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A DIY Christmas Gift: Coconut Oil Body Whip



I was up until midnight last night getting this done, so I hope that my team likes them!! So, remember my Coconut Oil Body Whip post from last week? Well, I decided, “What a great little gift for my work team!!!” So, I picked up two 12 packs of these little 4 oz. Ball® quilted mason jars from Ace Hardware for $9.99 each and four 16 oz. jars of virgin coconut oil, one bottle of grapeseed oil, and one of bottle of Vitamin E oil from Trader’s Joe and got to work! I also picked up some decorative miniature Christmas ball ornaments and ribbon at the Dollar Store. I wanted to use cupcake papers to decorate the jars, but couldn’t find any jumbo ones in stores, so I opted for cutting tissue paper into circles to decorate the top of the jars. Since I had lavender and maychang essential oil at home already, I was good to go on the scents.  Oh, and I had also picked up some extra labels from Ace. Now, I was ready to get to work.

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Now, I LOVE the Maychang scented whip. But, the Lavender doesn’t smell like much to me and I added at least 30 drops of EO. So, I wouldn’t use that in the future and definitely have to find some other options. I bought some apricot kernel oil to try, but that didn’t smell like much either, so didn’t even bother using it. I also noted that the Trader Joe’s virgin coconut oil didn’t indicate whether it was refined or unrefined and didn’t smell as good to me as the Spectrum Unrefined Coconut Oil. So, though the TJ’s was cheaper ($5.99 for 16 oz.) compared to the $14.99 SALE price for 29 oz. jar of Spectrum, I would get the Spectrum in the future.

So yeah … gotta finish my Christmas shopping … since this is the ONLY thing I’ve done so far. Haven’t even gotten Wei a gift yet!!!! Better hit that CVS gift card kiosk soon!!! Think I’m playin’? LMBO!!


So, what gift are you giving this year that makes you truly agree with the saying, “Giving is better than receiving?”

Although, below is one of the gifts that my team gave me earlier this week. And gotta say … receiving may be better than giving this time!!


Look!!!! They’re beaming like the Bat Signal!!