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Sofistafunking at The Mane Event




So, a couple of weeks ago, I was a “model” in the Sofistafunk fashion show at the Mane Event (Luna Stage, West Orange). And, for such a special occasion, I wanted to do something a little special with my hair. So, I opted for a twist and curl (TnC) set on small perm rods.

curls8Up to the wee hours of the night (like, 2 am) washing, conditioning, and setting my hair.

Curly ‘Fro TnC Set

  • Separated freshly washed, conditioned, and finger detangled hair into 4 sections (2 in front, 2 in back). Did next steps working section by section.
  • Applied Kinky Curly Knot Today leave-in conditioner.
  • Applied Curl Prep Sweet Buttah curl cream.
  • Using tail of rattail comb, began parting hair in small squar-ish sections.
  • Applied small amount of Eco Styler Olive Oil gel to smaller sections, two-strand twisted hair, and rolled twist on small grey perm rod (I always cover my rods in end paper to prevent snagging on take down).
  • Repeated until entire head set (I used a spray bottle, as needed, to dampen dried hair).

Now, I did this late at night and had to get up early as call time was 10 am and the fashion show didn’t start until 6 pm!! So, I knew that I needed to get my workout in first thing in the morning. And, I was praying that my hair would dry in that short time as well.


Well, my hair wasn’t dry in the morning … but that didn’t deter me. I got Day 146 of my 365 Days of Fitness in with a 20 minute run, rollers, hairnet and all!! I ended up lugging my portable, soft bonnet, Gold n’ Hot dryer along with me and sitting under it for a good 2 hours while the other models in the show got their hair and make-up “did!”

Once my hair finally felt dry, I smoothed a little SheaDecadence Sweet Marmalade Pomade down the twists to seal and add shine … then I fought to release some of them as the ends were snaring on each other. I was sure that all my efforts would be in vain as I felt frizz setting in as I wrangled with twists and got sweaty and annoyed with the take down process!! But … all’s well that ends well …


Yup!! It turned out pretty darn good, if I do say so myself. There was some frizz from shorter strands near my front part, but, other than that, it was all good. And, in fact, I think it looked better in person! Photos always seem to make hair look smaller than it does in person! LOL!

So, after the hair was in order, I got made and dressed up all pretty like and eventually hit the “runway” with all the other lovely ladies in their gorgeous Sofistafunk finery!!

No. No, I don’t know how to wobble. LOL!!

Now, some pics:

All skirts by Sofistafunk the Skirt Company.

Oh … and one last thing … I got to play bride for a moment with some fashion wizardry by Arlinda …

Tee hee … I felt purrrty!!




The Mane Event (UPDATE)


Hey guys!! It’s contest time!! Have you reached the end of your transition and started thinking about the big chop? Or, maybe you JUST decided to go natural and are the adventurous type. If you’re ready to say, “Cut it all off,” well, have I got the contest for you!! 

Tameeka McNeil-Johnson aka Jaded Tresses is doing a LIVE Big Chop at the Mane Event. The only problem? She needs a “big chopee” model!!! If you are interested in being that lucky gal, comment below by telling us why you want to big chop (and don’t forget to leave your name)!! Contest ends Wednesday at midnight. I’ll choose a winner on Thursday!! 


Live in the NY/NJ metro area? Looking for something NATURALtastic to do this weekend? Come check out The Mane Event at Luna Stage in West Orange next Saturday, July 13th!!


Guess who will be making a special appearance as a Sofistafunk model (ha!) for the fashion show in the evening?!

(Keeping my fingers crossed that I don’t trip! LOL!!)

First Annual Black Ivy Alumni Gala


Hi all!!!  I wanted to share this event in which I’ll be participating next month!! Trying to get the word out to as many people as we can for this great cause to raise money to help worthy HS students in NYC go to college!! Spread the word!! Thank you!


The Black Ivy Alumni League cordially invites you to:

First Annual Black Ivy Alumni Gala

Wednesday, July 17, 2013
6:00 p.m.

For the first time in history the Black Ivy Alumni League, in partnership with Columbia Business School 4A, Dartmouth BADA, Cornell CBAA, Princeton ABPA, will unite for a blow out celebrity fundraising gala.

Join us as we gather for an evening with celebrity guests and Ivy alumni from all over the tri-state area.

Walk the green carpet and mingle with VIPs.

Raise money for your black alumni association, student jobs on campus and ambitious NYC high school students who don’t have PTAs with deep pockets to help them get the resources they need and deserve!

