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I Did That!!


Last week was marked with achievement for me as it relates to my ongoing personal fitness goals!! It began the Sunday before last when I was able to do side crow for the first time ever in hot yoga!!!


“OMGosh! OMGosh! I can’t believe I’m doing this!!”

And, I didn’t do it just once; I did it THREE times!!! I was able to do it on both sides during practice and then my bestie/yoga buddy take this pic of me doing it again after class ended!! Okay … so, I haven’t been able to do it since … but, I now know that I can do it and can do it again!! I also tried scorpion (assisted against the wall and with my arms strapped around my elbows) for the first time! And, it was pretty good for a first try!! Woot Woot!!

So, at the end of yoga, my bestie tells me about this Superhero 5K in Morristown the following Saturday. She knew I finished C25K (she was 5 weeks in and we were talking about signing up for the Morristown Warriors Dash). She is also well aware of my love of comics/cartoons and knew this would be right up my alley. How fitting would it be that my first 5K in life be superhero themed?!?! So, when I got home, I looked it up and saw that the 5K was not only fun, but to raise money to bring clean water to Africa and Central America. Superhero-themed and for a good cause? Sign me up and call me Batman!!


Oh! How could I forget?! Part of the reason this came up was because of a belated birthday gift from my buddy Fernando! Batsocks!!

And so, this past Saturday, I ran my first ever 5K!! And, I did not walk once!!

(Click pics to enlarge/read captions)


Let me tell you, those hills are a b@#$!! LOL!! But, I am very pleased to say that I ran it in 34:40.92 minutes, which was an  11:09 mph pace! So, this is right about on par with the 5.5 mph pace I’ve been running on the treadmill! And, I was came in 114th place out of 498 women!!! Woot Woot squared!! LOL! My goal is to be able to run a 5K in 30 minutes or less … but one day at a time :).

So yeah … great week for me personal fitness challenge wise :)! And, as of yesterday, I’m 3 months/84 days into this working out for at least 10 minutes every day!! When I started this, I was just trying to get past the 3 week hurdle. I am totally ecstatic that I’ve come this far and don’t see myself stopping now!


Have you recently accomplished a health and/or fitness goal? Dish!!


JL8: A Refreshing Re-Imagining


In honor of the long overdue Sci-5ive lunch that I’m going to attend today, sharing a little gold nugget of a comic strip that a friend posted on my Facebook wall a couple of weeks ago. If you like/love the Justice League, especially Batman, and GOOD comic strips, check this one out. It starts out a little slow, but really starts getting good around strip 10-12. There are a lot of cameos and inside jokes for the well-versed superhero fan and the continuous story keeps you coming back for more.

Here’s a little tease with one of my faves from JL8 (I think it stands for Justice League 8 y/o).

JL8_23If you watched JL/JLU animated, this strip is like a full series based upon one of my fave episodes, Child’s Play!!

Check out JL8 from the very beginning here. You can thank me later ;).

(p.s. There are currently 103 strips and, from what I understand, new strips are added twice a week.)


NYCC 2012 Recap



I’m sitting here at 10:15 pm with indigo in my hair that I need to rinse, so that I can deep condition! But, I didn’t want to let another day go by without sharing a ton of pics from New York Comic Con 2012!

Here are some of the highlights!!

Day 1: Friday, October 12th

Kasim, my Comic Con road dog for four years and running.

We were attacked by Aliens almost immediately upon our arrival on Friday morning!!

Burt Ward and Adam West, TV’s Batman and Robin, were awesome!! They were so funny and obviously good friends who enjoyed their time together on the show. Adam gave us a little Mayor Adam West and Burt threw out a few, “Holey Moley Batmans!!” This was definitely one of the big highlights of the Con for me this year!

There were so many female Loki’s!! This young lady was among the best!
Those horns are massive!! Talk about needing good posture!!

Artists’ Alley
As I mentioned the other day, comfort and warmth were my number one and two priorities
when choosing my OOTD!! So, I picked up this hooded sweater (which is actually from the plus sizes)
and faux-fur lined combat boots at Marshall’s earlier that week!

Gandalf and Frodo!! They had several of these amazing Lego sculptures!!

Catwoman and Deadpool. This was our entertainment while waiting on line for an autograph from Anne Rice. Deadpool was wile’in out!! (Btw: the line was out of control and we never made it anywhere near Anne Rice
… waste of an hour. But, at least I got this pic!).

