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Blensblend 100% Silk Bonnet Review



As some of you may know, in my early natural years, I came up with the idea of wearing a half-slip as a “bonnet” to accommodate my down and out hair. I’d put the waist around my head and cinch the bottom of the slip closed with a rubberband. I showed this to you all in A Bonnet for Every Occasion, but here it is again in case you forgot or missed it ;).


Fast forward to three or four years ago. I thought about making a real bonnet that accomplished the same thing by buying silk and/or satin fabric and creating the “funnel” with drawstring closures at both ends. Even told my bestie about it and how I thought it really fit a need in the marke. Never did anything.

So, imagine my surprise when I was perusing pics in my Instagram news feed a few months ago and saw this post by MyHairFestish.


“My journey has always been about sharing. So it’s only fair that I share with you what I love this week. If you’re looking for great bonnet please check her out” (sic)

DANG!!!! This silk bonnet by Blensblend ($27 for extra large) is the incarnation of an idea I had several years ago, but never executed! So, of course I started asking all kinds of questions and MyHairFetish appeased my curiosity and expressed her satisfaction by creating this video review!!

via MyHairFetish

(Skip to 5:12 if you just want to see the demo and review of the bonnet :).)

Well, of course I had to get one. I love my EboniCurls Ebonnet, which is super large and helps my hair retain moisture, bit it has no “hang time.” So, if I try to wear my hair down in it, I end up with a mushed, tangled mess with flattened and crooked curls. And, a pineapple with a scarf and/or bonnet has also never worked too well for me due to my straight nape. So, I would try the pocket bonnet like My Hair Fetish demoed in the video (but that would compress my hair too much) or revert to the slip solution.

But now, I have the Blensblend silk bonnet and have been wearing it for about a month and it is working really well!! It does sometimes slip off at night, but I think it’s because I should probably tie the hidden elastic tighter. And, I just haven’t gotten around to it.


Here is my Day 2 braid-out from yesterday after wearing the bonnet overnight.

BnC_day2_collageNot bad, right? 

Final Thoughts
So yeah, I’m very pleased with my purchase! I’d give it 4 1/2 stars out of 5!!

The reason I gave it 4 1/2 stars out of 5 is because I could use one that is even longer to fit my hair now and as it continues to get longer *fingers crossed*. And, when I ordered this bonnet, the extra large was the biggest one available. But, when I checked the site last night, they have a new SPECIAL ORDER bonnet in 30 inches that you can get made custom for $33.10!! Ummmm, yeah, I think I found my birthday gift to me!!! And finally, though I think this bonnet is great, I do have a couple ideas about what could make it even better. So, maybe you’ll see Hairscapades silk bonnets for sale yet!! 😉



Have you found a bonnet that works perfectly for your hair? Do you have different bonnets/scarves for different hairstyles?

July-September GOC Final Update: Margaret (#5)


mjg 1 GOC Nov 2012
This is a July/ Aug/Sept update of the 2012 GOC. Here I am summarizing my accomplishments, challenges, continued commitments as well as lessons learned.

I continued to involve myself in the mid-week modified co-wash using H2O/Aloe drench, shea butter mix and coconut oil. Love it!!! With the fall/winter season, I realize I will need to up my moisture and there have been some awesome ideas presented here to maintain moisture for a week or more.

I am still washing with Terressentials Left Coast Lemon Mud Wash (undiluted) weekly. I also have a bottle in Lavender Garden when I want to switch it up. My hair seems to favor the Left Coast Lemon more due to the essential oils. ACV is used monthly before the mud wash on the days I henna and continues to work well.

Henna and Ayurvedic powders (Amla, Brahmi and Bhringaj) monthly make my hair conditioned and dark. Although I do not use indigo, I mix my henna and place in the freezer a month ahead of time. I understand repeated henna’s as well as freezing and thawing henna will allow your hair to darken.

mjg 6 GOC Nov 2012

I found a new HG … Blensblend 3 in 1 Conditioner. It is an all natural conditioner that can be used for 3 purposes … detangler, rinse out and/or leave-in. I have been using it just as the conditioner in Shelli’s cool and seal technique. Once it is placed in my hair, any existing tangles melt like butter and the slip is phenomenal. I have also used the Blensblend hair and body butter after applying Giovanni Direct Leave-in (GDLI). I have not used the new formula for GDLI, however I plan to soon. I have also experimented with adding full fat yogurt to my deep conditioners. Works like a charm.

Finger detangling is continuing to work well especially with slippery conditioners. I pre-poo weekly, prior to every wash, with coconut oil and will switch to EVOO for my Fall/Winter Regimen. I may start using the comb at least once a month as a safety measure and for trimming purposes. Any stylist for the most part will comb prior to trimming. I have dusted my ends during this time and have a recommendation for a stylist, who I will consult with soon for a trim. Regarding length check, I appear to be at waist length at my longest layer. (Excuse the oily hair/fingers) lol. I am aiming for continued growth with hip length being the ultimate goal.

mjg 5 GOC Nov 2012

Health & Fitness
Carlson’s Fish Oil has been great; however I am going to order Viviscal to further support my goals (I have some thinning that has to be tackled). Walking 6 days per week is not a problem due to having a partner to encourage. Being consistent with fitness classes have been more of a challenge due to my second job schedule. This particular portion of the challenge I am continually working on. My food vices are no-no’s right now as it seems the items I like are those that cause my GI problems to occur.

I am continuing to work on this element of the challenge as well. On a good note, although negative situation continue to raise its ugly head, I have been blessed with strength to stay away from the drama and toxic situations.

I feel that I have not obtained the goals I originally set forth and plan to continue my plans throughout the remainder of the year. My reward will come next year in the form of a trip to the mountains in Spring 2013. Life is full of its challenges and I am not going to allow these defeat me.

Shelli, with everything you and your family have endured this year, I appreciate the strength and perseverance you have shown during challenging times. We take so much for granted. Thank you for sharing with us the good and bad. I hope all of you ladies did well as we continue to isnpire and uplift each other. 🙂


mjg 2 GOC Nov 2012

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