Fundraising Gala Host Committee

Maisha Walker
The Black Ivy Alumni League
Calcie Cooper
The Social Broker
Jade Dean
Cornell Black Alumni Association
Juanne Renee Harris
Black Alumni of Dartmouth Association
Shelli Gillis
Hairscapades.com & Princeton University Alumna
Dwayne Jeffrey
African American Real Estate Professionals
Andrea Henderson
Columbia Business School 4A
Shyra Smart
University of Pennsylvania Alumna
Claude Fidelin
London Business School & Columbia Business School Alumnus
Jay Vix
Cornell Mosaic Board Member
BJ Merriwether
Harvard University Alumnus
Tom Ficklin
Yale Divinity School Alumnus
Renea Henry
Princeton University Alumna
Brian Peters
Cornell University Alumnus
Eric Hamilton
Around the Way & NY Web Academy
Anika Daniels Osaze
Cornell Black Alumni Association
Zachary Husser
Columbia University Alumnus
Laura Larks
Princeton University Alumna

Hosted by: Maisha Walker (Princeton ’94), Ayme Sinclair (Virginia Tech ’03, NYU ’09)

The Carlton Hotel
88 Madison Ave
New York, NY 10016
Between 28th and 29th Street, Enter on Madison Ave

RSVP: http://theleagueonline.org/events1.php

Pearls & Curls eVent Schedule 2013


Hey guys!!! Remember I told you about the Pearls & Curls Virtual eVent a little while ago?!? Well, it’s this weekend and the complete schedule is up now!! Check out the line-up and I highlighted my chat session for your convenience (guess that poll was so close, I have to talk about both!! LOL!!)!! Hope some of you will be “dialing” in for the fun!!! 


Pearls & Curls eVent Flyer (Updated)via Pearls & Curls

Alright, Ladies!

The Pearls & Curls eVent Schedule is OFFICIALLY released!

We are making HISTORY!!! This is the FIRST Online Natural Hair Expo!

Be sure you are registered EARLY! 

Thanks so much for your support and participation in the Pearls & Curls eVent!!! 🙂


Friday, March 8, 2013 (8-10pm EST)

Virtual Soiree…My fancy way of saying “IT’S A PARTY!!!”

Join us for Open Chat and of course GIVEAWAYS!!!

All are invited! I hope you are able to make it!


Saturday, March 9, 2013 (EST)

9 am

Nina “BeautifulBrwnBabyDol” (TBD)

10am – Open & Giveaways

11 am

Lockology (Loc care and Maintenance)

All Things O’Natural (Natural Hair Dryness and Moisturization)

12noon – Open & Giveaways

1 pm

Naturally Glam (Steps for a Successful Natural Hair Journey)

EatRelateLove (Munching the Moments: How to Emotionally Eat the Right Way)

2 pm

Baroness Countess (The L.O.C. Method)

Napturalite Radio (Becoming a Naturalpreneur)


Sunday, March 10, 2013 (EST)

10am – Open & Giveaways

11 am

Hairscapades (How to Retain Length/Styling Multi-Textured Hair: When the WnG Doesn’t Work for You)

12noon – Open & Giveaways

1 pm

SportyAfros (Workout Hair Care Solutions)

LexiWithTheCurls (Loving Your Hair For What It Is)

2 pm

Afro Divas (Tips For Transitioning to Natural Hair)

JamPoet (TBD)

As you can see we have a FULL lineup with some of the greatest ONLINE Natural Hair Personalities! I am looking forward to each of their sessions and the information you will share with YOU!

Be sure to register TODAY!!!

Dance with the King!

Curly Nikki and Dark & Lovely Curl Power Event Recap



I know, I know! This is overdue! LOL!! But, it’s been a work in progress over the last several days. The work wasn’t writing it … it was getting all the pics onto my computer (camera … which died at the event and cell phone), then re-sizing them and deciding which ones to include! As you see … I didn’t make much of a decision! I’m sharing almost all of them!! LOL!!

