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Dollar Store Haul


The other day, I mentioned in this post that I found the satin hair tie/scarf that adorned my retro swoop and French twist updo at my local Dollar Tree and I wanted to go back for the other color. I don’t know if you know this about me … but I love a deal and a steal ;)! So, of course I had to check out what else they had to offer along the line of affordable hair accessories!

Well, I found the above satin flower headbands and hair clips and had to get them. I saw the grey flowers first.

Although I’m not a fan of this type of metal clip (a strand inevitably gets caught and snagged/torn in the removal process), I figured that I could remove the clip and attach the flowers (which are backed by felt) to a different kind of clip or a headband. I could also attach a hair elastic and a pin like I demonstrated here. So, definitely worth a dollar. I was doubley psyched when I saw that they had the brown and pink flowers already attached to headbands!

Next, I picked up bendie satin hair ties/scarfs in solid black and in a white/black/brown leoparard (I passed on the B&W zebra print) and scooped up this cute, brown plaid bow headband!

Oh yeah! Watch out now Minnie Mouse!

Oh! And one last thing! I hate getting plastic bags in stores and have many reusable totes/bags to avoid this. However, unless I’m hitting the grocery store for a major trip, I inevitably forget them in the car! Well, I found the cutest little stow away totes that I can just throw in my purse, so that I’ll always have a bag on me for those quick shopping expeditions!

Cool, right? They  had this other really cute one that looked like a watermelon. But, they only had two left and they both were damaged. The clerk said they should be getting another shipment soon though. However, now that I think about it … do I really want to be pulling a watermelon out of my purse? Ahhhhhh hell nah …! Well … maybe. LOL!

Anyway, not a bad haul for $8.56, right?! I’m definitely going to be hitting the dollar stores to check out their hair accessory offering more often!


Have you been to the dollar store lately? What finds have you scored?