This is the other big highlight of the Con! I got to see Seth Green at the Robot Chicken panel in the packed to capacity 5000 seat IGN Theater! He was so frickin’ funny, sweet and nice! He was giving people hugs, taking pics, accepting gifts! I just want to put him in my pocket and carry him around (he’s little like me and Wei ;)). Almost got to ask him a question too (was trying to get my own hug! *lol*), but they cut the line off, like, 2 people ahead of me!! Boooh!!!! 

Day 2: Saturday, October 13th

This was the day that I debuted my Appa (Avatar: The Last Airbender) hat!! So, I had to wear a hairstyle that was befitting! This is my Katara-inspired hair loopies and bun.

Now, who to take with me?!?! Yeah, no way Appa was going! Plus, I was
already repping him and Katara. Ultimately, Momo made the cut ;)!

We took the train into the city each day. Surprisingly, no one seemed to notice the hat much. 
But, who could blame them when Hans Solo, Batman and Naruto were in the vicinity too ;)! *lol* The hat was a hit at the Con! Got asked where I got it several times and also got a few requests to take my picture ;). Of course I obliged!

The first stop of the day for me was a Buffy: 10 Year Anniversary panel.
And, look who was in line with me!! Illyria!!

The panel was actually the writers and editors of the Buffy and Angel comic book series.
But look who showed up! It’s Xander!! Oh, yeah, sorry. Nicholas Brendon. He was very Xander-like though!!

That evening, we attended a Hip-Hop and Comics panel with Pete Rock, DMC and MC Jean Grae, among others! 

Pete Rock rocking a really cool Hulk tee!

We hit the convention floor again as my plans had run afoul! There was aFirefly 10th Anniversary Special Event that I had every plan of attending. Got to the IGN theatre 2 1/2 hours before the panel to wait in line. The 5000 seat theatre was already full and I was quickly told that I wasn’t getting in, but I could go look at the line if I wanted. Walked to the holding area and there probably was another 10ooo people sitting on the hard concrete floor waiting. Booooo! And, just like I knew would happen, Nathan Fillion made a surprise guest appearance. BOOOOOO (that’s an ever louder boo than before). I’m still very bitter.

Of course I had to go hang with the Sci-5 in Artists’ Alley!!

I love this pic! My girls Jackie and Megan!! The women of the Sci-5!!

Day 3: Sunday, October 14th

Got a little camera time with Thor. He’s big, but not as big as I would expect a god to be. *lol*

Calvin and Hobbes!!! Awwww, Bill Watterson, come back to us please!!

Mr. Freeze!! So cool to meet you!!
Get it?

Best. Costumes. Ever. Only a few people will get why.

Boba Chicken!!

Speechless. Okay, not really. Mera was, like, 7 feet tall and all diva!! Aquaman likes ’em burly, I guess! *lol*

Special Feature: Naturals at the Con!!
Last year, I was too shy to ask to take pics. But, this year, I got a little bolder! There were sooo many beautiful naturals at the event, working and attending! I had to stop myself from chasing down a couple of ladies!! LOL!  

The young lady in the infinity scarf made it herself! I have to check out her Etsy shop, Purl Affair (acissejlates.etsy.com). Oh, and if you know who the last young lady is, you get bonus points ;).)

And That’s a Wrap Folks!!

By Sunday afternoon, around 2-3 pm, I was DONE! I went to the food court to read Ender’s Game, which I picked up for free at one of the convention tables (Kas scopes out all the free book tables and this was a brilliant recommendation! I loved it!), and immediately passed out! That’s how Kas and his friend found me! So we paid one last visit to the Sci-5 and hit the road home! It was a great time, saw some things, missed some things (still bitter), got some free stuff, took some pics, got asked to be in some pics, nursed my aching feet (even flat boots couldn’t stop the dogs from barking after walking and standing for hours on end for three days) and will be ready to do it all over again next year!!

And with that, here are a bunch of other pics! It’s almost 1 am now, I still have indigo in my hair and still need to rinse and DC. You know I’ll be sleeping in conditioner! Hope that you enjoy this ridiculous number of pics!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Which pics would you caption and how ;)?

One Thousandth Post and NYCC 2012!!


