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A Bantu Knot Out


So, you know, I’m kinda addicted to IG nowadays. And when I saw this HAWT hair pic posted by @PrincessLinz HAWT pic (who I got to meet at the CurlyNikki Meet-up this past summer), I had to ask her for a tutorial! Hope that you like it!!



Bantu Knot Out Process on Wet Hair

  • I co-wash my hair and use my usual leave-in: Curl Junkie Curl Rehab mixed with water and put into a spray bottle.
  • Section my hair in 4 sections and begin with the right side (just out of habit).
  • Make smaller sections within those 4 sections and spray my hair with my leave-in concoction from root to tip.
  • Take a dime size of Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Pudding and run it through each small section from root to tip.
  • Create corkscrew/buns throughout my entire head.


  • Let hair air dry over night.
  • If my roots are still wet, I use a blow dryer on warm/cool and dry my roots.
  • Then, I remove each corkscrew/bantu knot and separate each one so that the curls look fuller and creates more body.
  • Shake head from side to side, pick my roots with my fingers and voilà  … you get this:

bantuknotsmallDay 1

bantu second dayDay 2

When I bantu knot on straightened hair I do not use any product just hair pins.

bantu knot out on straightened hair
bantu waves on straightened hair


Okay, okay. I know what you’re thinking. “OMGosh!! Her hair is gorgeous!! How long has she been natural?!? What’s her regimen?!? Where’s her hairstory?!?!” Don’t worry! I got you!! You know I’ve already asked for it. And now that I finally posted this, I’m sure that I’ll get it soon ;)!

How do you do a Bantu Knot-out? Do you prefer styling on wet or dry hair?


Bantu Knot Out … to the Side


by Valerie of Curls2Envy

1st attempt at this..

This Bantu Knot out was done on freshly washed hair. The products used where:

  • Leave-in: CJ smoothing lotion
  • Sealer : Oyin sugar berries pomade
  • Styler: a tiny bit of koils by nature gel.
  • Shea butter to seal ends

Medium bantu knots … About 4-5 in each quadrant. So, in total, about 20-25 knots … Let them dry all the way. Take them down with some Jane Carter Nourish & Shine to prevent frizz … Fluff … And bam. Lol

take down

look at the definition

fluffed a lil bit

front view

side view

right side view

I am pleased. Rocked it like this to church.

What do you guys think?


Super cute and oh so shiny and bouncy! But, I’ve never done a Bantu knot out! Given my struggles with hair that fails to dry in a TnC overnight or even 24 hours, I haven’t even wanted to chance how long it would take to air dry a Bantu knots!!

How about you? Do you wear Bantu knot-outs? What’s your technique and what products do you use?