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Do you recognize those two other faces?!? YES!! It’s Rece of A Hair Story and Marsha of Hairology!! This past Saturday, my buddies from the original NC.com CurlyNikki presents Kim Coles’ Grow Out Challenge (whew! That never gets any easier!!) and I got together, with our sisters and other fam in tow, for brunch in the city!! Marsha had come to the Northeast to visit family for the holidays and contacted us to hang out!! I was so excited to meet her in person!! The original GOC was … like …. 2 YEARS AGO!!

Rece and her sister suggested Rue 57, a nice little brunch spot in NYC, and we met there around noon. We had an AWESOME time!!! We ate, laughed, talked about hair, bantu knots, henna, puffs, twists, DIY natural tee shirts, wedding planning … or, should I say, the lack thereof 😉 … Rece’s mystery man, and hair again!! Everyone was soooooo sweet and down to earth. It was like family!! Okay, here are a few more pics!!

photo 1

All red’ ta go with my requisite bun and flower!


On the road again … we’re on the road again. Yes. Yes that is a scarf tied around my edges. Don’t front. You know that you do it too!! LOL!!


From left to right: Marsha, Shamar, Tresha, Keith (Marsha’s cousin), Rece, Shanna and Shana!


Marsha with her daughter Shamar (YES! That’s Marsha’s name with the syllables switched ;)) and her sister Tresha.


Tresha and the AWESOME shirt that she made herself!! The hair is not felt. It is THREAD … all hand-stitched!! Yeah, we all want to order one!!


Rece and her sister Shanna


My sister Shana and I … or, is it me?


Is this a handsome bunch or what?!?!

Seriously, everyone in this group, except for the youngest, is under 5’3″. I’m 5’1″ and I felt downright tall (with my 3″ heels ;)). We could not be mad if someone hollered out at us …. “SHOOOOWWWTIES!!” LOL!! Oh, and the other thing that tickled me pink was our names …. Shelli, Sherece (Rece’s full name), Shanna, Shana and Shamar (again … Marsha reversed).

I really hope that we all get to hang out again soon! If Marsha can’t make it up here … we’ll have to go visit her in Florida!! Sounds like a plan for a vacation this year to me!!

#Frotober Day 06: Curlfriend(s)


This was at my Hairscapades Meet-up in Orange, NJ! Several of the attendees are my personal curlfriends,
including my sis, @shay_lafemme, squatting next to me.

More #curlfriends:
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