Guess what?!?! I hit another landmark!! A couple of months ago, I hit 1,000,000 + views and today, I hit a landmark post!! This is the 1000th article published on hairscapades.com!! Wooh-hooh!! That’s a lot of content … y’all don’t need me to write anymore, right ;)?! LOL!! And, I figured, what better post to debut my newest head accessory for New York Comic Con 2012 ;)?!?! If you’ve been around since this time last year, you know about NYCC 2011 and my hair accessories of choice for that Con. But, if you missed the recap, feel free to check it out here. Although I don’t “cospay” (noun. Literally, “costume play.” The art or practice of wearing costumes to portray characters from fiction, especially from manga, animation, and science fiction.), I do like to join in the fun with my own fashion choices. Typically, it just involves a fave character tee-shirt, but I’ve gotten a little more creative in the last couple of years with the help of the internet!

I saw the above pic (left) on the Tumblr page of  Bryan Konietzko, one of Avatar: TLA creators. I immediately knew that I HAD to have it! So, I “commissioned” a friend/co-worker to knit it for me!! She was tickled pink at my silliness and immediately accepted the challenge, despite the fact that she hadn’t knitted in a few years and had never made a hat! But, I think she did a GREAT job! And, no hair worries! I’m wearing a Dri Sweat Fit Cap under it to protect my tresses from the moisture-robbing fabric (see, I brought this back around to hair ;)!

Anywho, can’t wait to debut my hat at the Con next weekend to see what kind of reaction it gets! That’s one of the very few places in the world with people who will appreciate it rather than look at me like o_O! LOL ;)!!

Alright, that’s it! I just couldn’t wait to debut my little secret anymore!! I’ve been keeping this under wraps for over a month now! But, with the Con less than a week away and this being my 1000th post, thought it was a great time to share!!

Lata Gatas!!

Korra: The “Legend” Continues …


“You’ve been given another chance Korra. Get it right this time.”

So, just learned yesterday that Korra isn’t just getting one more season, it’s been picked up for THREE additional seasons! Let’s hope that the series will be redeemed with more time and episodes. I hope Bryan and Michael bring back the team-writing approach and develop a more complex storyline and multi-dimnesional characters in order to tell a story that is a worthy successor to ATLA.

via Bryan Konietzko (Tumblr)

The Legend of Korra has been picked up for an additional 26 episodes, which will be split into Books 3 & 4! Mike and I had been hoping to announce this big news to the crowd at the Korra SDCC panel tomorrow morning, but the network put out a press release yesterday. And as we suspected, people are pretty confused, understandably so. Hopefully people are also excited.

I’m sure I’ll be trying to clear this up in posts for a long time to come, but I’ll lay it all out right now:

–Book 1 = 12 episodes

–Book 2 = 14 episodes

–Book 3 = 13 episodes

–Book 4 = 13 episodes

–TOTAL = 52 episodes

Yeah, yeah … I’ll be tuning in to season 2. Michael and Bryan deserve at least that for the world that they gave me with ATLA … changed my cartoon life forever. We’ll talk about season 3 once the second one is over though.


also via Bryan Konietzko (Tumblr)


So what about you, my fellow ATLA fans? Will you be tuning in for season two of Korra?

SPOILERS AHEAD!! The Dark Knight Rises


So, this isn’t going to be a recap of everything that happened in The Dark Knight Rises. If you’re reading this, it’ll probably make more sense if you’ve already seen it. However, if you haven’t seen it and want to, you have a decision to make here. If you love or don’t mind spoilers and just want to know what I thought of the movie as a massive Batman fan, read on. If you want a breakdown of everything that happened, wrapped up with a critique, you’ll probably want to find a review with a synopsis of the plot and more details about what actually happened in the movie.

With that caveat, here goes … okay, you have one last chance to back out and stop reading (*lol*) … okay, you had your chance.

I was … underwhelmed. And here are the reasons why.

