she has been a part of my life. I even leave DC with you. I know that my selective memory and hearing drive her crazy, but I also know that with me she doesn’t have to worry about if the seat is down or not in the bathroom.

Now … I am saying all this to make the note that Shelli and I are a balanced healthy couple that communicates well. And I LOOOOVVVEEE Shelli! And will support her in almost anything … but … this is not cool!

Yes … that Shelli’s bang/clip on thingy.

Shelli … I LOVE YOU!

I know that I do a few things that regularly get on your nerves.

but …

All I’m asking is that you don’t just have stuff like this laying out in plain site. PLEASE hide it … or something. For SOs, this is kinda creepy. I’m not even going to expound upon why I feel it isn’t right for “natural” hair advocates to have fake hair pieces!

That’s all.


I Love Ya But


by Weusi

This is in response to Shelli’s post last night and her hair last week …

I LOVE Shelli … like … I love her-love her … like … there really aren’t ANY words that can explain it.

She’s smart, hard-working, mature, a great communicator and just an incredible woman. And you’ve seen the pictures … she’s got a smile that makes the sun jealous!

She’s creative and a logic wizard that engages life with a zestful vigilance that makes my heart smile.

Then there’s the but … that’s not a typo … everyone has a but and a butt.

Shelli’s “but” is … is … is … is … that THING! That THING in life that I can’t tell you how I feel about, because there are no words to describe it! Just know that it’s not right … I love your natural hair …

YOUR natural hair … not the hair of someone else that you purchased, so it’s in your possession right now. I love you and YOUR hair. But, ummm … nah … I have no love for the hair extensions!

And no, I don’t hide it. But, she knows that I don’t dig that thing. It kinda creeps me out. I saw a piece of Chris Rock’s movie, Good Hair. That hair is someone else’s natural hair! That’s not cool! That’s creepy! Hair extensions are not right! And is there any federal regulations around hair? You don’t know if that hair is healthy! And according to that survey I did (see here), that was a major reason that people were wearing their hair natural. Why would you put sickly hair in your healthy hair? It’s SO not right! Wait … there’s more!

Actually … I don’t know what else to say except to warn you …

If your S.O. likes your natural hair, they will not like your hair extension … and, come on … you can’t really be mad at them about it, can you!?!

Now, the reality of the situation is that we know that you are gonna do what you do, so we will tolerate it. But, supporting the use of it … NAH … not even in a ponytail!

And, for real … isn’t this the best title of a blog post ever?!?! I think it’s hilarious!

Oh, and for the record … I’m not a butt man. I was so oblivious to Shelli’s butt that it took a gay dude to point out her curves to me! I was caught in the glow of her smile and the mystery of her eyes.

But now … it’s her wisdom too.

What? Did you think that I was gonna objectify this queen and talk about her butt? I told you already, I’m not a butt man!