On to the night!! CurlyNikki sent me an early invite for VIP access to the media event prior to the meet-up. So, my sister Shana, Wei and I got there at 5 to find a swanky space, hors d’oeuvres, drinks, music, natural models, Dark & Lovely stylist booths, a green screen photo area, media and lots of lovely naturals. But, because it was early, we were able to easily move around, get seats, get pics with fellow bloggers and see Marsha Ambrosius’s arrival!! I even got to ask Marsha a couple of questions and record her!!! But, I need a space upgrade to load it here … so, you’ll just have to read my recap of it ;)!! LOL!! So, her hair was so fly, big, lush, wavy … I had to ask how it was styled. She said it was sectioned into about 8 and set into Bantu knots with a small amount of the Dark and Lovely Au Naturale pomade gel product!! I also had to say how much I loved her accent and she said that American accents are loved in England! Who knew?!?! LOL!!

Anywho, the event overall was so awesome!! Definitely the best CurlyNikki NYC event that I’ve attended!! The music, the food, the open bar (neither of which I partook in … I don’t drink and y’all know I’m working on this weight thing ;)), the whole thing was just so much fun!!

And with that … check out the view!!

(Click pics to see full-size and read captions!)

Pearls & Curls eVent 2013


Just coming on quickly to share a this virtual event for the naturally curly hair community called the Pearl & Curls eVENT!! I’ll be participating by hosting an hour-long LIVE chat session for attendees!!

Pearls & Curls vision is to bring together the worldwide community of naturally curly hair lovers in one place, at one time, for a memorable experience by learning, discussing, and celebrating naturally curly hair. check out all the other great natural hair personalties who will be present!!

And, I just learned that pre-registration has been extended to 11:59 pm tonight, February 17th!!! After today, the price goes up to $10.

So, pre-register here for the low, low price of $5 and receive a complimentary Virtual Gift Bag too!

For more details and updates about the event, check out PearlsCurls.com and  follow Pearls & Curls on Facebook and on Twitter.


The Katie Show Experience



Okay, I overslept this morning, so this will be quick. After a rocky start due to leaving the house without my phone, license and confirmation, running back home to still not find my license and grabbing my passport instead, freaking that I wasn’t going to make my train, and high-tailing it down the highway, I made it to my train on time, everyone showed up early and we had a great time at the show!!! The entire crew and Katie were sooooo nice!! It was a genuinely pleasant experience. I’ve attended live productions before, where the audience was treated like annoying cattle. At the Katie show, everyone was polite, told us how important we were to the show, gave us instructions in a professional manner, and, when we were exiting, everyone we passed said, “Thank you for coming!”

As we were part of a group, we were lead into the audience holding area and seated first. Our group was broken up into 3 and 5. My sister, Gina and I were seated in the middle front row; the rest of our group was placed dead center in the middle, middle row. The studio was so small, there’s no doubt that you’ll see us smiling, laughing and making funny faces on camera!! LOL!!

As you know from my post the other day (check it out here if you missed it), the Katie show was about going “au natural” and the audience was asked to come make-up free as Katie would be doing the entire show sans make-up. I’m sure there was a little make-up going on, but it was very minimal, so it was cool! Really, the show was about how the pursuit of beauty impacts us and the first guest was a woman who went a year without using beauty products, with the exception of things that her husband used. She wrote a book about it, The Beauty Experiment, a copy of which we were all given as we left! There were several other guests, but I don’t want to give it all away! Overall, I thought that it was a very interesting show and conversation.

As to Katie Couric, she was so nice. She talked to the audience during commercial segments, apologized that we had to clap so much and was a great hostess. She was very poised, relaxed and smooth in her interviewing. She never overpowered the interviews and allowed her guests to talk, which I think is so important. I hate when the host of a show like this spends more time talking than the guests! Ugh! But, Katie definitely did not. She led the discussion, but she allowed her guests to really answer her questions without interruption.

Okay, so now, the cosmetic stuff. Katie’s outfit was niiiiiiiiiceee, from the top, to the lace skirt to the tonal plum round-toe pumps (her skirt is from Talbot (my sister asked during the short Q&A session following the taping!! LOL!!). And Katie looked GREAT without make-up! I was expecting her to look very different from how she does with make-up, but she did not! She looked really good!!

I said this was going to be brief right?!? LOL!! Okay, here are some pics from the show and my hair (which turned out very well, I was pleased) and outfit all pulled together.


Back: Wendy, Felicia, Shauna; Front: Jackie, me, Gina, Shana, Joyce

The “Going Au Natural” Katie episode airs on ABC on Friday at 3 pm EST (NY/NJ).
(Networks and times vary by state. Visit KatieCouric.com for the air date, time and station in your town.)

I’ve already set my DVR!! Actually, I set it to tape today’s show too … because Jada Pinkett was on the show that taped immediately before ours!! She was talking about her cause, human slave trafficking. So, I want to see that one too.

