I think I can safely say that we all enjoy a good hair story. We like to read about the challenges and triumphs of others as they help encourage and motivate us on our own journeys. They allow us to see what is attainable. They allow us to see that success is often a result of challenge. They teach us that no journey is perfect and that every adversity can be a learning experience. They teach us that we have more in common than we have differences. In the same regard, they show us that it is our differences that make us so very beautiful (like all the colors in a rainbow). So, this is a forum to share our stories and to discover and learn and grow and … of course … ogle over some hair porn=).

You can use the HairStories interview questions hyperlinked below, a combo or, if you prefer, you can write your story anyway you like. Please e-mail your Big Chop, Hair CrushHenna and Me, My Albatross, Newly Natural, Transition, Mini-Hairscapader and/or Naturals Around the World story, with 4-6 pics, to Please use the subject, “HairStory.” We love seeing BC pics compared to “present day” pics, so submit one of those if you can!

(As I’m known as the Grammar Officer among my friends and family, I’ll probably cast an editorial eye over all submissions to ensure clarity and correct any typos [though I know I’ll miss a few as I’m sure I’ve made a few].)

That being said,



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    • Hi Bree, I don’t know of anything that will significantly thicken hair. However, some have success using castor oil or Jamaican black castor oil to thicken hair that is thinned/thinning. Also, henna thickens individual strands as the due actually coats the hair. However, if the hair isn’t dense or loosely curly, that very weight may make it flatter, which could actually make it look thinner. If you have fine hair, it’s better to take it easy on heavy products, like oils, butters and conditioners as those can tend to weigh hair down. Less is definitely more!


  1. Hello,

    After many, many years I am finally retiring my flat iron and embracing completely natural hair and I am super excited! I will normally wash, blow dry and straighten my super curly hair every week. Over the years, I have noticed my ends do not have the same curl just a slight wave. I get my ends clipped every 6-8 weeks so I dont think the change in my curl was caused by damage. In order to promote healthy hair growth, would i need to cut off the hair thats not as curly ? Also because I am sort of transitioning my hair, is there any product recommendations you may have? I am trying to grow my shoulder length hair down my back.


    • Hi Yana,

      First, congrats on your new journey:). I’m a lover of curls, so yea!!! LOL!!

      Now, onto the crux of the matter 😉 … if you don’t think the straighter/wavy areas are heat damage, than cutting it won’t really help. I know that a lot of curlies seem to have sections of hair that is straighter than the rest and we keep cutting it, hoping to trim off heat damage, but it’s just the nature of that hair! Now, if you do think there is heat damage, what you can try doing first is a virgin coconut oil and/or extra virgin olive oil pre-poo to help with moisture and elasticity, shampoo with a sulfate free shampoo, detangle and thena apply a protein treatment to provide strength and structure to the hair and “fill in” gaps in the cuticle. Make sure you follow the protein treatment with a moisturizing deep conditioner (protein free) for 30 minutes to an hour. See what kind of results that you get with that. As to product recommendations, you can check out my post on my staples and my regimen to see what I’m using. But it’s kind of hard for me to make recommendations as I don’t know too much about your hair. However, I will say that my staples are the DevaCare No Poo, Herbal Essences Hello Hydration, the kimmaytube leave-in (which is a Godsend for many, including me) and Jamaican black castor oil, Vatika oil (I use this for pre-poos instead of pure virgin coconut oil … it’s cheaper!) and extra virgin olive oil.

      Hope that helps!


  2. Hey Shelly, your “lurkers” post inspired me to send in my HairStory! Hope you like it!!! I have followed you since your Naturally Glam post on Curly Nikki and immediatly fell in love with your hair and was soo excited that I found someone who shared my longwinded enthusiasm 🙂 I love your blog and I check almost everyday for new tips and tricks. Thank you for what you do, its truly appreciated….btw I have also been (sort of) following the GOC at home, but I’ll talk about that in my hairstory.


  3. Shelli:
    The journey began for me today with my test patch – I LOVE IT AREADY = The grays were completely covered and the red is FABULOUS! I’m learning too that I have to slather this stuff for complete coverage, and after doing separate tests on pre-washed brush-collected hair, my 2-hr left in henna was good, but did not compare with my 4-hr nor the overnight tests. However, I saw no real difference in the 4 vs the overnight, so I’m leaving the henna in for 4 hours as it gave me a deep coppery brown reddish color that I adore. Meanwhile, the indigo was a hit too, and I followed your lead & left that in for a little over an hour. I colored perfectly, and I’m also thinking about leaving the front w/o indigo bc I just like that pop from the henna so much. Nonetheless, I will have a 2-step henna/indigo experience over Memorial Day 2013 weekend!!!!! Cannot wait! THANK YOU for your inspirational journey, and for taking the time to share your knowledge with us “newbies!”

    Good Henna Day 2 yah!


    • Awwww, thank you Tee! And congrats on joining the henna crew!! You know, I was contemplating hennaing last weekend too!! Mixed up my henna, but decided to freeze it and do it this weekend!! Hoping that I carry through with the plan and get it done tonight (it’s thawing now) as a treatment is WAY overdue!!! LOL!! Thing is, I don’t think I’m going to do the indigo part this time, at least not tonight. But, I may try to do it next weekend and will keep my fingers crossed that it sticks!!


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