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Havana Twists Sale at Afrigenix


Okay, so the post that I did on Havana Twists consistently garners the most views on my site, day after day, week after week … for months now!! LOL!! So, I thought it imperative that I share this sale that is presently posted on the salon that seems to have made the style famous (maybe even created it?), Afrigenix. The site doesn’t indicate how long the sale lasts, so if you’re interested in the style and live in the NYC area, then you may want to investigate and/or book your appointment today!

(p.s. I don’t know if the $88 includes hair, but I doubt it. A representative from Afrigenix commented on my original post and indicated that the hair used is Havana Hair and is available at FINGERCOMBER.COM. It’s $12.99 a bag and, from what I understand from the comments on the original post, 5 bags are needed for this style. So, if you book an appointment for the sale price, make certain that you check on the price if they provide the hair!!)