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White Women, Black Hairstyles


Ellen(via Slate.com)

So, my sister Shana posted a link on Facebook to this Slate.com article: White Women, Black Hairstyles. My initial reaction?


then … 


Ummmmm …. well, I guess black women have been wearing white, Brazilian, and Asian hair/hairstyles in the corporate space for decades … soooo … ?

Yeah …

Well, I will say this, I don’t care what anyone says … Lisa Stansfield rocked a BAD a@#$ fingerwave back in the day!!

Okay, maybe it wasn’t fingerwaves … but finger curls … #IJS!

And just because I was caught all up in the dopeness that was Stansfield, wasn’t “All Woman” the hard-working woman’s anthem of the 90s?!?! That song was on point. Like, Karyn White’s I’m not your Superwoman of the 80s! And, doesn’t Lisa’s hair look like a fly version of the next to last lady’s style in the article?

Okay … tangent over (you see how I brought it back there at the end though, right?).