  1. People called Talia last year and the producers, Nolan or whoever denied it … only for it to be true.
  2. Bats’ costume in the light of day, which it seemed to be in most of this movie, was so painfully bulky and stiff.
  3. Speaking of his costume, all I could think when he was fighting Bane in the sewers was, “NO CAPES!!” Seriously, Bane could have yanked that overly long and oddly incongruous cape and snapped Bats’ neck.
  4. Bats was excruciatingly slow … both before and after training in the pit.
  5. Speaking of the pit … this was a great opportunity to explore the inner mind of Bruce Wayne/Batman … to really dig into his psyche, to find him broken only to rise above his physical disability with the sheer power of his mental strength and fortitude. What we had here was the potential to reveal how this HUman can hang with SUPERman, can stand toe to toe with him and earn his respect and admiration. Instead, Bruce gets a little speech, gets angry and climbs a wall.
  6. Bale’s mouth hanging open every time he stopped talking drove me insane.
  7. This is nothing new, but the Bale Batman voice is so annoying. Really wish that they had Kevin Conroy do the Batman voice.
  8. Alfred abandoning Bruce?!?!?! Are you frickin’ kidding me?!?! NEVER.
  9. As soon as I saw the kid from Third Rock, I was like, “Robin?” Then, he told his story and you knew that was probably a sure bet. No surprises here.
  10. Bane? I couldn’t understand him for half the movie … and,
  11. He’s Talia’s lackey with a face mask to ameliorate the agonizing pain that would otherwise debilitate him. Really? Really? That’s how you decide to create a more “realistic” version of a character who pumps himself up with venom to make him strong enough to defeat the Bat and break his back in Knightfall (The series that birthed, “Broken Bat”)?
  12. We have the same plot with essentially the same villains from Batman Begins … i.e. Ra’s al Ghul … I mean, Talia al Ghul … wants to “Destroy Gotham … burn Gotham to the ground … purge the earth …” Still not exactly sure how that is productive and helps the League of Shadows … what, take over the world … destroy the world? Anarchy? What exactly is their end game?
  13. That kiss between Selena (yeah, we can’t call her Catwoman, though she had goggles that looked like a cat’s ears when she pushed them up on her head) and Batman??? Whack!!! The frickin’ atom bomb is less than a minute away from exploding and you waste 15 seconds of it to mack Bats?! Add to that …
  14. There was barely any chemistry between the two the whole movie, but that’s who he settles down with at the end, despite the fact that he had a different, admittedly seriously underdeveloped, love interest earlier in the movie? WT … ?!?!
  15. Bruce gives up the cape and cowl and SETTLES DOWN?!?! Yeah. No. Bruce NEVER finds peace. He IS the Bat. Bruce is his alter ego. Anyone ever see that Batman Beyond episode where Shreik (?) gets old Bruce institutionalized by causing others to think he’s become schizophrenic as he is hearing voices in his head? And, at the end, Terry asks him how he knew he wasn’t crazy? Bats responds, “Because, the voice kept calling me Bruce. In my mind, that’s not what I call myself.” and Terry says, “Well I’m him now” and Bruce says, “Tell that to my subconscious.” Bruce would never completely relinquish his cape and cowl for a life of love and leisure. That’s not what is in his cards. Justice is what drives him.
  16. Bruce Wayne BROKE?!?!  What the … ?!?!  You guys are buggin’!!
  17. I prefer Begins far and above DKR. I LOVED Ledger’s Joker … he was cuhrazzy … and it was GREAT!! But, the Dark Knight is second because I felt Two Face was very underserved as a secondary villain. He is one of my fave tragic villains and he was one-dimensional and boring. And that Maggie Gyllenhal??? OMGosh, she brought me out of the movie every time …. anytime your audience cheers at the death of a protagonist … the protagonist whose death is supposed to be the tragedy that triggers a noble man’s descent into insanity and schizophrenia? You have a problem. I just wish they would figure out how to cast and develop female lead characters. We will never understand why our hero will sacrifice everything for the love of their life when that love is an annoying twit, a one-dimensional bore or a cold, ice queen. They need to figure out how to make US believe that our hero would sacrifice everything for this woman … or would sacrifice his happiness to protect her.
  18. All this to say, again, we have under-developed female lead characters. We never get Catwoman’s story beyond a single sentence about “doing what one must.” C’mon, for real? This is the extent of the motivation for the character? And Talia … Talia … this was like Sabretooth being a lackey with no long, torturous history with Wolvie in X-Men, like Juggernaut not being Charles antagonist brother in X-Men 3 !!! C’mon, get it together folks. Seriously, if you want to totally reinvent a beloved and decades old character, while only keeping a vague resemblance to the history, just call the movie/hero something else and deal with us saying it’s derivative or a knock-off of “so and so.”
  19. Ultimately, I kept waiting for something huge to happen … for Batman to do something so awesome, I’d lose my mind. But, he never did. Nolan wrapped up the trilogy, sure enough … but, IMHO, it went out with a fizzle, not a bang.

