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September Update: Viv


Cutie pie Viv of the Fifth Wave gives us an update with a fancy photo montage;)!!


These past three months during the challenge have been especially fun for me in regard to my hair. At 13 months post BC, one would think that my hair care regimen would be set. Not so. Every month my hair presents new challenges and new discoveries requiring me to re-examine what I did before.

When I first started this challenge, my greatest concern was the single strand knots, which seemed to have popped up from nowhere overnight. They plagued me and seriously caused me angst as it meant to me that the meticulous care I had been applying to my hair was amiss. So, during these past few months I have been on a mission to eradicate them.

I received some helpful advice from various women here on Hairscapades who suggested ACV and oil rinsing. I purchased a bottle of ACV, mixed up a batch and brought it into the shower to rinse my hair during my weekly wash session. Mind you, I was gagging the entire time from the odor. When I say I tried to put that stinky concoction in my hair, I mean I really, really tried. But, I just couldn’t do it. My nosh is super sensitive, and I love having my husband cuddle with his face in my neck at night. I was not about to relegate him to the couch because of my hair!

I then figured I would straighten my hair for my one year anniversary and get a simultaneous trim instead. After all, that’s what many naturals do, right? Well, after I made my appointment with a stylist, I started experiencing random moments of anxiety from a fear of heat damage. Nothing but heart palpitations right and left. It all came to a head the night before my appointment after I had a sweat-inducing, frightful dream. I’m sure many of you have heard of naturals having the dreaded “relaxer dream.” My dream was a little different in that I had a “hair shedding” dream. I dreamt that tennis ball sized clumps of my hair were falling out of my head until I was nearly bald! I woke up from that dream clutching at my hair and babbling exclamations of gratitude because it was still intact. (I don’t need to tell you I never made that appointment, do I? Nor that my husband thinks I’m out of my freaking mind!)

In the end, the solution was quite simple … I dusted my ends myself while in twists and it made a WORLD of difference. I tried oil rinsing as well, which was also very helpful, and I no longer do wash n go’s, which contributed greatly to tangling and knots. I find it’s easier to keep my hair moisturized in stretched styles like twist-outs and braid-outs. So I think the key to reducing SSKs is to dust more frequently, reduce tangling and to moisturize my ends nightly with love and tenderness.

What have I learned? Slapping on some oil haphazardly just won’t do. Nor is it wise to fear the scissors for the sake of a little unhealthy  length retention.

During my next update, I’ll tell you about some shocking revelations my hair revealed to me that made me come to terms with what I have on my head. (She and I were on the outs for a minute.)

As far as my exercise routine … yeah, that was a fail. I hang my head down in shame. I must, and I shall do better for the next update.


Can’t wait to read what else you’ve learned Viv! And, you and your hair both look fab!! I’ve done an ACV rinse or two with Bragg’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. It didn’t bother my nose (by I’m not too smell sensitive), but I found that it was drying to my hair even highly diluted with distilled water. However, many experience great results with ACV rinses and I’m not entirely opposed to trying one again on hair that needs a little clarifying.

Have you tried or do you use ACV rinses? What kind of results did you expect and receive?