Happy Thursday!!



Thanks to Tracy and my sister Shana for sharing some screen shots from the actual show!!

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Hairscapades Meet-Up Photos!


Hey ladies! Just wanted to share a few photos from the event until I can give you the full recap!! When you read this, I’ll be driving back to New Jeru! But, to keep it brief (which you know is hard for me ;)), we had a great turn-out and it was so much fun! Thank you to everyone who came out and supported the event!


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BET Honors


Just a quick post to share a couple pics from an event that I attended tonight as the site is starting to look like it’s a fitness blog instead of a hair blog!! It’s not, I promise!! LOL!!

Anywho, Wei and I attended the BET Honors and after party last night. The First Lady, Mrs. Michelle Obama, made a surprise guest appearance! She was absolutely STUNNING!! Some of the honorees were Maya Angelou, Stevie Wonder, Spike Lee and Mariah Carey. It was fun. And, at the after party, I stood RIGHT NEXT to Jill Scott!! But, I didn’t say anything … and no, didn’t get any pictures. Wei works a lot of things like this and is often around performers, so he tells me certain events aren’t for pictures. The after party happened to be one of them. Oh well.

As to the hair, I did a TnC set on Friday night after my henna treatment. The only thing that I used to style it was Kimmaytube leave-in made with 2 tbsp Giovanni Direct Leave-In, 2 tbsp aloe vera juice and 2 tsp jojoba oil. I set it in 6 twists, 1 on each side of my face and 4 in the back. I secured the roots with large doobie pins and then rolled the twists to the roots on pink flexis. I fell asleep for a couple of hours with the bonnet dryer on Friday night. Then, I allowed them to dry all day until I released them at about 6 pm on Saturday. Do you know the jokers in the back had the nerve to still be dampish *smh*? Oh well, I was still pleased with the results! My hair feels really good and soft! So, it looks like, despite the trauma of the 20 hour Take Down, all is well. In fact, I think my hair feels even better than before I got the twists!

Okay, gotta go! Here are a couple more pics!

This is the RaVon convertible dress that I got on ideeli for $49!!

Robert Cradle: 2012 Give Back Day Hero


With the help of Rodney Peete, a former NFL quarterback and co-founder of the HollyRod Foundation, Allstate Insurance Company kicked off their 4th Annual National Give Back Day. This is a program that pays tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by encouraging individuals to volunteer in their communities on MLK Day, January 16, 2012, and every day. As part of the program, Allstate recognizes four African-American Give Back Day Heroes in different cities across the U.S. for their commitment to community service.

This year, Robert Cradle, a Baltimore native and founder of Rob’s Barbershop Community Foundation, has been chosen as one of the Give Back Day Heroes. A talented barber who now provides grooming services to the underprivileged community of Baltimore, Rob has a very unique story that I thought you all might enjoy.


by Weusi

Because of his selfless work of providing haircuts to persons who may not have the resources or freedom to go to a barbershop, Robert Cradle has recently been honored by Allstate Insurance Company as a Give Back Day Hero. When I heard about the great work he’s doing, I knew that I wanted to interview him!

To many, the barbershop is a sacred place, in part because it’s a place where aesthetic pride is groomed and community relationships are developed. Robert Cradle is a barber in Baltimore, MD, who has taken this to another level! I’ll let him tell you about it!

Congratulations on the recent honor! Can you tell the readers about your organization, the work you do and your recent honors?

Thank you! Rob’s Barbershop Community Foundation (RBCF) is an organization that raises funds to operate projects that provide grooming services and products to individuals who cannot afford them. Our current projects consist of operating two full-service barber/beauty shops located in two Baltimore Area homeless shelters.

I am currently in the process of being honored by Allstate as one of their Give Back Day Heroes. I am so excited about this honor because Allstate is using my story as a way of inspiring others to volunteer in their respective communities on the Martin Luther King holiday.

How did the idea for the organization come about?

The idea came about when I used to own a barber shop that was near a homeless shelter. I met the volunteer coordinator of that shelter who told me that their residents could not afford to patronize the local barbers or beauty salons. Many of the shelter’s residents lived below the poverty level and many had several children. So I decided not to just handle the problem alone, but created an effort that would also allow the community to get involved. I placed a collection box at my barbershop so my customers could contribute toward the cost of hiring barbers to go to local shelters and provide free grooming. This approach would, in essence, create a win-win situation. Local barbers would be employed, the public would have a good cause to donate towards and, most of all, individuals living at poverty level would have access to services and products that they are currently unable to afford. Now they are able to attend job interviews and school with a neat and clean appearance!