ETA (20-28): I thought of even more reasons why DKR was not good:

  • What was the point of the Bane minion staying in the plane? “One of us needs to be here.” Ummmm … why? Wasn’t the point to kidnap Pavel without anyone knowing and everyone thinking he died in a tragic, but accidental plane crash?
  • And when’s the last time they used blood to ID someone (the “fake” Pavel that they blood transfused into one of the plane passengers) … in fact, have they ever? It’s dental records dummy!
  • Bruce is going to really sit around with a messed up leg for 8 years? Even if he wasn’t going to be Batman anymore, he would have done something about that.
  • And even if he wouldn’t have, Alfred wouldn’t have sat idly by for 8 years while his surrogate son became an invalid recluse.
  • You had 5 months to disable this bomb and you wait until 24 hours before it’s set to go off to disable it?
  • How the hell did Bruce get back into Gotham????
  • Why the heck did Miranda/Talia sleep with Bruce? She already had what she wanted before she kissed him. What was her motivation as she had no reason to seduce him since she already had the company and the device? If this was supposed to be the set-up to make the “cut” burn deeper when she betrayed him, maybe they should have actually made it seem as if Bruce fell in love with her. And, maybe she should have said something about playing him out. Instead, their tryst simply appeared a Playboy Bruce dalliance with no significance.
  • Speaking of Talia again, not once did she call Bruce, “Beloved.” Well, since they failed to develop their relationship in any meaningful way, I guess that would have seemed ridiculous in the context of this plot.
  • And back to Bruce being broke, the trade(s) that caused him to lose all of his money happened during a terrorist attack of Gotham Wall Street as a madman shot and killed multiple people and then took hostages. And he doesn’t get his money back because it was obvious fraud?

Oh well. To end on a good, happy note though (mind you, I get immense  joy in critiquing all that’s wrong in a movie/show … especially when I can do it with/among friends who feel the same ;)), I still want these socks:

They glitter … ooooooooh.

And these too, as a matter of fact.

Actually saw these first. A friend took the pic to send to me ;).


Did you see The Dark Knight Rises? If so, what did you think of it?

I’m Serious with Mine


This one goes out to all my ATLA homies!! LOL! In case you didn’t know, we’ve been having a serious discussion in the comments thread over on Korra: The Legend So Far … . So, it hit me that I never shared some of my prize ATLA possessions, which I purchased several years ago at Nick Universe here! It’s the BoomerAang Gang!!!! (Minus one :(. For some reason they never made a Toph, who is the most AWESOMETASTIC of all!! *boooo hissssss*). Anywho, Appa is so soft and cuddly and he’s almost as big as me ;)! For this last reason, he is generally relegated to the second bedroom with the rest of the gang, except Momo. But I brought the gang all together to get this shot.

Oh no, I’ve probably said too much. *lol*

Korra: The Legend So Far …



Episode 8, Book 1 (Air) of Avatar: The Legend of Korra aired yesterday. We’re a little bit past the halfway point of the first season, which has a total of 12 episodes. So, as the consummate Avatar: The Last Airbender fan, what do I think of The Legend so far?

Well, it’s no Avatar: The Last Airbender (ATLA)!! LOL! Okay, so I say that, not as a bad thing … but just to say that Korra is not a fluid extension of ATLA. It definitely has its own unique feel and the fast forward to the future of steampunk machines, Shanghai Jazz, motor cars and modern thugs has definitely been a bit jarring and unnerving for me. Gone are the familiar characters and the music that I immediately loved and adored … it was time to get used to a whole new Team Avatar: Korra, Naga, Bolin, Mako, Asami, Naga and Pabu. There are also some new adults in the mix. But, unfortunately, so far, Aang’s uptight son, Tenzin, and Toph’s angry daughter, Lin, are complete downers!! They are the complete opposites of the jovial, yet fierce Uncle, the hilarious nut job, King Bumi and the deadpan, yet subtlety droll Piandao!

To be honest, all of the characters have been hit and miss for me so far. Actually, let me take that back. It’s more that I am not in LOVE with any character the way that I was with ATLA. From the third or fourth episode of the original, I fell in love with Uncle, then it was Sokka and don’t get me started on the cuteness and mischievous gluttony of Momo. Pabu is cute … but he’s no Momo … though it seems he has a similar appetite. And I doubt that there will ever be a “Naga Alone.”

Then there are the more frequent anime moments and the romances that aren’t quite my cup of tea. I know that Aang immediately had a thing for Katara … Sokka had his moment with Suki in the Warriors of Kyoshi, which was only four episodes into the series. But … I don’t know … the sentiments in ATLA felt more organic and authentic whereas, in Korra, things feel forced to me. The whole Korra, Mako, Asami, Bolin love “square,” and the frequency of reference to it, is more than I can take. I mean, they had an entire episode devoted to it already!!! It feels so much like filler … I know ATLA had “The Great Divide,” but they had 20 episodes and 3 seasons, 1 episode wasn’t such a loss ;).

