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A Flat Twist-Out to Envy


via Curls2Envy

Hello Ladies. I received my B.A.S.K. Palm Tapioca Deluxe Hair Cream earlier this week from the swap board on

I was super anxious to try it out for some twists. This in not a review for the Palm Tapioca (one will come at a later date once I’ve played with it some more).

Products used for this look:

B.A.S.K. Palm Tapioca

Raw african shea butter

Shea Moisture Sheabutter Leave-in

Original Moxie Hair Bling

First I washed and detangled my hair. I moisturized my hair with the B.A.S.K. Palm Tapioca. I then put my hair in 8 fat twists to air dry.

I waited for my hair to be 70% dry before taking the fat twists down so I can put the flat twists in.

I put in 12 flat twists in total: 3 in the front, 2 above each ear and 5 in the back.

I rewet my ends and sealed with some african shea butter.

Look how plump & shiny they are!

I left my twist in for a total of 4 days.

Every other night I moisturized the twist with water and Shea Moisture’s Shea Butter Leave-in and tied down with a satin scarf.

How I wore my hair on Tuesday for school

To take down the twists, I took a pea size amount of the Original Moxie Hair Bling and spread it in my hands first, then all over the twists to prevent frizz during the take down.

Not fluffed yet

I carefully fluffed and picked out the roots with a comb.

The end results are …. drum roll please …

I love it!

What I would’ve done different is:

1. Next time I will make sure to seal in the B.A.S.K. with a butter/oil.

2. Make sure that the part in the back for the twists is not directly in the middle. ( I have a cowlick right in the middle so a part right on it makes it look like a bald spot)

3. Not wait so long to take the twists down … maybe 2-3 days max.


Once again, I’m reminded that I need to figure out how to two-strand flat twist!! Beautiful!

Do you get good results with two-strand flat twists and twist-outs? 


“Fake It Til You Make It”


Yesterday, you may have noticed this lovely little updo in the pictures that I shared from the One World, Many Naturals Natural Hair Expo. Well, of course when I saw it, I had to ask how it was done! The beautiful “model,” Brittany of Herbalocity, graciously obliged by providing me with the name of the YouTuber and video that inspired her style.

via ImmaDstarra

You’ll note that the inspiration style included a swoop. But Brittany advised me that she was in a rush that day, so she just did the twist, bun and kept it moving! And, it still turned out beautifully. Just goes to show that you can give you own twist out of creativity, serendipity urgency or necessity and still come away with beautiful results!!

Have you faked it until you made it or would you?

Styling My Individual Braids


I don’t believe I mentioned this here, but I’m going to the Curly Nikki Meet-Up in NYC this Thursday *Whoop-Whoop*!!! So, I decided to leave the braids I set on Sunday for a braid-out in until Thursday. I’m hopeful that I’ll get a defined set that holds through the night *fingers crossed*.

That being said, I had to figure out how to style my braids for work until then. As they are very scalpy and I set two braids at my crown to fall towards my face (for lift/volume when released and reversed) instead of directing them towards the back of my head, I didn’t feel comfortable wearing them down.

So, on Monday, I styled them in a French twists of sorts with the ends that were curled on perm rods “cascading” at my crown. I left the front two braids out to frame my face and accessorized the look with a black satin wire headband.

On Tuesday, I used synthetic braiding hair to make a long braid and form a big bun that I adorned with one of my DIY flower hair clips.

I was a little manipulation happy last week, so I’m glad to give my hair a break for a few days. So, I will leave this bun in for today too. This evening, I’ll release the bun to lightly mist my braids (which were very soft and moisturized by the way!) with some leave-in conditioner and seal with an oil. This should help eliminate any irregular bends from the braided bun. It should also help enhance the definition of the set and, hopefully, encourage a little shrinkage that will “pump up the volume.”


So first, who else is going to the Curly Nikki NYC Meet-Up?!?! I’d love to meet some of you in person!!

Second, do you wear your natural or transitioning hair in individual braids? If so, how do you style them?

Pre-Summer Updo by Luv♥My♥Kynxx


Amber of Luv My Kynxx

Okay, THIS … right here … is HAWT! LOL! Alright, so I love Amber!! She is an absolute sweetheart, a talented natural stylist and rocks the most GAWJUS head of curls. She also does the CUTEST braided and twisted protective styles! I’m always mad that she lives in Texas and tell her that she needs to move to the East Coast all of the time … for obvious reasons ;). (I bet you she could do my hair in that Blow-Out and Flat Twist style I posted last week in a minute!! ;))

Anywho, she posted this style a little while ago on her Facebook page and I fell in love with it! Check out her tutorial for this lovely protective style here!!

p.s. Check out Amber’s later post to see how she flipped this style and added another layer of flyness by releasing the hanging portions of the twists.


Do you like to rock cornrow and twisted styles? What is your favorite way to wear them?

Blow-Out and Flat-Twist Bun


I really need to learn how to flat-twist man! Ugghhhh!!! I LOVE this style! I found it last year I think. Her hair appears to have been prepped with a blow-out and then flat-twisted towards the center back of her head and finished with regular twists.

Then, the length of the twists were bunned. Looking at this again is really making me contemplate going to someone to get this done … and adding hair for fullness and longevity, if need be (shoo … I don’t care)! What a pretty, feminine and easy summer style!

What say ye? Perfect style for sundresses and hot, humid summer days, don’t ya think?

(p.s. Anyone know of any really good, Flat-Twisting for Idiots YouTube tutorials? Help a sista’ out!! ;))

Pocahontas Braids


Ummmm … I meant twists!! LOL! I attempted this style months and months ago after seeing the tutorial on CurlyNikki. But, my hair was just too tangly to get the twists right. It was stretched, but I just couldn’t seem to work with my hair without breaking strands and fighting spiderweb tangles. Now, with the addition of strengthening protein to my regimen and the wonder that is Aubrey Organics conditioners, I decided to give it another go!! My hair was smooth and stretched and I was able to do the loose two-strand twists necessary for this style relatively easily. It’s not perfect. But, I’m sure that I can do it now and can’t wait to rock it on the weekend with a cute little sundress and accessorized with one of the strands of pretty trim that I picked up last year at Michael’s and JoAnn Fabrics!!

Here’s the tutorial and a few more pics!

via whoissugar

Hair stretched by a twist-out.

Interesting Braided “Bun”


Saw this style on OkDani’s hair blog,, last night and decided to give it a try.

Given that I don’t have a bang, made a slight modification and made the front section of my hair a bump with a big flat pin-curl. Separating and detangling my hair to make the parts and braids was the most difficult part because it  had been bunned all week. It turned out okay, although I’d like to play with the braid “fluffing” and placement a little more. This is one of those styles that I think would work better on shorter hair as I had to wrap the braids back and forth to tuck them.

(Guess who needs a henna treatment?)