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JL8: A Refreshing Re-Imagining


In honor of the long overdue Sci-5ive lunch that I’m going to attend today, sharing a little gold nugget of a comic strip that a friend posted on my Facebook wall a couple of weeks ago. If you like/love the Justice League, especially Batman, and GOOD comic strips, check this one out. It starts out a little slow, but really starts getting good around strip 10-12. There are a lot of cameos and inside jokes for the well-versed superhero fan and the continuous story keeps you coming back for more.

Here’s a little tease with one of my faves from JL8 (I think it stands for Justice League 8 y/o).

JL8_23If you watched JL/JLU animated, this strip is like a full series based upon one of my fave episodes, Child’s Play!!

Check out JL8 from the very beginning here. You can thank me later ;).

(p.s. There are currently 103 strips and, from what I understand, new strips are added twice a week.)



Who Really Healed the Broken Bat?



So, if you didn’t know, DKR is partly based on the Batman story, Knightfall. Just thought a few of you might be interested in knowing that the doctor who healed the Batman in “real life” was Dr. Shondra Kinsolving … NATURAL … and rocking a TWA. ;).

Oh yeah, and they developed a romantic relationship, he fell in love with her and was about to reveal he was Batman. Then she got kidnapped. Batman … forever alone.