And then, there’s this issue that I have with the frequency with which Korra finds herself knocked out. I mean, c’mon!!! I know that she’s not a fully realized Avatar, but she’s close! She can’t do better than this? I feel like I’m watching Superman: TAS, where he constantly got his a@#$ handed to him until the very end of each episode. And shoot, Korra’s track record isn’t as good as Supes, because she is NOT ending the episodes on top!! *lol*

Okay, so yeah, I’m not loving everything about the series. It has yet to really hit its stride with me. There have been some really great episodes, but just when I think it’s getting really good … we hit a bump in the road. That being said, let’s talk about the things that I am loving. Gorgeous sets and colors, Melo’s lumpy head, “flashbacks” of adult Aang, Sokka, Toph and an angry man (who looks like an older Admiral Zhao to me), chi blockers, lightening benders, metalbending police, scary a@#$ Amon and his bending stealing powers, secrets yet revealed, wicked awesome fight scenes and, most recently, Tarlok exhibiting a fearsome display of bloodbending!

So yeah, let’s just say that, though I’m not in LOVE with Korra, I am firmly in my seat for the ride! I can’t wait to see her really connect with her spiritual side and visit the Spirit World, talk to Aang, enter the Avatar state and airbend. I also can’t wait to find out how Zuko and his mother reunited, why Uncle Iroh went to the Spirit World (I know that one is wishful thinking), who is still alive (Toph? Zuko? Suki? Anyone?) and if Koh will keep his promise to Aang, “We’ll meet again.” I know that some of these things are coming eventually, though they may not manifest exactly the way that I expect.

Speaking of expectations, I had none that Korra would be better than ATLA or the same … but I do count on it being a really good story. And, though I miss the BoomerAang Gang ;), I would not have had Michael and Bryan drag out Aang’s story for anything. ATLA was good and it was perfect and it was beautiful. I am soooo happy with how it ended and that they had the integrity to say, “This story is over” instead of attempting to prolong it for the money and the fans. To me, ATLA is the perfect trilogy the way that Star Wars Episodes IV, V and VI were … you see what happened when George Lucas tried to mess with perfection? Ughhh.

And, though Korra is no Aang, I think that she will be an Avatar to reckon with in her own right. I’m not going anywhere and will be riding this one out until the very end, because I have faith that Bryan and Michael won’t let us down ;).

With that, I’ll leave you with one of the most poignant and moving moments of ATLA. The character Mako is named after the late, great and inimitable voice behind the hilarious, yet powerful Uncle Iroh. Mako died during the taping of the second season of ATLA and they pay tribute to him during the episode, “Tales of Ba Sing Se,” where sings to the only son he lost in the war.

I tear up every time.


 So, what do you think of The Legend so far?

The Premier of Avatar: The Legend of Korra


To all of my Avatar fans, want to see the 2 part premier of Avatar: The Legend of Korra three weeks before it airs on TV?!?!? Then check it out on KorraNation.com here!!! I don’t know how long we’ll be able to watch this, so I say, watch it today or you may have to wait until April 14th!!

Now, if only Wei would wake up so that I can watch it too!! He has 10 minutes to finish his nap or I’m watching it alone!! I know, it’s wrong … but, what can I say? It’s AVATAR!!! I’VE BEEN WAITING 4 YEARS FOR THIS!!!

UPDATED TO ADD: Without giving too much away, just wanted to tell you all that I watched the first two episodes and my initial thoughts are that it has a different feel and flow than the original. The characters feel undeveloped as of yet and I think that was definitely a strength of the original series. ATLA seemed to have an innate ability to quickly develop characters that you loved within one episode. I mean, c’mon, remember the Cabbage Man?!?! LOL! Also, the music in some places feels more forced and “out front” than the original. However, I’m hoping that the show with “settle” in a few episodes and that it’ll feel more natural once we get to know the characters a little better. That being said, my butt will be firmly glued to my seat for this one. I don’t expect it to surpass or even match ATLA, but I do expect a great story. And, I can’t wait to see the flashbacks that I know are coming that will reveal some of the missing puzzle pieces of ATLA … such as, how did Zuko reunite with his mother? Why did Uncle go into the Spirit world? Will Koh reappear and keep his promise to Aang, “We’ll meet again?” I have my suspicions and theories, but won’t ruin it for you;).