Can you tell us a little about what it took to make the transition from informal favors to an official organization?

It took a lot of training. To make the transition, I had to take classes on non-profit management and fundraising. I read tons of books/manuals and did lots of research. I also did some volunteer work with other non-profits and churches to get some hands-on experience. It made a big difference. The education and experience helped me to know what to expect and how to avoid mistakes.

Baltimore gets a bad reputation via some TV shows and mass media. The nickname, “B-more careful” is one of the most gangster nicknames for a city that I’ve ever heard! Do you think that the media depictions of the city are true? Do you see the city changing? How? What would you like people to know about Baltimore?

Sadly, most (if not all) of the depictions are true. Baltimore is a place suffering from some really systemic problems. I love Baltimore and won’t take shots at it, but I will give credit to all of the media sources that have pretty much displayed the truth about the city. Baltimore will eventually change, because personally I think that there are many stakeholders that see the city as an economic force. So, they are going to work hard to relieve those problems that create that negative reputation. This mostly has to do with lowering the level of crime, violence, poverty, drugs and their lingering effects.

I would like people to know that Baltimore has its own unique identity that really could be appreciated on a national stage. We actually have our own unique culture, style, language, music, art, history, heroes and hairstyles, which is unlike any other city in this country.

I have to ask you about hair trends in Baltimore. I heard that the DC-bred Temple Taper is making a comeback and that the designs in the hair are getting more elaborate. But, I also heard that the Philly-style darkened waves and full beards are in there too . What trends have you seen?

Lately, I’ve noticed a comeback in hi-top box fades and different variations of the Mohawk. It’s more of a return of the 80’s style, which is cool because that’s when I was a teenager and got a chance to wear those same types of styles.

Do you cut both male and female patrons?

Yes. Male, female, Black and White. Fortunately, I’ve worked in all types of shops: upscale, “hood,” military, small-town, you name it. I was also a teacher in a barber school for a couple of years, so I had to have some experience in several different areas of cutting and styling to be able to teach others.

Do you stay abreast of natural hair, hair products, technology and healthcare for brothers? If so, what would you say is the best thing brothers can do to take care of their hair?

Yes, I pretty much stay abreast of all the new products and equipment that come along. My advice is that brothers should focus more on the ingredients of products, rather than focus on the brand name. Focus on which consistency (cream, lotion, gel, pomade, oil, grease, liquid) gives you your desired result, rather than what the label promises it will do. Try each consistency; you will eventually find out what works best.

What do you think is the worst common practice that brothers are doing now that they should stop? Coming to the shop with too much grease (or any product) in their hair. The cleaner the hair, the better the haircut! That goes for anyone of any gender or race. I know it may not be possible all of the time but, believe it or not, we want to do our best for our customers.

We know that barbers have to keep up with various aesthetics/styles, but is there a role of responsibility to community that barbers should also have?

A barber’s responsibility to the community is basically a personal decision. Their decision should jive with the owner’s mission of the shop as a whole. Nevertheless, the least any barber/cosmetologist should do is abide by the rules and regulations of their state’s Board of Barbers/Cosmetologist.

Is there anything else that you would like to share with the readers of Hairscapades?

Sure. I would like people to know that there are many people who can’t go to the barber and/or beauty salon. Just think, if you did not have access to regular grooming services, your entire life would change. You could actually lose a job or maybe even a relationship. People would even treat you differently. There are children who are neglected, abused, live with an elderly grandparent, have too many sibling in one household, etc., so they may not get regular grooming. You can see them at any school near you. There are also so many adults who are homeless, laid-off or have to opt for food and housing and forgo regular grooming.

Thank you Robert!!

And with that last sentiment, let’s remember the 5th Principle of Kwanzaa, NIA, which means purpose in kiswahilli. The word is included within KWANZAA’s seven principles (Nguzu Saba) because of the idea that, collectively, we should work to improve our community and restore it to its historical greatness. So, with that being said …

Robert Cradle … on this, the 5th day of KWANZAA … in the spirit of NIA … I salute you!



Want to help? Visit RBCF.com to make a donation that will help provide grooming services to those who can’t afford them. To participate in Give Back Day 2012, visit Allstate.com/GiveBackDay to find volunteer opportunities in a city near you.