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The Right Tools for the Job


Last January, when I decided it was time to get myself together and started running on the treadmill as part of my training, I was experiencing knee pain. I’d had a left knee issue about 3 years prior and was diagnosed with chondomalacia of the patella. So, I just assumed the knee pain was attributable to that, the excess weight, lack of conditioning and old age, especially since both knees were starting to bother me. I was using a brace that was not very helpful and eventually purchased the Ace Knee Strap after seeing the contestants on The Biggest Loser using similar knee supports. I figured, if that little band could help control knee pain for people who are severely obese, it should work for me! And, i did!! It worked great!! Most of the time.

So, I started using two knee straps and, for the most part, my knee pain was eliminated or significantly reduced. But then, one day, for reasons I can’t remember, I decided to take a look at the bottom my five year old sneakers (yeah … I said it … five years old *smh*).

Good frickin’ grief. I was shocked. The shoes had NO tread left on the outer edge. Like, NONE!! I was well aware that I should replace my exercise sneakers at least once a year, but I had always let cheapness override common sense. I realized how stupid I had been. But, no more! So, I looked up how to identify the proper running sneaker for one’s needs and hit Dick’s Sporting Goods. I begrudgingly handed over $100 for some Brooks sneakers and headed home with my purchase. And, my exercise life was changed forever.

Do you know, I had absolutely no knee pain when running after that moment? No knee straps necessary. That was really a wake up call to me about sucking up the desire to save money and purchase the equipment necessary to do the job.

So, when I decided to start incorporating more cardio floor work with The Biggest Loser DVDs, I knew that running sneakers wouldn’t do the job. They are not made for that type of movement and the same knee pain that they helped eliminate during running, they were starting to cause when I was doing floor aerobics. So, I hit Marshall’s and picked up some cross-trainers. Ahhh, relief … again.

Running (R); Cross-Trainer (L): See the difference in the soles?

So, all that to say, for those ladies working towards health goals or who just exercise regularly, make certain that you have the right shoes for the job!! Don’t be a dunderhead like me ;)!! Having the right equipment wil improve your work out and help avoid and/or prevent exacerbation of injuries. Need help figuring out how to find the right sneakers? Here are a couple of resources that I found helpful:




Do you make certain that you wear the right sneaker for the job? Have you had a similar experience where you eliminated pain from an injury by getting the right equipment?